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I won the battle yesterday, the twins napped – IN THEIR CRIBS! Course it took forever and quite a few trips back into their bedroom but only Zander got a spanking for sneaking toys into his crib and throwing them around the room. I am working on getting them NOT to climb in to play as when I told them to get out of their cribs they knocked over Emanuel. Poor little guy has not has a good few days… his brothers have not been careful and we think he has hit another one of his growth spurts… either that or there is a new tooth coming in though I cannot feel one.
I have resolved to decrease the yelling in his house. Ken needs to pin down whoever it is we need to contat to get that follow up appointment for the twins’ hearing. Maybe that is why we find ourselves shouting to get their attention… when our pediatrician saw them last he still saw fluid in the ears. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us not need tubes… I am thinking that Emanuel is so loud because the twins are loud and in turn WE are loud. So instead I am working on cultivating a stern tone of voice and working on my prescence being more authoritative instead of resulting to yelling. I have drastically decreased spankings by removing many of the toys that were causing arguments… they are done with their train leggos until after Wednesday.
The sun is out and it is STILL -21 Celcius. So we are housebound again today. I am trying blocking the kids into the livingroom for most of the morning so they play with the toys in here and then when I start thinking about planning lunch (11 ish) I let them all go into the bedroom. I have had to watch them more carefully in there, with all the twins’ climbing and rougher play Emanuel is just a little too eager to be safe. I am hoping once we can get outside this will all calm down. We are more than ready for spring in our little home.
In one of the twin egroups I am in we are discussing how to keep our kids safe. We were talking about abuse and I remembered a book that one of my college professors (who was an abuse survivor herself) would bring up when she did a talk for the Women’s Studies class – A Very Touching Book. I really want to get this book for the boys when they are 5 or more. It has you saying the real words for your private parts – penis, vagina… it discusses the difference between touches and appropriate behavior in a manner that younger children can understand.
Ok naptime today – well they stayed in their room… ha ha
We got a notice of rent increase in June (the second time in 6 months) and I have a horrible headache since this morning. The sound of keys typing is painful!
If you know of any Anime I could hunt down online PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know but I really must stop this typing…

Toddler Bed or Not to Toddler Bed….

I think I mentioned moving the twins’ cribs around last night, well that has caused a whole new issue. With the two cribs close together like that they are easily able to climb in and out. This afternoon during naptime we heard a door quietly close… Ken went to check and outside the door were the twins’ two little rubber snakes. They had climbed out and took all their toys and books to the little space behind the crib and had thrown out the two toys that did not belong in their room! What silly boys, if they had not done that we would never have known they were out and would not have thought to go in and check. So I guess we need to hunt down and affordable toybox and move all their toys into the livingroom and convert their cribs to toddler beds. I called my mom to see if she had been saving them comforters or can make them something. Is this the end of naps??? Good lord I hope not.
What concerns me is without naps they are tired by 5pm which means they are back in bed before Ken gets home. Ugh I love my kids but they certainly make life… interesting…
Further proof the boys need naps…Ken had to run into their bedroom as Emanuel was crying, Zander was dragging on of their little people sets over him. Apparently he was in the way… this is so not Zander, usually he is VERY careful about going AROUND the baby or getting him to move. How frustrating. Poor emanuel was just BALLING. Add to that that they are simply NOT listening to me and frustration abounds.
We brought out Emanuel’s snack cup today. He still shakes it to get stuff out but is getting how to use it properly. I need to order more of them, the new ones have a new top that goes over the plastic piece instead of you having to remove the plastic to cover it. They also convert so sippy cups though I don’t think I have the piece to put over it. I love them and often buy them for first birthday presents.
I swear we have just not been thinking – I went into the twins’ room and moved the cribs side by side – there is enough room for the space from before DUH… the room is basically square we could chose a wall and do the set up now that the dresser is in the closet. That should hold us for now, until we get the money for the rails and such.
I cannot wait until the weather is concistently nice, it got warmer today but still so much ice and snow on the ground. I think all 5 of us want to get out. It is just too bad Ken’s foot is only good for short walking distances. Better than before but still not close to 100%. Thank goodness he is feeling better though.
All in all silence is golden, the kids asleep and Ken on his pc… now if I could just get a propper tv table or something for my laptop and sewing… ahh but there is always something right? Maybe tomorrow I will be more introspective or even thought provoking. Night all…

First Steps Already!

It really feels like it was only yesterday that Emanuel was learning to crawl, instead yesterday he took his first steps! It was so cute… Ken was playing with him with a little yellow lamb getting him to stand on his own. He started to lose his balance and fall backwards and instead he took steps… BACKWARDS! That totally makes up for his never crawling backwards… it was just too cute. Then a little later he tried again and took a step forwards. Who said he was allowed to grow up???? So now I need to pick out a couple pictures from that day – one of his standing solo and do up his first steps page with this little story.
Today was the pj party at the library for our rhyming group. We had alot of fun. Emanuel wore one of his new two piece monkey pj’s and his little monkey slippers with the rattles in the toes. We made a mobile – ok *I* made a mobile and he watched. We also got another bookbag with some more books in it – always a good thing! Next week is our last meeting. Not sure what I will do with myself after it is over, we have really enjoyed our quiet time, alot less stressful than being out with the whole family and it has been good for the twins to have time with their daddy running errands.
I stopped off at the dollar store downtown and found the neatest cards… they have a piece in them like a photo album where you can slip in up to 8 pictures I think it is and stickers to put labels and such on them. I only picked up two, next time I stop in I am going to get more. After all who doesn’t like getting pictures in the mail ??? Tonight Ken and I have to make our Baptism Birthday cards for our Godkids and do up the last of Emanuel’s trip to SC in his scrapbook. We also need to chose which pictures we are going to print out for his birthday pages. That just leaves the Walmart prints and those are not supposed to get here until mid March. Darn reprints.
A rather quiet day today. We did rearrange the twins’ room – their cribs are now in an "L" shape. Hopefully this will help Emanuel’s nap times since neither of them are against our shared wall. We will have to wait and see…
Ken wants us to run an instance on WoW so I guess I had better post and run.