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Anoka Lights

A new experience for our Christmas season. Renee suggested that we join them in checking out the Anoka Lights. They are held at the Anoka county fairground (which we HAVE been to, of course). So the Friday it opened we headed out in our winter gear to check it out. 20171208_180147_Burst01


20171208_182156There were snacks and live music to experience, a hay ride and Santa who we didn’t stand in line for. We were there for the lights. 

Though we did snag some snacks.

Though we did snag some snacks.


20171208_181829They were lovely, though I think the train set you could view from a window was Echo’s favourite. 20171208_182221

It was worth the drive. And afterward we headed back to our house for some company and a light dinner. A wonderful end to the week!

Hot chocolate!

Hot chocolate!

Puppies and Fish and TURTLES… Oh My!

May 21-22

It has been a rainy weekend into a rainy week… not the best walking conditions to be sure! We made do though, penguin things, a trip to aunty’s house… lots of rainy day fun inside with the siblings…

Channeling her inner Charlie’s Angel

I finished a sun hat for Trinity, though I made it big to last until next year potentially so it is a little loose. She has worn it CONSTANTLY since completion and is VERY proud of it. Stitch11 is the site where I got my pattern. They have varying sizes… I did add rows to the hat AND the brim to make it suit the coverage I like for her head!

Floppy brim and all

I have the boys working on sentences in their books that they write themselves and then we talk about any errors in the spelling… Gavin tells me TWO pages is the way to go… I am so proud of their working on this. It gives me insight on what rules are needed, what little tricks they don’t have yet and what they DO know!

A two page tale

It is nice to see the kids playing together… Memory is great for working on their concentration and they actually played WITHOUT fighting!


Wednesday was our dinner date at Aunty Judy and Uncle Jim’s. Poor Robbie got home later and the kids ambushed him in the door to go right out and bounce on the slightly wet trampoline. They absolutely love visiting, there are dogs, fish, turtles and ponds in the front and back yards! We had a lovely visit and dinner and stayed until all 5 kids were basically worn out and ready for bed!


A special desert Uncle Jim made at work for us all

Echo and Aunty Judy

There was a lovely illustration of the way penguins keep warm in our Ready Freddy book, so I had Ken draw it out for us and the boys add the terms necessary as part of our learning.

3 layers of protection

We also discussed how we can keep penguins safe.

Keep them safe

Miss Echo is one bossy little thing… she has been dictating the building like a full out construction project!

Queen of the blocks


She DOES get results

Art for Kids had the instructions for a LION! As this is our next big animal unit (Zander’s request) we of course had some willing artists!


Quiet time was train time for the first time in AGES!

Quite the set up

Gavin chose his reading to be reading to his brother!

Story time

With a visit in the evening we brought home 5 VERY tired kids! It was nice to have something special midweek! This Ken working outside the house thing and 5 days a regular week is an interesting change for us!


Happy 145th Canada!

Our morning may have been rushed with Ken having to drop us off at mom’s and run but we made our afternoon count. As soon as Ken headed out to get Darryl I got to work weeding through what we had left at mom’s and packing for our newest adventure – spending time with the Bleau family! Sharon and Darryl were sweet enough to open their home to us and the use of their landline so we could get a firmer grasp on our plans for the future and sort out all the little bumps that could come along the way. We are so blessed with the family we have created out of our dear friends. 

Making Trinity a special Canada Day shirt

Too cute

I got done as much as I could before we headed off to enjoy our time celebrating Canada’s birth as a nation. Sharon had to take the kids to a birthday party so we got our bits and bobs into the house there and then took the kids off for a special treat – lunch IN McDonalds. Definitely NOT relaxing for Mommy and Daddy but so much fun for our kiddos. Usually we only get drive through.


After lunch it was time to meet up and see what is going on at the local museum. The answer – quite a bit! We started with the train! Of course, we ALL had to ride on it. Ken was nominated to go in the caboose with the bulk of the kids while Sharon and I took the next car with my girls. It was bumpy but fun and a reasonable price per person with Echo free. 


Most of our group

Me and my baby


Very Canadian

With Aunty Sharon


All the kids piled in

Our next stop was a walk through the local museum. Short but varied enough to keep the kids interested.



Very cool

Sharon took 7 of the kids to the bouncy castles to allow Ken, Echo and myself the opportunity to check out some of the independent buildings. Specifically the church and the school. 



Thought this was coo

A bouncy castle

After all that sun and fun it was time to head back to the house for supper… but first stopping for SLURPEES!! YAY!! Oh how I love slurpees…

Dinner was homemade hamburgers cooked on the grill by Ken. (Assembled by Sharon) 8 kids and 3 adults was so much fun! That evening when all the kids were in bed (early) we watched the fireworks from a window in Sharon’s bedroom… so much better than being out with mosquitoes! All in all a great way to celebrate Canada Day!

Daddy and baby

Cute AND Canadian