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Daddy to the Rescue

Well, all I can say is thank goodness Ken is a hands on kinda dad. Zander has been sick multiple times today, the poor guy, and every time he vomitted and Gavin saw it Gavin started crying. So they were BOTH in tears for a large portion of the time they were awake. Thankfully they had a nice long nap. Ken came home in the morning when I had to throw them in the tub and helped me get them out when they were done (I called him when Zander got sick – yet again – in the tub no less), and was able to come home early to deal with them after naptime. I think Emanuel caught a little of the bug too as I have spent the whole day cluster feeding and cuddling. Poor little guy has a rumbly tummy and only was eating a bit at a time before passing out.
Well, at least it is the weekend – right, and a time change no less. I do believe we lose an hour on Saturday night. Thank goodness the laptop changes for me or I swear I would never get it done right or on time.
Well, back to Kingdom Hearts 2… the twins are in bed – Zander’s 3rd set of sheets today … hopefully the last… and Emanuel is snoozing in the bassinet for once.
Just thank goodness for Ken and his iron stomach – makes him an extremely helpful nursemaid to the boys.

Kingdom of My Heart

I have found my newest addiction – Kingdom Hearts 2 was released 2 days ago and Ken got me a copy as my present for having Emanuel. It is even better than the first!! Though I can only play during naps and at night it is hard to want to turn it off . So I have postponed the starting of Emanuel’s scrapbook until I get bored with the game LOL … at least I am still keeping up with the housework and spending time with the kids and you CAN pause it most any time .
I managed to find the time to update the boys’ website too.. I cannot get over how grown up the twins are getting and how quickly Emanuel is growing.
So other than my new game I really do not have too much to share. Life is rather good today..I have my 4 menfolk, a new game to play and the snow is FINALLY melting around here.. I am the Queen of my little Kingdom … well at least that is how Ken makes me feel some days lol

Mother May I ?

After a busy afternoon/evening in the city it is nice to be home. My doctor is happy with my post delivery recovery and told us to come to her "next time." Just wait at least a year of course lol. It does seem odd to no longer have to make trips to the city to see a doctor.
I did get Emanuel’s new scrapbook and now am at a loss as to how to go about starting the book. I am going to search around online and see if I can see some examples of fancier pages since I did the twins’ books in binders on printer paper sized paper. I think I need to sit down with Ken and get him to help me figure out what are the important moments to include in the book… I tend to want to put EVERYTHING in, that is why I do not chose the best of the pictures to put in the album. I am too much of a softy. So tonight I am going to crack open the plastic on that scrapbook and take a peek – it even came with papers and bits and bobs. I know that I am going to have to print out the best of my pregnancy pictures too to put in there for him. So if anyone has any advice I am all ears .
We managed to get more onesies and a couple pj like outfits from Toys’R’Us for Emanuel, I absolutely love the brand Gagou Tagou (B). The necks are nice and wide and the patterns adorable but simple. It was just too bad there was not any sleepers in the right size for him, maybe next time. I have looked on eBay but since it seems to be a Canandian product it is really not available there. It still amazes me that he is outgrowing stuff so quickly and already so alert – the twins were 10 weeks premature and at 2 months old had only been home a week or two and were still working to meet their due date. It is really a new and novel experience.
Topping off yesterday was getting to go to Swiss Chalet with Karyn for dinner and then a visit with our god-daughter Isabella and her parents (Alan and Xinmy) at their house. The twins behaved amazingly well at the restaurant though Gavin fell apart a little at the Den Otters’ house since he had skipped his nap in the way to the city in the van. I cannot get over how big Isabella is, she is 9 1/2 months but so tall and such a beautiful smile – just like an angel .
All in all a good trip and today has been rather restful… thus far. As it is time for some cuddles with Emanuel I will have to sign off. Take care everyone, spring is coming…