Kingdom of My Heart

I have found my newest addiction – Kingdom Hearts 2 was released 2 days ago and Ken got me a copy as my present for having Emanuel. It is even better than the first!! Though I can only play during naps and at night it is hard to want to turn it off . So I have postponed the starting of Emanuel’s scrapbook until I get bored with the game LOL … at least I am still keeping up with the housework and spending time with the kids and you CAN pause it most any time .
I managed to find the time to update the boys’ website too.. I cannot get over how grown up the twins are getting and how quickly Emanuel is growing.
So other than my new game I really do not have too much to share. Life is rather good today..I have my 4 menfolk, a new game to play and the snow is FINALLY melting around here.. I am the Queen of my little Kingdom … well at least that is how Ken makes me feel some days lol

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