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50% Off Murder… a book review

At the rate I am enjoying these books I may have to start asking requests! Can you believe it, a library find that is NOT a Christian contemporary romance?? Well, a girl has to wander the stacks once in a while. 50% Off Murder by Josie Belle was a lucky find. The first in the “A Good Buy Girls Mystery” it had me in giggles and on the edge of my seat (though I have to admit I figured out the who did it JUST before the lady of the hour did… widow Maggie Gerber).

Maggie and her friends are frugal pros, for various reasons. In fact, at the end of the book are suggestions for thrifty living. Maggie is an empty nest widow who has moved in her niece and niece’s toddler son while said niece studies for school. Married to a police officer who died early in their marriage in the line of duty she is an independent lady with a feisty spirit. Enter old flame and new sheriff Sam Collins right in time for a local murder in of all places, the local library!

One of Maggie’s friends is arrested for the murder and the hunt is on to prove her innocence. I love the people in this book… there is the boy genius who works at the local ice cream place with multiple degrees, the classic mean girl (Summer) who is out to get Maggie, and a wonderful circle of supportive friends.

I really enjoyed this one. There is a hint of a future romance but neither party gave way to their interest. The mystery is intriguing and the hunt to figure out the culprit keeps you hanging. A bit of a longer read than the light romances I have seemed to amass lately, but all in all a classic cozy mystery for the frugal girl in all of us.Cover_50percent-210

Ghost Ship… A Book Review

Now for a change of pace. Ghost Ship by P.J. Alderman is a fun murder mystery. In fact multiple mysteries are solved as the main character Jordan also delves into the mysterious death of a ghost from times long past. This is the second book in the Port Chatham Mystery series.

Jordan is newly moved to the seaside town of Port Chatham in Washington State. With this move has come a large house she is renovating and a bunch of resident ghosts only Jordan seems to be able to see. Added to this already interesting character list is the resident hotty and pub owner Jase, close friend and Sheriff Darcy and the newest corpse… womanizer Holt Stillwell.

What I love about this series is that it alternates between the contemporary and historical mysteries. You not only get to know Jordan and her friends and townsfolk but the ghosts and their community. There is a rather interesting look into the opium trade of the 1890’s that connects to the murder in the current day.

The setting is lovely, characters vibrant and the romance a definite slow burn. I really enjoyed the fact that the book is not centered on people disbelieving the ability to see ghosts… in fact no one rails against it as hard as the woman herself! The mysteries were interesting right up until the end. I would definitely suggest this book and potentially this series to anyone who loves ghosts with their mysteries. I look forward to reading the first in this series as well as continuing on with the rest.mG2iU7HFOrhjsmeSa22CtoA

Her Small-Town Sheriff… Love Inspired

Time for another random library grab. This one is a “Heartwarming Inspirational Romance” by Lissa Manley called Her Small-Town Sheriff. A Christian contemporary romance based in Moonlight Cove, this sweet romance centers around a divorced and sad Sheriff (Carson Winters) and his daughter Heidi who moved to escape a sad and difficult past. Enter the owner of the ice cream parlor I Scream for Ice Cream Phoebe who was widowed 2 weeks before she managed to marry.

With baggage on both sides and grief still fresh in heart and mind this novel is a story about redemption and the chance to love a second time even if you don’t think it is possible. I really appreciated the fact that everyone involved had to go through some strife and growth before a happily ever after could come about.

I love the tagline on the back of the book:

Moonlight Cove: A beachside town where love and faith blossom.

This book is another light afternoon read. I actually found I read it in a relatively short period of time. But, if you enjoy a good romance with a Christian theme this could be the book for you. Another accidental library find in my favour! Enjoy!{2DB7FBD5-8788-4863-A5BB-A17275D4C9FA}Img400