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Found in the Triassic period, this early theropod was a dominante predator in Argentine (South America). The Herrerasaurus had short forearms with claws on its fingers. 3 partial fossils have been found and it is not until the 80’s that a skull was recovered. To date this dinosaur is one of the earliest known to roam the earth! Quite the interesting critter.

We have TWO videos… first I’m a Dinosaur…

…and second, a drawing video by Brooks Leibee.

And now for the links… Jurassic park has our dinosaur HERE. The EnchantedLearning fact sheet is HERE. Kidsdinos.com has their charts and map HERE. Of course Dinosaurs.about.com has their usual set up HERE. Animal Planet has an article HERE. UCMP has an article with links to lecture notes HERE. Britannica has an article HERE and of course you can check out Wiki right HERE. Our colouring page is from deviantArt and our favourite dinosaur artist Zakafreakarama. You can find the page HERE and his page HERE.

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Baryonyx… a Rather unique Dinosaur…

Whose name reminds me of a cleaning product! BUT that is not what is amazing. This theropod existed in the Early Cretaceous period in Europe and England where it was the ONLY fish eating dinosaur known to date! With its crocodile like head and long claws it is has more teeth than a Tyrannosaurs Rex and is tailor made to hunt at the edge of lakes and rivers for fish. In fact, a fossilized skeleton was found with fish remains partially digested where its stomach would have been! Very cool! 

Emanuel especially enjoyed this one with its very unique features and characteristics. We have 2 videos to share today off youTube. Emanuel has been choosing his dinosaurs from the I’m a Dinosaur list so I will start with that one. The other has more actual data and images of fossils. I hope they are helpful!

And now for our links! I will start with the one connected to the Natural Museum who were involved in the unearthing of the original amazing fossilized skeleton HERE. Jurassic Park Wikia has their page HERE, apparently this dinosaur was showcased or mentioned on a Jurassic Park movie! Dinosaurs.about.com has TWO pages on this dinosaur. A point form page HERE, and a 10 questions page HERE. EnchantedLearning has a page on this fish eating dino but surprisingly without a real picture or diagram HERE. Kidsdinos.com has a good timeline and map HERE. KidsDigDinos has a great fact sheet with a knowledge question HERE. Don’t forget Wiki’s usual dry article HERE. And of course our colouring page can be found HERE.

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Yup, a FEATHERED dinosaur! The dinosaur of the day is another Chinese one, and rather unique at that, called Beipiaosaurus. This potentially omnivorous dinosaur was found during the Cretaceous period. Dinosaurs.about.com describes it as follows: “long-clawed, pot-bellied, two-legged herbivorous theropods that seem to have been constructed from bits of other types of dinosaurs.” you can find this quote HERE. I have found most sites refer to it as an herbivore but there is some debate. 

We have partial skeletons of this dinosaur, but where they were found allowed for the impressions of the feathers or feather like portions of the dinosaur to survive in the form of impressions. Not much larger than a man this dinosaur was a hit with our fanatic just due to how we believe it looked as is really well illustrated HERE. We chose it from the list of I’m a Dinosaur videos on youTube so of course you have to watch the one below!

Our second video is a  tribute video with a great selection of images by various artists.

We did not have a multitude of links to share but we have a great image to colour HERE. Raresource has a page HERE on our Chinese dinosaur. EnchantedLearning has a fact sheet HERE. Jurassic Park Wikia has their information HERE. Age of Dinosaurs has a map and point form information HERE. And of course Wiki has their article on this fascinating dinosaur HERE.

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