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Mike’s Mystery… a Boxcar Children Book Review

So I must take full responsibility for the large space in our reviews… Mommy took FOREVER to read the book. But it has been read and now Gavin and I are here to share our thoughts.

Book #5 of Gertrude Chandler Warner’s Boxcar Children series was an enjoyable one. This one, even more than some of the others, felt set in the past to me. It was interesting to see how different the situations were… the security at a mine being 4 men who walk about… the openness of people.

Another story, another adventure. This time with friends that are from books back (Mike and his dog Spotty). This book definitely must be read after the previous as it builds upon the fact that the kids went to visit their great Aunt and inherited a mine. (Mystery Ranch) as well as an adventure with Mike (Surprise Island).

This is another fun mystery with new people to meet and adventure to be had. There is an element of danger of course, though this time it is the friend who was experiencing it. Another good family reading story that is even enjoyable for the adult reading. As always, I loved the illustrations that are simple and a bit dated but so cute.

Mike’s Mystery was a great addition to our two person book club! You can find the book HERE of course. Now enjoy Gavin’s take on the book… but warning – there could be spoilers!


I enjoyed reading it. I think other people would enjoy it too if they read it. My favourite part was when they caught the bad guy and put him in jail. It was my favourite because then they wouldn’t have to worry anymore. I hope they come back to the mine again. I like the two dogs because they race a lot and they are funny. I am going to read the next book! 

There you have it… the series continues to delight! Check back with us soon. We have the next book and this time I am hoping we can discuss setting a bit for you all! 9780807551417

The Yellow House… a Book Review With Gavin

So today is the day for another joint review… We are on our THIRD Boxcar Children book… The Yellow House by Gertrude Chandler Warner. We have dwindled down to TWO readers: myself and Gavin.

I am finding more and more that this is a definite feel good series of light reading. Even Gavin is finding that the books are not too challenging. Though he does take a substantial amount of time to read the books. I, personally found it an afternoon read, but an enjoyable one. 

I did find that you really do need to read these in order. Each book refers back to the previous adventures so far… so you CAN enjoy the four children (with dog) and their adventures without doing so but you would be left with questions when they speak of a past experience. 

In this story the children have been wondering (still) about the empty yellow house back on the island from book two (Surprise Island).Of course, there is a story to hear about the little house that led to a whole new adventure. This time with their cousin and guest along for the excitement. 

There is an interesting discussion about camping and portaging complete with storms and mountain men. The imagery is fun and the people they meet along the way interesting. Definitely age appropriate for our 10 year olds and fun for the younger crowd. 

And now for Gavin’s opinion… beware of possible spoilers!!

It was good, I liked the mystery. It is a book I would read again. I am already on the 4th book. My favorite character is Watch the dog. I like him because he is cute and he helps. He wasn’t in the book a lot but he was still in it. I think lots of people would like reading it. It is sad that they talk about some people having died but they solve the mystery. I want to read the whole series!!!

So if you want a good family book to read together or have your child read. This could be the series for you! Be sure to check out our other reviews on the previous books (Boxcar Children and Surprise Island). 7908222