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Rain, Snow and Fun with Grandparents

It has been quite the busy weekend topped off with a VERY leisurely Monday morning. Due to a little bit  of over doing it this weekend I ended up with a minor scratchy throat and cough so Ken was kind enough to work a bit extra last night so I could sleep in this morning with the knowledge that school stuff was being completed in a timely manner. We are pushing forward (horrid weather or not – and it WAS horrid – snow both at my mom’s and apparently here – thank goodness we brought in our plants before heading out for our overnighter) with our gardening unit and still waiting on a good day to visit that zebra and elephant…

So how did we spend our weekend? Well Saturday we decided to head BACK to my mom’s for an overnighter. She and Mike have a cabin out by the lake and need some plumbing done on it so they asked Sean if he was interested. Since Sean does not have a car we decided to head down for another visit and have him go with to work out the plans so the work can be done the same weekend I have my birthday celebration (after all we have to take the boys to mom’s for the weekend anyway).

First off we had Nathan and Ada stop by to have Ken check the instalment of their baby seat. They do seem to be done improperly even when in right as they shift around a bit which can be a bit nervy. They stuck around until we were ready to head out which ended up being later than I thought it would be!

38 and 28 weeks in sweaters due to cold

Ken had to make a loaf of banana bread for us to bring with so we had to cook that first, and then everyone wanted to watch a couple episodes of Pocoyo which had Trinity passed out in Nathan’s lap! Too cute.

Nathan and a sleepy Trinity

Mom took the time that night to braid Trinity’s hair and again the morning – french braids! Hard to accomplish with the wiggle work we have who is less than enthused with the whole touch my hair process. BUT it was way cute after she got it done, and now I have to work on learning how to properly french braid. After all the more we force the issue the more she will settle down about it (I do believe mom’s words were “after all YOU are the mom”).

Her morning braids were a bit cleaner but I didn't get a good picture!

The weather was less than friendly so we did not end up playing outside much and the next day was no better. Snow on the ground (though melted by noon) and overcast weather had us all inside – except for a trip with Grandma to Superstore and Walmart where Trinity came out ahead with a new pair of sneakers and a new hat (talk about deal – 5.00).

New hat and shoes

We also stopped at the local pet store to get feeder fish for the oscars in the basement. This is a big thing for the kids, BUT this time Emanuel CARRIED The feeder fish and after the fact was horribly upset about their demise (gee could have warned everyone that the 4 yr old would react that way!). So no more Emanuel on the shopping trip for the fish meant to be FOOD for another bigger fish.

Checking out the fish (Zander blue)

After our shopping trip and lunch a worn out grandma headed to the bedroom for a nap!

Sleepy Grandma

Mike on the other hand, stuck it out for the afternoon, playing with Trinity (did I mention he is her FAVOURITE person right now?) and then showing the kids pictures of his travels on the bike and with mom. Talk about excitement! Every time Trinity saw something of interest she shrieked and bounced and giggled with joy. Definitely a great way to end our weekend, after Ken and grandma’s nap we headed back home.

Hanging with Mike (Gavin yellow)

I was totally worn down by the time we got home so had to take an extended nap to be able to make it to later in the evening and get some more sewing done. And now today I am being VERY careful with what I eat to ensure that I don’t make any false results for  tomorrow morning’s glucose  test. So no slurpee, Pepsi, chocolate… boring!

I got some great news from the government for once – my relief payments for my student loans have FINALLY been approved. Thank goodness. So one more thing off my list until September and an odd occurrence… the government working with and for me??? NEVER! Now if we could just clear off the rest of the list before my birthday – I will be VERY happy.

Another nap in the afternoon for a tired out mommy and I am starting to feel myself again. I did get a little bit of scrapbooking in Friday night – the Nana and Baba (Ken’s folks) page for our Minnesota trip.

Best of the Nana and Baby and Trinity images

I do have the paper and the pictures to do more but our busy weekend put a stop to that, so hopefully by tomorrow I will have found the time… after they take their pint of blood at the clinic and we see the animals of course! And with a lovely burst of sunshine toward the end of the day I have high hopes for a lovely tomorrow and maybe a picnic filled Wednesday?

Post Delayed…

due to overnighter at Grandma’s and extended nap once returned home… check back tomorrow!

Bah Rain Again

So the weather is once again against us on our foray to the zoo… rainy, cold and overcast simply is not conducive to fun at the zoo. So the new plan is to go day by day and find one that works and then zip over there. In the mean time we are once again housebound and FAR from happy about it.

Braving the weather (Gavin red)

Last night I had a lovely bout of my usual issues with iron and anaemia. Part of my issue is that my body NEEDS iron but when I some how eat it or take a vitamin it does not break it down well. In fact, if I eat too much red meat or take an actual iron pill I tend to end up ill, usually throwing up. Last night Ken got me a special treat – a couple hamburgers from Harvey’s, definitely one of my favourite burger places. Then on top of that I took my usual prenatal vitamin (which thankfully this time round I am NOT having issues with – in previous pregnancies I have had huge amounts of issues keeping them down due to high iron content). So not a huge surprise that by 5:30 am I was up feeling absolutely miserable. Thankfully by the afternoon I felt relatively fine again but it is always a bit of a blow to wake up knowing you simply have to ride it out and hope the nausea and such passes.

This of course did NOT cancel our plan to head to the Fish store. No new fish yet but we did get new filters and bulbs to begin the cleaning of the tank process. When the hot weather first hit we did not turn down the temperature in the tank fast enough and now we are rather sure our snail is kaput AND our bulb burnt out… oh the timing!

Look FISH!

I stopped into Michaels and picked up a treat for me… metallic paper for scrapbooking. A little more expensive than the regular cardstock but fancy! I figured something different would be nice for Trinity’s book, since most everything I have done for her is in the baby/little girl colours…

Fancy paper

So other than that we have lived rather quietly. I was up late last night watching tv with Ken so got to sleep in which ate up basically all of my morning. The weather has certainly slowed our present school plans with the zoo trip postponed and it too cold to continue our gardening outside. As it is we are toying with the idea of bringing IN our potted garden for the night and then tomorrow night as well as the new plan is to spend an overnighter at Grandma’s to enjoy our weekend fully. I would be VERY upset if my tomato and strawberry plants froze!

Not much to report for a rainy Friday but I have high hopes for the weekend and upcoming week!

Boardgames with Uncle Ted