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First Week of Honest Photos

Remember my proposed experiment using photography that I blogged about HERE? Well we have already reached the conclusion of the first week of images which I have posted to my Facebook and Instagram accounts. So now it is time to share the first 7 posts here on my blog. Enjoy!

DAY 1IMG_20170901_132846_372

“I wish I had a sound recording of the arguing and the directing of the stroller through the garbage containers. Last day of summer program, 5th day in a row of mornings at the YMCA… Careful carry to avoid potential tire puncture… Welcome to September.”

DAY 220170902_124205

“Once a year Ken and I go out for a day to cut loose at the Renaissance Festival. I usually take most of the photos and am critical of what is taken of me. Here is a quick one Ken took. This is the only time other than the pool that I bare my midriff post babies.”

DAY 320170903_104941

“Remember all those perfect little girl rooms out there? Yah… not my house. This was deemed ‘clean’ after church by the residents. I struggle with the idea of a super tidy room and the reality of 2 girls who are comfortable in the room as is. No magazine spreads here… Unless we are the ‘before’ picture lol.”

DAY 420170904_103252

“Anyone who follows me on Instagram is probably aware that I have committed myself to a minimum of 4 days of working out a week at the YMCA. I post my elliptical times to keep myself honest. But what you don’t see is my often day glow self booking along. Ken took this one for me today. It isn’t pretty but the results have been fantastic. And honestly I think I look ridiculously awkward and gawky.”

DAY 520170905_092202

“Day 5 photo comes early today… ‘Look up here and say cheese kids.” *click*… Among the smiles was coughs and yawns. We are not tidy or early morning learners. There always seems to be unfinished assignments and at least one ongoing argument between scholars at any given time. But… it is our room and our chaos. And tomorrow you may get to see the teacher 🙂 messy hair and all.

DAY 620170906_085157

“Day 6 photo is my most ‘naked’ too date I think… Meet the teacher. No make up, glasses, messy hair, sweater from my old university, yoga pants (you can’t see the Totoro on my socks). I roll out of bed and make myself some tea and the day begins. No glamour, no magic, just… me.

Photo credit goes to Trinity with her exquisite point and click skills (Zander tried and got fuzzy images but he had just woken up.”

DAY 7IMG_20170907_090852_050

“Day 7 and the last family member in our classroom. Every morning I clean out Neko-Chan’s cage. Scrape the dirty papers out, add hay, check food and water. On a perky morning I also spend half my time stopping her from eating my spoon and climbing out her door. To some she is just a rodent. To me she is a joy. I have not had a true pet in over 10 yrs. I didn’t even realize the true magnitude of the void until she came along fill it. Plus… SHE’S SO FLUFFY!!!!”

And there you have it, week one of my photo project up for all to see! I hope everyone is enjoying this candid peek into my life. Any suggestions of things you would like to see, moments, events… do share! And check back in 7 days for the next batch!!!

Did We Blink Somewhere?

September 30-October 1

Seriously where has the month gone??? Blink and you may just miss September this year!!

Of course Monday meant back to school… and we seem to finally have  gotten a bit of a rhythm to our mornings. So much so that I am finding we zip through things I figured would have taken longer and are having less and less anxiety or questioning of how much must be done or what is next!101_4704

We have some lovely art on the go in our ever ongoing journals…

Zander's church regarding Sunday School

Zander’s church regarding Sunday School

Trinity finished her first month calendar set…101_4706

And her 1-12 counting book! Total smiles on that one.101_4707

Of course we had to find time to play… Legos in the sunshine… Farms in the basement…101_4708

101_4710Ending the day with a lovely big brother moment. Gavin offered to brush out Trinity’s hair and did a marvelous job!101_4711

And that was that for September moving us into October and our final countdown to the return of Nana and Baba from their 5 weeks of exotic travel. Date home – the 10th!

The first of the month was also the beginning of our Pizza Hut reading program for the year – BookIt. We watched a special author read story HERE.101_4712

Our books for the day

Our books for the day

We had Miss Echo in on the fun.101_4714

There were stories read…101_4716

101_4717And a science project to reboot… celery did not work so instead we used a carnation with dye.101_4718

Lunch was fun and fresh with fruit both canned and freshly cut up.101_4719

Our crafting for the day was fingerpainting. Although Echo had to be coerced and Zander refused outright.101_4721

I am really excited about the new reading program for our year. This year all 4 of the schooling kids are involved. The twins are trading off on reading to their brother and sister. Emanuel is reading absolute beginner books with me. Trinity is listening to stories with me and then drawing a little picture to share her story in her recording book. We are all going to work on our skills, hear some amazing stories and celebrate our growth as fledgling readers. Watch that library card go!

The potty is useful... as a stool right now

The potty is useful… as a stool right now