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Just a Jolly Look at June

Really, there almost isn’t a point in posting a stand alone June blog post after my run down of the days of crazy. June is always busy but with Ken in charge of a major project at work that kept us near home and cancelled most of our exciting and travel required plans… not so much on the spontaneous and crazy. You can read all about the crazy days HERE, and the new baby in the house HERE.20180606_145647


In fact, June is VERY photo heavy what with the new pet in the house. So there is an additional MOMO post to follow this one HERE.20180616_001223

Of course Neko-chan still got love.IMG_20180622_091733_479


We did get back on our walk to the YMCA for morning programming and swimming, etc routine. The twins are too old for club (in fact, Emanuel is on the verge of too old himself) but the other 3 are finding it entertaining. We added run club on Thursdays during the day for the oldest 2 (hopefully they will run a 5K or 2 by the end of summer) and dance Friday nights for Miss Echo.20180622_161133

Hanging with mom before they head off for active time

Hanging with mom before they head off for active time

Walking in the rain

Walking in the rain

We had multiple outings. Of course one was to the beach.20180613_182106






We had a fun time on a cool and windy day at a park with the Schwartz boys.20180603_131638




A picnic at another park by a lake with ANOTHER family of Schwartz origins.20180610_155348

Celebrated Father’s Day.20180617_105152


Lots of time spent in the front yard in the sun.





Many many walks.20180622_083948

A tattoo – you can read all about that HERE. As well as our busy June celebrations HERE.

We crafted.IMG_20180609_212359_273



We schooled.IMG_20180615_120759_291



We gardened.IMG_20180609_130108_197


We enjoyed life, June seems to have been a month of joy. It is nice to look back at it as the temperatures drop.20180613_121815





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30 Days of Self Discovery

NOTE: this would have been recent had not the Thanksgiving and Christmas season kicked my crafting butt! Anyway, now those who missed my time on Facebook and Instagram can finally get a peek at my month of introspection. 

I recently finished a 30 day journey I suddenly decided to take in the beginning days of October (2018). See, I realized that I really am being hard on myself for the sake of an ideal I am not sure is relevant or even the real me. This started me on the thought that maybe each day I should stop and listen just a little more closely to myself and my needs.  In response to this I started actually responding to those needs with actions that I decided should NOT be mired in guilt or embarrassment.

How best to do this? Why, share on my social media platforms (Facebook and Instagram), of course. So for many people this is a rehash or at the very least, a consolidation of something they have followed along with for 30 days. So sit back and enjoy my collection of introspective posts and the photos I included with them. Well, the first 15 days (half of it).

Day 1IMG_20181005_124153_475

Day 2 of being kinder to myself… Took Sink Kitty’s example and ran a bath, told the kids they could have an ice cream if they let me forget about parenting for 30 min. Breaks are important. How can my kids learn how to take one if I penalize myself for self care moments?IMG_20181005_124223_648

Day 3 of listening more closely to my entire being without harsh judgement. After running errands I made a pillow nest… Turned on background tv on the iPad to cancel out the kids’ gaming, and took a nap. We really punish our entire self with lack of sleep.

What about you?? Did you do something you normally would have felt guilt over but is a good thing today?IMG_20181006_202700_977

Day 4 of sensitivity to self training… I made my mom’s dip, went to R.I.P.P.E.D class and celebrated Thanksgiving. The day was good!20181007_182803

Day 5unknown

Day 6 of contemplating need… Slightly ill kid so I set an example. 3pm afterschool nap together. I am seeing a trend. I need to release the guilt I feel when I take an afternoon nap. One hour does not make my day a failure. You??IMG_20181009_223715_463

Day 7 of being better to myself for the betterment of myself… I went to one of my favourite places, did one of my favourite activities and then surrounded myself with some of my favourite things.

For those of curious minds…

YMCA (duh)
Worked out (surprised myself how much I have grown to love and need this nearly daily)
And now for the hidden picture/can you spot list: Cheezies, crochet, good book, documentary, tall glass of water and even a few friends (not pictured)

How about you???IMG_20181010_195454_365


Day 8 of self examination I examined deeply how truly privileged my position in life is even by my location of birth. It is not an easy watch… It really shouldn’t be… And not for young kids but City of Joy is an amazing documentary about the plight of women in Congo.

Have you watched this? Would you watch this? Want to talk about it with me?IMG_20181011_191141_885

Day 9 of listening to myself actually required ignoring myself (well a noisy portion).

With no license getting to things is work. Tonight I ignored that part of me that whined about cold and dark and effort and geared up 3 of my kids for the 2 mile walk to the YMCA.

We walked there in light and home in dusk. We didn’t miss dance class and I threw myself whole heartedly into R.I.P.P.E.D class.

We succeeded because I ignored my feeling of can’t to acknowledge that I truly don’t know what I can do until I try… And wear the appropriate warm gear to do so.

How about you? Do you have to silence that voice of inability sometimes? Do you stretch your limits and learn more about what you CAN instead of accept you maybe can’t?IMG_20181012_200412_235

Day 10 of looking within had me making a different kind of nest.

There is nothing so renewing than surrounding yourself in your favourite hobby. Especially when it includes soft fluffy yarn. Throw in a virtual tour of a bff’s new digs (love you Karyn, so happy for you) and a furry companion and my soul is both less homesick and feeling warm and fuzzy. I even assembled 3 amigurumi and am well on my way to finishing the main portion of a hat.

How about you? What activity brings you joy? Are you at peace in place or an active hobbyist???IMG_20181013_182411_957


Day 11 of making time to really realize what I need and I actually continued a pattern I set in place well over a year ago.

I am a huge advocate for working towards a healthy mind AND body. It isn’t easy, results are not instant or even visually obvious but the effects ripple out like a stone dropped in a still pond.

This is the face of a post R.I.P.P.E.D class sweaty and exhausted me. My instructors at my local YMCA are inspiring and the people in my class a joy.

Have you found an activity that gets you moving? Tests your limits? Makes you work? Wanna join me Friday or Sunday at 5pm or Monday at 7pm? I have guest passes!!!IMG_20181014_210649_167

Day 12 of my challenge to listen better to myself actually required me to listen to a very intelligent friend. (Love you Karyn) She reminded me that while it is all fine and good to save things it is actually often better to savour them properly now.

How many things do I save for the perfect time? Agonize over when I should open this treat or use that special paper? Is it not more of a proper thank you to someone when they gift me something special (see image below) to enjoy the moment of use more than worry about its perfection?

How much of my life gets tied up in the hunt for the perfect moment to do or use xyz? Life is full of opportunity. Time for me to take the opportunity to enjoy the gifts and love I am given. After all that enjoyment is rather perfect in and of itself!

How about you? A candle you never burn gathering dust? A snack uneaten risking expiration? Want to join me and take a moment to enjoy them properly?IMG_20181015_144959_405

Day 13 of listening to myself has been a day of acknowledgement.

How many times a day do you take a feeling or a thought and shove it aside? Push it away or refuse to actually take the time to examine, accept and acknowledge it?

Today I sat down and thought about how I do often feel like I am out of the loop with things. One of the natural consequences to not living in the thick of friends and family. This time I made time to actually ruminate. (Not wallow, mind you) I bet there are people in my life who feel that way about me… I had to accept that I am also responsible for that emotional distance (2 way street right?).

Today I gave myself a moment to be a little sad that I am not back home helping a dear friend move. To realize that someday in the future I will be at her door with a housewarming gift and a hug.

I acknowledged the good too, we dropped everything and took in fall in Minnesota with a walk and some leaf raking. I made time to balance out my acknowledgments of feelings and thoughts that may not be the most uplifting with a moment of sunshine and colour.

I didn’t change anything but my way of thinking. It always amazes me how in some cases that is enough to lift my spirits and give me some perspective.

What about you??IMG_20181016_150105_137

Day 14 of listening closer to myself… Today I remember and appreciate.

Today – October 17th, marks 3 yrs since the passing of a fellow twin mom. 3 years of life where her kids are being raised by others. Her babies will have to depend on pictures and videos and stories told by others to supplement their memories of their mom.

So today I appreciate… I appreciate that I am privileged to raise my 5 children. I appreciate that I am given the opportunity to receive the hugs and kisses as well as discipline and challenge my babies.

I think I lose that appreciation sometimes in daily life. When I am exhausted from playing referee or frustrated after a day of slogging through difficult schooling I forget. I forget how amazing the fact that I have these 5 beings to help mold and to love can be.

So today I remember and appreciate. This house is full and I wouldn’t have it any other way.IMG_20181017_165627_877

Day 15 of looking within to improve the whole and today I created.

And to make it all sweeter I created and completed for others. I special 4 piece commission had the final end tied today. Last night a prayer shawl for the Catholic church had its ends woven in.

The ability to give back and to help others. To make someone smile by simply using a skill I learned and honed. That reads success to me.

Tonight I move onto other projects… Christmas is coming and I really should start some gifts.

Do you have a hobby that brings you a sense of fulfilment and joy?? I would love to hear about it!IMG_20181018_155044_459

 Check back soon for the second half of my journey! I promise NOT to take a month to post it!
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May 2018

Just to prove that I am, at least, in the current year! Why is it so hard to keep up with this this year?? I really wish I knew.

(Zander on right)

(Zander on right)

May definitely marked warmer weather. And we embraced it. Walks around the neighborhood to play Pokémon is always a great way to get outside.IMG_20180502_163527_498


Sprinklers in the yard.20180531_145524

Neko-Chan remained undisputed fluffy cloud softest being in the house as usual.IMG_20180522_092212_873


We even caught sight of some flowers starting!20180520_134335_HDR


And I wore colours to match the spring feeling.IMG_20180525_150952_988

The YMCA was, as usual, our usual fun place to be.20180528_083827




We ventured out to see Anthony play soccer.20180505_131013






Enjoyed our first freezies of the season.IMG_20180505_184445_473

Had another visit with the fair Maevowyn. Echo’s favourite person, I swear.20180506_203333






Found a random carrot claw.IMG_20180507_212854_420

Played in the warm spring rain.IMG_20180509_143535_753

Sewed and created.20180529_154237


selfie reversed his G

selfie reversed his G

Layed down SO MUCH mulch.20180512_130433



And made a little garden.IMG_20180527_141128_480

Don’t forget about Mother’s Day… you can see the photos from that post HERE.

We even managed a family dinner out at Chipotle.20180513_183202


Spring was firmly here, sunshine, outside fun. In fact, due to work and lack of ability to travel we made our Wednesdays Walkabout Wednesdays. We even hunted for fairy doors!IMG_20180524_120946_141




Ice cream

Ice cream

A nice visit at the Schwartz’s with poutine to boot!IMG_20180526_221205_788



Saw the Lego exhibit at the Science Museum… separate post to share all the wonders we saw HERE.

A trip to a different YMCA that had a splash pad AND hot tub. Don’t worry we still love our local one best.20180530_174602





Such a busy month in retrospect!

Silly Faces of Zander

Silly Faces of Zander