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May, Looking Back at Spring Time Fun

May tends to be absolutely lovely here so we try to take full advantage with LOTS of time outside. dscn15491

dscn15511dscn15581And in the sprinkler. dscn15611

We got started on our planter boxes as well. Tomatoes and cucumbers this year. dscn15701

Plus Ken and I snuck out for a wedding.

Congrats you two!

Congrats you two!



I even had my very own Mother’s Day (not professional of course) photo shoot! dscn15821








img_20160508_120648We had a field trip to a local museum with homeschool buddies.dscn15951



dscn16021img_20160518_143433We broke out the freezies.dscn16111

And worked on our meager landscaping skills.dscn16091


Climbed trees.dscn16181

Went on long walks. And learned our route to the YMCA.dscn16211

Had lunch outdoors.dscn16241

And started our Canada unit. dscn16261

We even managed a visit with the Schwartz family.imag3086

And S’mores on the bbq… improvising!imag3134


One of the things I love about May in Minnesota is that it does warm up. And this year we took full advantage!img_20160518_143350






August 8-10

After so much fun and amazing company with the parade the night before I was rather proud of the kids for getting the book work and learning done that we did.101_9053 101_9054 101_9055 101_9056

Everyone was excited to head out to the garden to see if the sun had helped our vegetables along. It is amazing how many green cherry tomatoes we have just awaiting that little bit more sun and heat to be ready for eating.101_9058 101_9059 101_9061

This has been the year for toads in the yard as well. When one is found we MUST stop everything and photograph it. I think we shall have to spend some of our time this winter and do a unit on frogs and toads!101_9063

And of course we had to do some mugging for the camera… selfies being a “real” word and all now!101_9067

On the weekend we figured we should take advantage of the sales and pick up some school supplies for our new school year. I try to keep a surplus around but at the beginning of the year each kid gets their own pencil case and supplies in those. Something new to start a new year with. I am amazed how hard it is to find duotangs here (the folders with the 3 sets of prongs for the paper holes).101_9085 101_9087 101_9088 101_9142 101_9143

Miss Echo sets her own style lately… quite well I might add!101_9080

The boys wanted to share their current display of Mixels. Gammie has sent them TWO series! There is a third yet to come. They are SO thankful that she felt she should send them these. A collection AND Legos… a match made in heaven!101_9089

Saturday evening we had a last minute plan change. With a garden full of cucumbers and lacking the knowledge about canning we called up Renee and Christopher. Their church was having a fair and is just down the road so after their mass they came over to our house for dinner and canning!101_9093 101_9094 101_9091 101_9095

So the kids ran wild in the basement while Ken and I were educated in how to make pickles!! Thank you so much Chris and Renee… we cannot wait to taste the pickles! And now we can move this knowledge to face the coming tomatoes and maybe even touch on our peppers.101_9096 101_9097

After we saw everyone off Ken ran out to take pictures of the (almost) full moon. This happened to be a lucky choice as at the high point (Sunday) we ended up with rain and clouds. I love it when we get a chance to play with the camera beyond the simple kids and pets.101_9105 101_9119

On Sunday we got our butts out the door to finish the bulk of our school shopping… (pictures above) and Ken yielded to temptation and got these… mixed results!101_9086

Oh and buy a dress for Miss Echo for her birthday – that was her gift from Mommy and Daddy this year. We lucked out at H&M and got a teachers discount!101_9123

What to do what to do to round off the weekend? Why… head to the beach once more!!!!101_9126 101_9130 101_9132 101_9136 101_9140 101_9141

Smile, Laugh, Learn and Live!

October 17-18

We ended our school day one day early on the  Thursday as Gabbi and Zachary had a day off and were planning to spend it here on the Friday. Having a solid pattern to our mornings of spelling, reading, writing and math has made it easier and easier to get through our schooling. Especially the first half of the day.

Gavin's moose and  tree

Gavin’s moose and tree

We had some packages show up this week from Gammie and a few were OPEN NOW! So of course… we HAD TO follow the instructions!101_4809

Our remaining scruffy duo went out with Baba for haircuts.101_4812

With all the kids here and the weather cooling on Friday it was time to start dismantling the straw bale garden. Potatoes had to be removed and the bales moved into the hole (from last year’s tree removal) for compost.101_4822

101_4816The colours of fall in Minnesota are gorgeous… I doubt anyone would debate that one with me. And we have some amazing trees in the backyard that are supposedly always late to change. I cannot wait to share some pictures of that!101_4830

The yield from the final harvest of the straw bale garden was rather amazing. TONS of potatoes and a pile of green tomatoes that Nana then used (with strawberry jello) to make a rather amazingly yummy red jelly! Who would have thought it??? There was some red tomatoes to boot!101_4815

101_4838101_4836101_4840We also cut our last melons in half… the larger of the two watermelons turned out VERY tasty just way too tiny.101_4842

101_4845We ended our evening with the kids making homemade ice cream! What a difference salt on ice makes to temperature and then rattling that around on our ice cream mixture! NOMS!101_4848

101_4850101_4851These are the moments that remind me how much FUN family can be… how it doesn’t matter what is going on if inside the house we can remember to learn and love and live in a positive manner! Enjoy the rest of our fall images!