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Sunshine and Smiles

First off, I was so caught up in my Sunday afternoon thoughts that I forgot a piece of Emanuel related news – this weekend he smiled his very first smile – AT ME !!!! Zander first smiled at Great Grandma Rapp (my dad’s very lovely mother) and Gavin… well the little brat for the longest time (including his first) would only smile at my BOOB! Which I do NOT counts as smiling AT ME … Emanuel smiled at my face – much better. Though Gavin’s smile… ok totally a guy thing, right?
So I was looking at the calendar in our bedroom – my master plan on the wall – and oops I had the days wrong for my 6 week check-up in the city. Luckily it is Tueday not Wednesday (for a moment I thought CRAP it was today). So we have to pack the whole troop up tomorrow around lunch time and get out of town. I have been thinking about ANYTHING we could get in the city that would be cheaper than buying here. After all this is our last scheduled trip in the near future. I am looking forward to finally getting Emanuel’s scrapbook so I can get started planning out his first few pages. Hard to believe he will be 2 months old next week!
Spring has seem to have finally come here, there is still a ton of snow on the ground but it is +6 (celcius) out and the sun is shining. Not too much longer and I will be able to venture out with the kids… once my sling gets here of course. I have not heard back from the lady who I sent the pouch back to to be exchanged. Course we ARE depending on the post and it has been extremely slow lately. I do have a regular chest style baby carrier but it will have to warm up alot more to use that since his legs would dangle out the bottom. It will just be nice to have some of my independance back, though we still need to get the back door keyed properly to the building… hopefully Ken can get that accomplished when he goes and pays April’s rent.
I’ve finished the first of many Christmas Cross Stitches… I know I know way way early but why not? I have the time now with Emanuel still sleeping alot and willing to relax in my lap and the twins are actually leaving my things alone now! Not that I trust them with scissors or my needle out but I know if I have to walk away from my threads they will not be spread halfway through the house. The boys have even stopped touching the laptop screen when I have it down on the couch. Course with all the toys in the house I should hope they are too busy to bother with my "toys".
Our next big purchase has me torn between two things. We cannot have Emanuel on the floor unsupervised with his brothers running around so we need to decide if we want to get an exersaucer or a stationary jolly jumper. I have not seen a stationary jolly jumper in the stores, just at someone’s house so it has been hard to research it. I would like to avoid yet another toy that requires copious amounts of batteries. Ken did find a link for one on Babies’r’Us it costs the same as a exersaucer but seems to let him excerise his legs more. We still have one more month until he hits the general min age for those sorts of toys (3 months) but as I am sure you all know I am VERY forward looking when it comes to larger purchases and planning events.
Speaking of events, hopefully we can get the baptism pinned down this week… and then plan a trip to Calgary to see the Reinsch Clan. This summer we are even hoping to make it to the Calgary Zoo… I think the twins would love seeing all the animals – especially the monkeys concidering how much they love their monkey stuffed animals. We will definately be letting everyone know in advance when we are going so we can get a crowd together to enjoy the fun. Hopefully by then we will have the harnesses for the boys – give them some freedom and us some peace of mind. We are actually getting a friend in the states the ship us up some backpack ones from Walmart! Too cute eh? Another set of twins down south uses them and love it.
Well without my extra set of adult hands here Monday has been a little tough. Emanuel really hates it when I set him down and the twins are catching on that at times when he is really upset I cannot get to them as quickly so they can be naughty little buggers. So smart and quick to catch on which means mommy MUST stay on her toes. I swear that is what is getting me back in shape, carrying a baby while I chase a big boy…
Speaking of big boys – the twins are up from their afternoon nap and ready to play so off I go. Enjoy the sunshine all.
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Snowy Salutations

