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Process is being made on catching up… but first… a look WAAAAY back at another dinosaur. 


We are enjoying the unusual dinosaurs lately. Suchomimus is another of these. This “crocodile mimic” is a carnivore and a piscivore (fish eater… a new term for us!!). This Cretaceous period predator was found in Africa. Only one incomplete skeleton has been found. It had long front arms to grab fish, a long snout and large claws… like a crocodile that could walk on two legs!!

Now for our videos… First Tribute to Suchomimus by Tyrannotitan.

A silhouette piece called PBA: Spinosaurus vs Suchomimus by MatromX.

Now for our link list:

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  • Kidsdinos.com HERE
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  • Our colouring page is found on deviantArt HERE. The artist is H-Box and you can see their artist’s page HERE.


Now here is a wickedly cool carnivore with an interesting CURRENT history as well! Now, don’t get your hopes up, that does NOT mean it is alive and well here… rather that WW II affected this dinosaur personally! In fact, the only decent bones found of this dinosaur with AMAZING spine pieces was destroyed in an air raid! What we are left with are the photographs of the display that was on the wall in the museum in Munich. 

This giant carnivore was larger than a Tyrannosaurus Rex, and rather unique with its sail like spine and its crocodile-esque head. This predator did not  use its teeth to tear apart its victims but rather flung them around much like a crocodile. Its size was immense, its shape fearsome. What an amazing biped! Though there is some thought that they could have occasionally walked on 4 legs. Add a diet of meat AND fish and you have quite the amazing dinosaur. Our first video is a series of them with Discovery. You have to watch it on the site HERE.

Colourful dino

Discovery Dinosaur has the point form version of the video… you can find that HERE. Dinosaurs.about.com includes information about those destroyed fossils HERE. Jurassic Park has a neat Wikia page HERE. EnchantedLearning has a fact page HERE. BBC has a great picture of the Spinosaur, though the media did not work when clicked on HERE. Science kids has a great illustration of the person to dinosaur ratio HERE. Kidsdigdinos has a nice page BUT their fact question has this dinosaur as SMALLER than the T Rex where everything we read and saw stated otherwise HERE. Kiddinos, as usual has the map and the timeline showing it is a Cretaceous period dinosaur HERE. BigActivities.com has our printout HERE. And of course Wiki has their usual HERE. And now for our second video: