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Crochet in all Corners

I may have another problem… delayed blog posting!!! But … enjoy the crafty… and ignore the whole FEBRUARY thing!!!


I admit it, I have a problem… I am a yarn addict. And it makes me VERY happy. Some might say productive (ok many) as well. I have been trying to organize myself with lists. Working to keep myself on track with projects I came up with BEFORE starting new ones. It is… going.

I spent much of February just trying to use up yarn in productive ways. I started with bookmarks and the pattern – Lavender Lace. I used small remnant balls of colours I had laying around. They are definitely thicker than a paper bookmark, but since I used Simply Soft (a Caron brand yarn) they are lovely and soft.20170205_150143

After bookmarks it was No Sew Roll Up Roses. I actually tested this pattern a ways back (my rose is the larger purple one pictured on the left of the Ravelry pattern page). I used my remnants of another Caron brand line – the Simply Soft Light. It was fun to go from a simple colour flower to mixing them up a little. I hope to take the bulk of these and work with Ken to make a wall hanging/banner.IMG_20170216_115929_741

From bookmarks and flowers I made a hat for the girls’ 18 inch doll. Ice Queen Crochet Hat Pattern for 18″ Doll. I used Simply Soft (this is really my marathon stash bust with this brand).IMG_20170219_220125_569

This led to the inevitable… CLOTHING OBSESSION. I love the combination of variegated and solids with the dress in this pattern. American Girl Wrap Sweater Dress and Headband. Again using the Simple Soft yarn.

I snuck in a Valentine’s Day special with some Daisy Center Hearts. These used Caron Simply Soft as well and were fun to make up, with the flower center and colour changes. It utilizes 2 patterns, with Daisy Cottage basing their finished piece around the ending of the Bunny Mummy granny heart. We hung these up around the classroom for Valentine’s Day with a few set aside to gift. Since I used acrylic mine are decoration only, but the original pattern uses cotton for washcloths.20170212_235500

From all this soft and sweet yarn I pulled out my more rough and tough Red Heart yarn to make some Toy Nets. This is a pay for pattern I got while I had a membership with them. Individually this pattern is 3.95 (US). I needed a second for Emanuel’s ever growing teddy collection, and was requested to make couple for for a family member. A bit repetitive with its chains and sc, but the end result is so lovely.

These smaller projects are a lovely boost at the end of a difficult day. It is fun to decrease my yarn stash, if for no other reason but to enjoy building it back up!!


Celebrating our Last 3rd Birthday!

August 18

It is quite the milestone for our Echo, being 3… and a huge final milestone for our family. There is no longer a true BABY in the family. We have graduated into toddlers and big kids… next is tweens and teens! SCARY!101_4199

We had a Sunday party as that was the only day left in August that we could not only have Ken’s Aunty Judy and Jim and their son Robbie there but to also have the kids’ cousins as well. Nana and Baba got a great deal on Hello Kitty themed cupcakes so we went with Hello Kitty as our all out theme. The girls really never tire of it, though Trinity tells me she has enough TOYS, she just wants “things” that are Hello Kitty now instead.101_4228

101_4205We had an earlier party so started with lunch and playing inside.101_4212

101_4215101_4210This went on to presents…101_4222


Aren't the Novaks sweet... a drum set !

Aren’t the Novaks sweet… a drum set !


101_4232101_4235and then outside for… well it was SUPPOSED to be fun in the sun but turned into a drastically wild and unplanned WATER FIGHT!!! Talk about hilarious. And the pool survived it! I love cousin Robbie. He is such a good sport when it comes to the kids!!!101_4238

Echo and her careful guardian Alex

Echo and her careful guardian Alex

101_4245101_4246101_4250101_4252I made miss Echo’s birthday dress myself using a pattern from Bernat, Ruffle Edged Tunic. You can find the pattern for free HERE. I used Simply Soft yarn with it and love the turn out. She is tiny so I was able to get away with the 2T pattern size! But that is as large as it gets.101_4200

101_4202I think we did well!!!! Enjoy the rest of the pictures!101_4196