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I know I know it has been an AGE!

Ok so I have been less than punctual on keeping this up to date but here I am! Let’s start with the most recent frustrations first….
Today was a doctor’s appointment for Trinity… 4 weeks ago she had her 6 month appointment where it was shown she had not gained well… well that had us going for bloodwork and then adding cereal (the dr said FORMULA but she is 6 months old and ready for solids so I chose cereal … I talked to his office nurse on the phone AND public health AND health links so I was not just making this decision on my own)… well in a month she gained TWO pounds on this diet!! Which is AWESOME… and without the formula… well the dr was happy with that BUT (oh yes he had a BUT) wanted to push formula again… as a … get this… transition to MILK.. UMM WHAT? I managed to get Emanuel onto milk without it… this is the first time I have EVER talked to a pediatrician so NOT into breastfeeding… yes she needed more than my milk, so I added cereal and plan to move onto other solids but formula… there is NO reason.. heck at 6 months I could just move her to milk darnit!! What will it take to make this doctor happy? Lies? At this point we are about ready to tell the dr we ARE giving her formula just to get him to stop pushing it… I right away called public health and talked to a nurse who said formula was not neccessary… I mean he is the only one who seems to think it is this miracle item! I wish we could change peds but in this area that is not easy… I am already having to schedule the twins and Emanuel’s yearlies for March since I missed the 3 month deadline…. she is so happy and healthy what more does he want?
Ok on the way home Ken hit ice… long story short.. van broke, being towed.. he and Trinity fine but GRR we are supposed to go see Great Grandma and Grandpa Bill on Wednesday… where is the simplicity in life???
Schooling is going well though we have done less lessons than I expected to date… I figure at times we will go faster and other times slower so not to worry… they do seem to be learning. The big thing right now is beading.. the twins are making necklaces for people out of red and white beads! No real work on letters and numbers but abstract concepts and such are going like a dream! And they are picking out letters here and there.. all part of homeschooling right? Working out what works for YOUR kids not anyone else’s!
Well Christmas is being planned and weekends are filling up… we are to visit Shauna and her newest baby on the 13th… mom’s on Christmas Eve as usual and even a Reinsch Christmas on the 27th….. I am going with Karyn and Christine to the Butterdome for a craft sale (with Trinity of course) and the twins are signed up for a library winter event… add to that the advent service on the 30th and trips to see other people I want to make as well as meals here for friends and it is looking busy busy… the boys are so excited!
I am sure there is tons more to recount but I really need to get some down time to work on Baby Chesney’s sampler and relax a bit of the post appointment stress away (so glad I was NOT there).. wish us luck on the van.. hoping it is not a pricey fix!!!