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Bittersweet… a Book Review

Ok so right off the bat… random Amazon freebie… story line interesting, characters endearing, romance (naturally)… slight smut warning. Ok – maybe not slight. More like, it catches you towards the end of the story. They are loving and sweet but… DESCRIPTIVE. I do believe you can skim and skip. BUT if this makes you uncomfortable or turns you off a story. I am warning you now. Sexual activities will ensue!

And with that… onto the rest of the review!

Bittersweet is a contemporary romance novel by Noelle Adams. There are a few underlying themes… grief, healing, finding a new love. Main character Zoe starts the story many years before her current situation where she is friends with Adam, a somewhat awkward but highly intelligent man. She is then introduced (by him) to his cousin Josh and falls in love. Fast forward years to the present where she has married and been widowed after Josh falls ill. Leaving her with a young son (Logan) and a rather distanced relationship with Adam.

Much of this story is dealing with Zoe’s grief process and her letting go of things… Josh’s possessions that do not harbor close emotional ties, their home that really is not suitable for her new situation. Learning to move on and to still be strong enough to be a mother and deal with Josh’s legacy.

Bittersweet is a gentle romantic and emotional ride. I wouldn’t say the feelings that progress are a surprise, rather a comfortable story with some ups and downs but a lot of love, some laughter and a few tears.

I personally enjoyed this book (well I did skip and skim the hot and heavy bits). BUT if sexual content makes you uncomfortable this may not be the book for you. On the other side it did feel like an honest telling of the story of a woman who has to figure out how to move on after being devastated by her spouse’s death (granted she DOES have a bit more… money and such than most). The characters are sweet and broken, the romance a nice pace and the ending quite satisfying. Definitely worth it if you enjoy these sorts of books. 18748741

Hounded… a Book Review

From a light Australian romance to a humourous and super interesting first in a chronicles book about an extremely (try 2,100 years) long lived Druid in modern day USA. This book is full of wonderful characters, action, humour, paranormal, magic, did I mention humour, because I really LOVED that part of this book.

Hounded by Kevin Hearne is the first in The Iron Druid Chronicles and most certainly will NOT be the last one I read in this series. From the main character (and our narrator and view point the whole story through) the Druid Atticus O’Sullivan (at least that is the name he goes by now) to his dog Oberon (who is beyond a hoot and a half) to his werewolf and vampire legal team… oh I could just go on and on… a human widow (Irish and long lived) who made me laugh from the first meeting on… gods that you are not sure if you should love or hate… OH and everyone hates Thor… I mean EVERYONE! (not the same as movie Thor, apparently the different versions/incarnations of the gods etc exist in different places… belief/power/etc determines that)

All for the want of a sword… that is that everyone has a different opinion as to whether or not Atticus should keep hold of the one he has. With old adversaries blending with new and those on his side at times even questionable, Atticus is constantly sharing a bit of his past here, a thought there, a joke always and his love for his pet Oberon… eternal.

I don’t know that I can sing the praises of this story loudly enough. There is lively discussion about various deities… a lovely bit of a history lesson, characters that seem so real you feel like you just need to get to the place and meet them for yourself. Granted, there is some sexuality (goddesses are traditionally quite naked it seems and so many of the pantheons are full of sex and gore), definitely a bit of gore (for really a Celtic Druid with an insanely important sword… duh), but so much humour and such a well told story! I cannot wait to get my hands on the second one! hounded-9781441870001-lg

Jingle Bell Bride… a book review

Book covers really are a double edged sword. I honestly look for books that have everyone well clothed (personal preference) and try not to let it colour my views too much. But let’s be honest, we all look! Jingle Bell Bride by Jillian Hart had a a bit of a contradictory draw to me. I love the pretty Christmas scene and am a sucker for a pretty white dress. BUT I was a little concerned by the fact that the author’s name was THREE times the size of the title. In fact, I honestly read the book as Jillian Hart first when I was just skimming books at the library.

Thankfully my concerns were unnecessary. I really rather enjoyed this adorable contemporary Christmas romance. Perfect for a bit of seasonal reading and an escape from a world that seems a little too full of hate and anger. Escapism reading at its finest.

Set in snowy Wyoming in a town named Summer of all things, Chelsea McKaslin is back home after completing her studies to become a pediatrician. Still mourning from the loss of her mother the year before, she, her sisters and father are all simply trying to embrace a holiday that meant so much to the woman they love and lost. Stung by a failed love and committed to her plans and lists Chelsea is not ready for widowed father Dr. Michael Kramer and his adorable daughter Macie. But then again, neither is he.

With snowstorms, and memories and two grown adults dead set against love, this story is all sorts of sweetness, faith and love. There are children battling terminal or potentially terminal illness but there is light there too. OH and sleigh rides, Christmas lights and presents! All in all a lovely read in a series about the extended McKaslin family!51N2I9KWmwL._SX314_BO1,204,203,200_