There is nothing like a good church service and some visiting with others in the congregation to perk a girl right up. Granted I did spend the majority of the service in the cry room just off the sanctuary but they pipe in the service and you can see the sanctuary through nice lacey curtains that block enough to breastfeed in privacy without needing a cover up…and I LOVE their gliding rocker.
My being in the cry room left Ken in charge of the twins. They actually made it through most of the service playing in the pew with their toys out of their diaper bag or papers in the pew. When they grew bored of that they made a run for the back of the church with Ken in tow. After the service I actually had compliments on how good they were. Apparently all anyone noticed was their laughing during the service – certainly not something that upset anyone.
The sermon was excellent. There was a line in the Gospel Verse that struck me – For those who do evil hate the light and do not come to the light, so that their deeds may not be exposed. But those who do what is true come to the light, so that it may be clearly seen that their deeds have been done in God. (part of John 3:14-21) How true is that? When you do something bad do you want it known? Are you going to bring it out into the light? Yet when you do something good and true there is no worries about someone seeing, you are not afraid of what God will think. It made me think about the times in the past when I have not been proud of my actions vs the times I have. Perfection is unattainable so thank goodness for Easter and the true meaning behind it.
I was looking in Superstore today at the Easter cards. I found an absolutely adorable Precious Moments one for Emanuel’s first Easter but had to cry defeat in finding something with a religious tone to it for the boys. Except for a very small section of cards all the Easter ones were covered in bunnies and eggs or had some sort of secular flavour to the sentiment. Even the envelope for Emanuel’s has decorated Easter eggs all over it. I was rather disapointed, I didn’t want to get the boys a card that was not connected to the TRUE meaning behind Easter. That is not to say that we are totally against the other more commercial side of things, just that we want the primary focus to be on the more religious aspects. Like with Christmas – the birth of the savior and being together as a family over receiving presents.
We also, inbetween church and Superstore, went to the park in town and had the boys try playing in the snow. We bundled them up in their snowsuits and put Emanuel in one of the hooded bags and out we went. Basically KEN played in the snow and Gavin supervised – Zander did try packing a bit on top of Daddy’s pile, but all in all their were not overly impressed. Hopefully even with the weather warming up there will be some snow left next weekend when we will have another chance to get out and try the boys again. I am really hoping that over the summer we can find a bigger place to rent in town with… dare I dream… a YARD ???? Maybe even a FENCE! Hehe At least this move would be alot more relaxed. When we moved into the apartment it was a rush job since the city (who owned the house) was planning on tearing it down to expand the main highway through the city. Ken still grimaces over that – turns out they did NOT add a lane – no they widened the meridian to put TREES in it LOL.
Well, with Superstore having a deal on digital prints – 4×6’s for 12 cents a peice instead of 24, I have a bunch of pictures to place in my albums and I STILL have to finish up labelling the announcements. Hopefully on Monday Ken can get a list of possible services in May that we can chose to hold Emanuel’s Baptism. He still needs to decide where we are having everyone come afterwards since we are looking at quite the squeeze at our own apartment.
I did a search online last night for Nursing Necklaces and finally found an affordable version on eBay that can be shipped up to Canada without paying more than the thing is worth. I am really excited to get one since Emanuel has taken to kneading my breast while he is eating often scratching. This necklace gives him something to look at and play with. I was concidering making one myself but for the price I found it here it is much more realistic to just order one and not have to go to the bother of finding beads and a strong enough thread. She is going to make it to my specifications and even send me pictures before she ships it. YaY.
Wow, I guess I did find something to chat about today – alot of somethings. Time to get myself moving and get some stuff done around here.

Quiet Contemplation

I have begun to notice that it is way easier to feel crummy and down in the dumps when you have a wonderful week behind you… I can honestly say that this weekend living in Camrose SUCKS! I love having friends around – especially those from University… and then when they go home I realize – everyone BUT us has left this place from the old group and I miss the heck out of them. Sort of a bitter sweet left over from the great enjoyment I derive from having a friend here coupled with the realization that after they go home I am back to square one in many respects. Ok ok pity party population ONE… me
Now that the whining is done…
Tonight Ken rented Kronk’s New Groove – very cute. I have not watched so many movies in years. I do love a good cartoon/anime. I wish I could afford a larger library of dvd’s – they are just so expensive. Animes are the worst – I looked into getting episodes of InuYasha but they put so few on a disc and charge so much… and there are a TON of seasons. Gotta be dubbed with IY not subbed for me. I love the voice they chose for InuYasha english version.
I think I am going to have to find a new hobby – the sewing is fun, but you can only do so much until your head hurts and I read a ton but I would love something I could do with someone else. Any ideas??
Wow not much else to talk about tonight… maybe after church tomorrow I will have something deep and meaningful to share??? Check me out then.