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Including Memories in a Project

Today’s colour was Kelly Green. This was actually chosen as a pure coincidence but has great meaning for both the recipient of this blanket and myself. Towards the end of last year we said good bye to a good friend and fellow mom of multiples Kelly after a hard battle with an aggressive cancer. She was an inspiration and an amazing friend and mother.IMAG2150

I love that her name has popped up in this project. A lovely reminder that even though someone may leave you in body their spirit is always there. So in every green row there is a little bit more love stitched in.

I am still not happy with the quality of colour in these photos. I hope to get the true boldness and richness of the colours caught one of these days.

I am still not happy with the quality of colour in these photos. I hope to get the true boldness and richness of the colours caught one of these days.

IMAG2149We will always miss Kelly but we will also always remember the good times, the inspirational words she shared with us and the time spent with her either in person or online. This colour, so bright and warm is absolutely the perfect representation of this for my friend. And that it was chosen purely by coincidence.IMAG2152

IMAG2151There is something highly appropriate about the colour green standing for a person who has passed on. Green is for growth and life and change, a reminder that we need to continue on in her stead. That we have the additional task to make this world brighter just as she did and would want us to.IMAG2169

A Family For Christmas… a Book Review

I am quickly becoming a fast fan of the contemporary romance novels by Helen Scott Taylor. My previous review can be read HERE for A Family Forever. A Family For Christmas is another sweet story. This one based, of course, around Christmas.

Single professional working woman Eve is on her way to an important and potentially career and life altering interview in the middle of winter not long before Christmas. Circumstances combine (re: a lamb and horrible weather) to stop her in her tracks. In swoops a knight in wool and tractor to save her. Stuck overnight until safer weather allowed for a return to check out the damage to her vehicle, Eve is welcomed into the home of her saviour Tom and his adorable daughter Polly.

Abandoned by his wife and the mother of her child 3 years previous, Tom’s rather suspicious of any woman while little Polly just wants a mother. Eve is dealing with the loss of her parents not long prior and her distance from her older and twin brothers.

What I love is that while the love begins quickly, they think, they talk and they react with logic and heart. There is a smaller issue with Eve’s twin and his wife that is dealt with and little Polly is adorable. If you are looking for a romantic story with a lively pace, three characters you fall in love with and an ending that warms your heart this is a perfect rainy afternoon story. (and wow have we had A LOT of those this spring!)

A Family For Christmas

A Family For Christmas

Belated Birthday and Mother’s Day Combined

May 11-12

So the weekend was a bit of a rollercoaster. Trinity finally had her family birthday party and of course the 12th was Mother’s Day. BUT Ken also had a soccer game on the 12th and we had a couple last minute errands to run as well… boo monkeys.

Our new soccer ball (used, new to us)

Girls together

We had an early birthday party starting at 11am where Trinity finally got to wear the dress we picked up the day we celebrated with the Novaks. It is a size 6 so long now but she will be able to wear it forever!

So grown up

Love her hair… maybe Rapunzel for Halloween?

We had a Strawberry Shortcake themed party! We got an adorable cake but only Party City had our theme in stock!

Strawberry Shortcake




I think she had an amazing time and after we said good bye to cousins and family we said hello to newly moved here friends Izzy and Henry, 4 year old  twins. (non identical) They are Ken’s friend Matt’s boys. They are so much fun, we are already working on some more playdates! We definitely ended the night with 5 tired out kids!

The twins (Henry back)

Izzy and Echo

Little kids everywhere


Which leads me to Mother’s Day. It was really different not being in our own little family unit home and celebrating a day that is really not a full on holiday! But I did get to sleep in. We had a bit of a rush rush as Ken needed his soccer equipment and then had his game but we did get out and about as a family.

Sitting slightly impatiently waiting

The kids gave Nana her handmade card and were so pleased at her reaction. Ken’s first game in over a decade went rather well, they only lost by one (2-3) and he walked away with a scraped up knee and a little leg ache afterwards. So proud of him. We may go to the next game, it is local.

Trying on shoes

Quite the weekend errands and all!

We picked this massive ball up at Target

Those snapper type things… the ones you throw that make sound

The reasons I am a Mother in the first place