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I Worry…

And I wish I could categorize it as a super power. I have always been somewhat timid, it has just increased drastically since Ken openly acknowledged his severe depression had relapsed. 

I come from a family of people with anxiety… close family members who I won’t name since I did not ask their permission, some even officially diagnosed and medicated for it. I have had conversations about how it is “in the genes”… how we could be know for it, and how we manage to make it work for us. 

My worry solidifies in plans, in back up plans, in back ups to back up plans. I categorize and re categorize everything. This includes my own health. I am always trying to be proactive. Living in the US without Canada’s universal health care has had me in a position of careful self management for periods of time.

And I have succeeded in spades. Working out up to 6 times a week has me active, removing high fructose corn syrup has my stomach aches down to a minimum, I limit my contact use, attempt to get enough rest, walk all summer and spend my time productively. 

But I worry… I worry about the dental visit I will have to finally have after an undisclosed period of time and the fall out from that. I worry that if I drop the ball on any of the above things I will trickle down to a massive physical breakdown (even though I know one less work out a week or that extra can of pop isn’t a final nail in ANY coffin). 

But it goes beyond that… I worry about Ken. I mean… ALWAYS worry about Ken. Is he healthy, is he happy, does he feel in control of his mental health? Have I done enough to assist him in his work to remain healthy? Can I do more?

Of course I also have a healthy dose of “Mommy Guilt”…. that feeling like you will never do enough for your kids. I question my parenting skills, my homeschooling, my ability to provide and discipline and love all at the same time. Will they reflect back on their childhood and see that they were loved and I did my very best for them? 

Don’t get me started on my worries about where I live and the goings on on a grand scale. What a world we live in right know.

So, I worry. And I plan, maybe over plan a little… and I love and I live and I do my very best. 

My master plan is to find a way to make my worry work for me. If it is worthy of worry it is worthy of work. This month I added a 3rd workout class to my schedule (don’t worry I still don’t exceed 6 days a week, I rather changed an elliptical run with R.I.P.P.E.D which I love… I am not THAT crazy after all). I have to wait to face the music at the dentist so I upped my dental care regime to at least keep peace of mind that I am not creating a bigger mess. The kids – well I just do my best and change things up from time to time. December is a month to celebrate according to Zander… so we are! Who says education has to be boring and lack in colouring pages? Not me!!!

And now for the biggest worry of them all (and I admit it, my own worries take a back seat when it comes to Ken’s health, it can just become so all consuming that I am still learning to let him worry about him and me do me.)… KEN… My greatest love, my dearest companion AND my largest worry. 

What can I do? Well, nothing more than I already am, so how to cope? Conversation, crochet, chocolate (cuz what doesn’t get a wee bit better with some quality chocolate?) and awesome company every so often. Yup, online and in person, I am surrounded by some of the most amazing and supportive people who get my crazy. (Or at least pretend they do)

So yes, I am a worrier, I just have yet to let the worry consume me. So if you have a conversation with me that is very wordy and full of circular discussion (like a lot of these blog posts) just realize I am talking through my worry, my neurosis as Ken likes to say. I put my worries out there so they feel less huge, less soul crushing. If someone I trust can tell me it is a tiny worry, well, maybe I can believe it too?

Do you worry? I would love to hear how you cope. Or, if you need me to, listen to your worries so you can feel heard. We worriers need to stick together, if nothing else than so we can enjoy chocolate, crafting and conversation… some of the best “C” words out there! 20171204_170413

Texas… A Study of a State

Texas has become near and dear to our hearts with Gammie and Aunty Holly and Cousin Jimmie. So of course we had to jump in all the way and get going with a full on month long unit. Here are most (I hope) of the resources we used for our binder! Enjoy! Also check out our DINOSAUR related resource page HERE.


  • Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch by Anne Isaacs
  • Texas by Jim Ollhoff
  • Texas by AV2
  • Texas by Ann Heinrichs
  • Dinosaur Hunt by Karen Carr
  • Life at the Alamo by Sally Senzell Isaacs
  • Texas Facts and Symbols by Emily McAuliffe
  • America the Beautiful: Texas by Ann Heinrichs
  • Texas Rangers’ Legendary Lawmen by Michael P. Spradlin
  • How to Get Rich on a Texas Cattle Drive by Tod Olson


    • Smithsonian Aerial America Texas HERE.
    • A special thanks to sisters Holly (my sister in law) and Heather (her sister) who are Texans to the core for these!

