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Ok Ken’s commuting and being in the tiny apartment …. it is getting to all of us. Ken is worn out and cranky from driving, the kids are cranky from being stuck in our little apartment and from not seeing daddy as much as they used to and me – well I am feeling like I get so little time alone. Oh well Ken is really getting going on finding out the best way for us to get the money together and get a place all our own. Some tears have been shed and arguments held but I think things are going to get better… I know it will all work out somehow.
Zander and Gavin have been totally NOT working on potty training today… frustrating. Tonight I picked up the cool feel trainers we’ll see if those help. Fingers crossed.
We did have fun posting our letters today. When mom took them on Monday they found a tree that is like a canopy for them to play under so they took me to see it. Even Emanuel wandered around it is just too bad the mosquitoes are so bad even with bug spray. The boys even used sentances saying things like Come see baby and Time to go home!! Some days they amaze me!
Emanuel is progressing nicely too. Talking more, he even jumped a little. He is such a sweety but so not a baby anymore… coming up to that make a new baby phase in our life again and I am getting a little excited… what do you think maybe a girl??? Possibly?? Keep a positive thought for us ok?
So life is up and down and some days feels more down than up but I have faith things will just keep getting better!


Ken got in contact with some of the people in charge of areas we were looking at. One of them actually is going to have some listings in June starting at 300 thou! I have looked through and man I love the one marked Pinnacle, the only one to have a basement (family room) we would not get the floor plan with more than 2 bathrooms and the basement would be finished Family Room only and I think we would opt out on the fireplace… but it is NICE! That is saying they are building that one! Ken is going to call and find out. I don’t want to fall in love with something right now and then find out there is no chance. Funny that the smallest floor plan is the one with the basement and the one I can honestly say would suit our family best.
I had a VERY busy morning today. Went downtown at 9:30 when mom got here with Rikki. Emanuel and I went and she took to twins on their walk to the mail and then they hung out at home. We went and gave a post dated cheque for rent, dropped off a library book, picked up some books at the Christian bookstore, paid for our storage unit, made my June payment for my RBC student loans, had a QUICK salad and stopped off at the dollar store. It was a busy morning… we also picked up this year’s and the previous tax returns. Emanuel fell asleep on the way home poor little man.
So the rest of the week we have to start working out details of getting what we need to buy a house… who knows maybe we will luck out? Either way I am working on my sewing again – Cousin Brad and Stacie had a baby girl on the 24th! Hailey! She is adorable.

Swimming, Pull Ups and Running Errands

It has been a busy weekend. Zander is doing really well with peeing in the potty – he LOVES the sound the pee makes when it hits the splash guard. Pooping has not happened yet. Gavin has decided he wants NOTHING to do with it and would rather go back to diapers. We did put them both in diapers for errands Saturday since we had to be out for a very long chunk of time. The boys have become in love with Subway, every time they see a food place SUBWAY and extra excited when we actually go near a Subways. So we did go there for lunch on Saturday.
Today we took the whole gang swimming where Karyn met up with us. The hot tub was not hot hot so all the boys got to sit in there too! First time. We were easily able to get Emanuel out and into the water he even wanted to walk deeper! So we had quite a bit of fun! I hope we can go more often or at least visit the splash park behind the pool.
This week is a busy one, tomorrow rain or shine I have to get downtown and pay bills, I have to get ahold of the photo place at Walmart, while showing Karyn out receit I saw what could be an error on the pictures – that Ken is getting an 8X10 of him instead of a 5X7 which he needs for work… course figured this out AFTER the place closed for the day so another thing added to tomorrow.
It is starting to rain – thunder and lightning so hopefully the boys can still fall asleep! I just want to get through Monday and the stress of all the stuff I need to remember and deal with and go from there. This weekend I have not been able to sew – I strained my left arm and hand – a combination of repetitive motion and lifting one of the kids wrong! Picked up a magnetic ring for my thumb that matches my bracelette and seems to be helping. We’ll see if I need to go to a doctor or not. I will just work harder at sewing slower if that makes any sense?
I wish this weekend was another long weekend… so much to do and all on my own, though if it was a long weekend all the places I need to go would be closed… I just hope mom can still come and watch the twins or we all go out together. She was doing a garage sale this weekend and so is worn out but all this stuff HAS TO be done and I have to go with all the kids or just Emanuel. No choice!