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Happy America Day

Echo is still trying to get her mouth around Independence Day… so often it is America Day. And ours was on the relaxing side. We actually had a bit of a celebration the day before with the Schwartz family. Full on fun – a pool, bouncy house AND we made poutine.IMG_20170703_183421_841

IMG_20170703_213119_620Ken and I brought some Molson Canadian to further meld the two holidays together. And Renee had the kids make ice cream.20170703_154632

IMG_20170703_213055_47620170703_15444820170703_154350Of course we started with photos on the 4th.




Gavin and Zander

Gavin and Zander








20170704_112453Then… making of the snacks we were taking to our homeschool buds’ for dinner. (don’t forget making the kids clean while they waited for our leave time)IMG_20170704_131701_901

20170704_111918Our fun was on the relaxing side. Aimee had water balloons.20170704_162648

20170704_16254820170704_162518And then there was the mini firework type fun.20170704_163703

20170704_16374620170704_16404220170704_164350Throw in computers and toys and we rarely saw the kids.

Shucking corn

Shucking corn


20170704_164723We were done and dusted and in bed only a little after normal bedtime. PERFECT!20170704_111811

So a belated HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all who celebrated. Our day was a calm one, just how we like it!IMG_20170704_113748_839

Beginning of a Week Long Vacation

July 8-9

After so much fun and Nana and Baba returning in mere days I decided to call it and give the kids one whole week off! Well, once we planted our seeds of course. Two different kinds of green beans with cups and papertowels… we followed the basic instructions from Instructables HERE. The twins are jointly weekly recording and Trinity and Emanuel are putting their observations in the nature journals.101_3345

Out came the Play Doh…101_3336



And then with the now firmly installed slide, a rash of screaming, laughing and fast sliding!101_3343

No fear!

No fear!

We had the perfect weather to take out our alternative to the traditional water balloons. We used the instructions by the website How Does She? HERE. We did have to attempt regular sponge sponges when we couldn’t get to Dollar Tree before Aidan’s birthday party but I am ¬†telling you now, not cool! The best is what they list on the site – plastic sponges from Dollar Tree. We bought 6 packages and I ended up with 29 due to sacrificing two for the paper making. They leave no plastic pieces on the lawn to collect, and all you need is a bucket with water. Echo didn’t even mind getting hit in moderation! Sponges were 1.00 for 10 and the elastics 1.00 or so as well and I have well over 3/4 of a bag of those left!!!

Add water...

Add water…

Our sponges

Our sponges

101_3352101_3360What is better after a good waterfight in the sunshine than big glasses of lemonade???101_3367

We gave the potty and some juice in front of the tv a try… still no real results sadly. BUT we talk about our potty usage constantly. My goal is to give it a real push in September when we are once again living solo.101_3369

Of course it is the perfect time to have a tea party.



AND tea party

AND tea party

And end the evening with a lovely LATE dinner with the newest season of Futurama and some lovely Chinese food… just the two of us!!

101_3377Not a bad end to our two weeks without Nana and Baba! 101_3365