Davy Crockett thanks to Hanna Barbera… I did have to tell the kids that some of the terms and such was …. old fashioned? But you really got a feeling of how a person becomes a legend.

Ballad of the Alamo WITH LYRICS.

Confederate Song – The Yellow Rose of Texas

Fess Parker – Ballad of Davy Crockett (1955)


    • I have my Texas worksheets on Education.com collected under my Minnesota folder HERE (I know confusing but I never did get around to trying to rename it US States)
    • We covered a little bit of weather  too… mainly comparing our week to a week in Texas and talking about seasons but I have a few jr. print outs… From Worksheetplace.com HERE and Kinderhelper.com HERE
    • Colouring pages by TexasBob.com HERE
    • Texas – a Mini Unit Study by Learning Treasures HERE
    • State flag with EnchantedLearning HERE
    • Symbols of Texas with Kids’ House HERE
    • Homeschooling.About.com Texas unit study HERE
    • John Tyler worksheet thanks to Activity Village. In fact you can find other state heroes on this site just search under Texas (link to site on right)
    • Learning Treasures Mini Unit Study HERE


    • We found an excellent definition for BIOMES when covering the different landscapes in Texas thanks to Geography4Kids.com HERE.
    • Lists of endangered and threatened animals in Texas. The boys loved some of the wild names on these! Texas Parks and Wildlife HERE.
    • We had a wonderful fact or fiction worksheet on Education.com (link above to folder) on Pecos Bill but were sent along to the Legends of America site HERE for another version of the legend which totally tickled the boys after our discussions about exaggeration and how “things are always bigger in Texas!”
    • A little summary on Davy Crockett… We wanted to find him in our books but really beyond him dying at the Alamo (or at least within some portion of the conflict) we had to go to the internet to learn more HERE thanks to The History Channel.
    • An overview with the climate in Texas (we supplemented with searching for pictures of each season) thanks to Wiki HERE.
    • The Alamo.org HERE… about… The Alamo!
    • The Legend of the Bluebonnets thanks to the site Multicultural Education Through Miniatures HERE.
    • What Are Myths, Legends and Folktales? Definitions thanks to Myths and Legends HERE.
    • Texas State Song: Texas, Our Texas thanks to Lone Star Junction HERE.
    • Texas state information page with EnchantedLearning HERE


  • Texas The Lone Star State mini lapbook thanks to Fortunately For You Books (also for purchase on Currclick) HERE101_7775
  • 101_7776

Dandelions on the Wind: The Quilted Heart Novella #1

There are days when a body just wants a Christian based romance with a lot of soul. The novella Dandelions on the Wind by Mona Hodgson is a great option for a quiet evening. 

When Maren Jensen came to the US from Denmark as a mail order bride she expected to create a family of her own with a loving spouse and a farmstead. Instead, with her eyesight diminishing on her trip to the new world she is abandoned by her groom to be and left to fend for herself. She found home when finally settling in with Mrs. Bratenberg and then baby Gabi whose family was torn apart from illness and war. With no plans of marriage Maren’s mind turns to Denmark and the need to return to her family as she could not fulfill her plan and promise to bring them to the US. 

BUT a family with no money and little prospects her life continues to be full of faith, chores, love and the weekly quilting circle until Rutherford “Wooly” Wainwright returns from war to the daughter he left behind and the mother in law he abandoned. Options open up and hearts are touched as Maren tries to understand where God wishes her to be and Rutherford attempts to make things right after abandoning his family torn by grief and loss. 

I love one of the German sayings that is shared: Geteiltes leid ist halbes leid – Trouble shared is trouble halved… a good thing to remember.

A story built on faith and a belief in God this is a gentle read. It is charming, the characters are lovable and the plot, unlike many books of this length, run smoothly and in good time. Mona Hodgson has an amazing way with words and deals with the idea of faith and action in a way that is most comforting. I would definitely suggest this book if you enjoy a soft and light Christian romance with a historical setting. 

Dandelions on the Wind