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Mistletoe Mischief… A Romancing Wisconsin Story…

Ok ok I know, the title… it sounds… silly? But you know what? The book is a little silly… but in a good way. We start at the zoo with single parent and professional Marissa, single father (and sexy man) Eric and their two daughters… add in Santa and mistletoe in July no less and we have our story.

Being as it is a shorter story and the first in a series by Stacey Joy Netzel I do not want to give too much more away. BUT this is a light romance… the characters are adorable, the people around them a treat and the story a feel good one. Christmas in July at the zoo sparks kisses, friendship and maybe more? The misunderstandings are there but they do not carry on past comfort zone, something I really appreciate.

So if you want a first in a series with some romance… Mistletoe Mischief¬†is an Amazon must.

Mistletoe Mischief

The Hot Girl’s Friend… From Flirts!

And back I go to dish out another super quick and quirky read! Seriously I am loving these Flirts! Sometimes you just want that light giggle with a terrific conclusion and with Lisa Scott you really do get that… 2/2 so far! I may just have to splurge and get myself one of the collections! Anyway onto the story.

I love the little blurb that is at the end of my Kindle version… “Can a plain Jane find love when her best friend is a curvy blond man magnet?” And from that point we take off running! Jane is best friends with Miranda who loves clubbing and men and notches on her bedpost that span the world. At one such man hunt (for an Auzzie or someone who owns a yacht) Jane, who sits back and thins out the men for Miranda is the queen of one liners and stories to send the less interesting candidates away meets Brady the bartender. At the end of the evening a bet is made between the two and there the story goes off and running.

I don’t want to share too much more as it IS a short story… but I giggled, I loved the characters and I adored the ending! So if you want a nice, quick enjoyable read The Hot Girl’s Friend¬†is PERFECT!

The Hot Girl’s Friend

The Clever Detective… a Short Story

The Clever Detective by Linsey Lanier is a short story… emphasis on SHORT. Quirky, silly, magical… these all come to mind as does the need to suspend your wish for a developed over time romance. The pace is so brief and the list of characters surprisingly long (though cameo style appearances for most) that I would hate to give too much away. Let’s see what CAN I share… our main character (female) is a detective who has been called to find someone who she is told is a prince (not that she believes him to be so at first). Falling into a fairy tale style land she goes from person to person and place to place to try and solve the mystery of his¬†disappearance.

I won’t say the romance is logical, heck the whole book ISN’T logical. But it is a good giggle and apparently the first in a series. So if you can suspend disbelief and have just a short time to sink into the fantasy world that is a book… go for it!!

The Clever Detective