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Gotta Love a Sleepover

July 27-29

Middle of the week… sunny day and the morning schoolwork accomplished, when friends call we jump up and head to the park. Renee and her boys had invited us out to enjoy the park and the connected lake with its pseudo splash park set up. Sort of a little waterfall and such set up for kids to play with.101_8825 101_8826

101_8828 101_8830It is so lovely to have the opportunity to up and spent quality time with a friend. Doubly so when our kids get on so well.101_8831 101_8832

Our afternoon was spent picking up the amazing Aidan and bringing the kids back to the house.101_8833 101_8835

We ended the evening with a movie. The kids did amazing watching Jack the Giant Killer all the way through!101_8836

We spent much of the next day outside in the backyard.101_8839

With the end of our overnight visit finding us at a small park with a geocache called Riverdale Park where we met up with Darcy and Alex. Every overnighter we get in with Aidan is so much fun! I really hope we can eventually have Alex over again!101_8840 101_8842 101_8843

We ended our week with another big conclusion – Gavin finished his journal! Time to move onto titles, dates and 7 or more sentences!101_8844

Trinity completed her review book for the year. She was so utterly proud.101_8845

We ended our day with the yard work. The whole family out in the sun giving the yard a tidy. What a perfect way to end the week! Time to face the weekend AND creeping up on the big goodbye. The cousins are off on the 1st of August. Where has the time gone??101_8851 101_8848 101_8849 101_8850

Happy Birthday Echo!

August 13th is a very special day for our family. The baby of the group is officially FOUR! And still not on a Friday. We had already had a mini party with Chris and Renee and their family but today was THE DAY. So we dropped everything to do a wee bit of celebrating. Echo got to wear her new birthday dress (her gift from Mommy and Daddy this year that she helped to choose). Grandma and Grandpa Mike called for their birthday call and we went over to the local library branch where they had a beautiful flower display.101_9161 101_9163

Then over to the park where Echo opted to open her gifts from Gammie and Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie. It was a special request… gifts opened ON the actual birthday. Who are we to deny such a reasonable request?101_9170 101_9173 101_9176 101_9179

She was in love with ALL of them and not the least bit upset to not get the chance to run the park. Instead she walked the babies, tried on the backpack and checked out her new book.101_9183 101_9184 101_9186

With a run to the grocery for park snacks it was back to the house in time to open the gift from Aunty Faithe, Uncle Joe, Gabbi and Zachary mailed from Florida… Barbie movies!101_9189

Light lunch and we packed back up for Andrew’s Park complete with splash area and all! And best of all… Darcy and all 4 boys (though Anthony came and went).

Aidan with his belated (way) birthday present... I made him a soccer ball, he just happened to be wearing his jersey!

Aidan with his belated (way) birthday present… I made him a soccer ball, he just happened to be wearing his jersey!

We had a blanket for the adults set between the wet and dry areas, a container of snacks and birthday CUPCAKES! We were set for hours and happy as clams.

Ken in my new hat

Ken in my new hat

101_9201 101_9204

In and out of the water… up and down the park stuff.101_9214 101_9216 101_9223

Echo opened her very special gift from the Novaks complete with a mustache and TWO special teddies from Alex’s personal collection. She LOVED it all!101_9192 101_9196

The kids seriously INHALED the cupcakes…101_9206 101_9210

And of course splashed their hearts out…

Anthony's dramatic hair dry

Anthony’s dramatic hair dry

It was an amazing afternoon and the company could not have been more fun or entertaining.101_9220101_9227

We came home to a strawberry twinkie “cake” for miss Echo to blow the candles out of in front of Nana and Baba.101_9228

And topped the evening with Daddy building Echo’s special gift from Aunty Holly and family which she and Trinity combined their ponies and sets and smiled until bedtime!!!101_9233 101_9234

So thank you everyone for the birthday wishes and those mentioned above for today’s gifts… our baby is growing up so quickly!101_9168 101_9169 101_9166

Movies, Parks and McDonald’s Oh My

We are keeping the trend of Echo (well all the kids) experiencing firsts going. Today it was ECHO’S chance to see her very first in theatre movie! This was a lesser known one called – Flushed Away. We had a few thrown binkies and had to pass her back and forth between Ken and myself a few times but all in all she did quite well! 

Snuggled in the theatre

Of course with the popcorn during the movie the consensus after was that NO ONE was hungry. So we postponed our dinner out and went back to the Novak’s to do a combo kids run and adults visit… oh and Ken napped in the middle of it all. Seriously I LOVE these kids… not only are they sweet and hilarious but Anthony and Andrew are total gems (when they want to be helpful or in Anthony’s case any time Echo is involved). We had a magic show and watched the kids run back and forth and in and out. 

Anthony and Echo

Andrew in the trash???

There is some thing so refreshing for the mind and soul when you visit with a good friend. I always feel better after an afternoon with Darcy. There is always something to talk about and humourous anecdotes to share. Seriously, her kids crack me up and I am rather sure the antics of mine do the same to her. 

Well after around 2 hours of visiting and kids running the tummies started growling. So after a leisurely rousing of Ken, Anthony getting kicked in a most pain creating place (accidentally) and a rather painful head collision we were ready to collect the shoes and head out. But not before taking a group shot! I cannot believe how our group of 9 look together… they seriously look like they fit together! 2 families… 9 kids… all varying shades of blonde and the majority boys… I think we’ve done good!

All 9! (Zander left)

Where to take 9 hungry kids and not break the budget? Well apparently McDonald’s has better prices here in Minnesota than they did in Canada. AND  they still have the 2 cheeseburger meal! Oh and chicken nuggets 20 for 5.00! So all 7 of us came to 20.oo and we all were full. I love the any size pop 1.00 deal during the summer! 


As we were leaving Darcy commented that we must have looked like the show Sister Wives. One husband with his two wives. Especially since through the first half of the meal Ken sat on my side of the table with Trinity between us and then the other half next to Darcy (he moved so Emanuel could see the tv that was playing Rio) add to that all of our kids looking like they could be related and… well it was a funny thought!

The day looked to be on the verge of raining until we made our way to a park. Then it got hot and sunny. Which worked perfectly with our plan to wear out the kiddos. Actually I would have to say this was about THE BEST park we have come across locally in Minnesota. Though it is closing down on the 20th so they can begin construction on what they call a splash pad here (splash park)… so NEXT summer… I am pretty sure everyone can guess where we will be meeting the Novaks!



Trinity the pirate

Ken declared our time at the park at an end and then promptly began a soccer scrimmage on the green behind it. It was wonderful to watch him go all out playing with the kids though! And they made sure EVERYONE got to kick the ball around a little… Echo included.

Dog pile on Ken

Seriously though, Echo has found her perfect man in Anthony… she has him completely wrapped around her little finger. I would love to bring him home! 

Echo and her man

We said good bye after that and headed back home, light supper and then tv before bed… no butterfly yet but Zander did a quick draw of our chrysalis that is now at the bottom of our cup. It wiggled its way off its hanging thread. Ken has his gaming night tonight so of course I am solo. Which means early bed for the kids and then stitching up a storm! I feel a lot better having time with a friend and letting the kids get their time in with the Novak boys. We are already making plans for Saturday. Yup we are in for the long haul!!! 

Another Kohl’s clearance! With shoes I found in a bag we brought south