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37+ Weeks

I had my 37+ weeks dr’s appointment yesteday – nothing has changed in the past week except my weight and the size of the baby. So we stay in stasis until something changes. Basically labour just needs to start… I had an evening of painful contractions this week which sadly ended at 2am. All in all this is getting frustrating… Ken is working from home, I am tired 24/7 and the kids are somewhat confused by all the changes. The every 10 min painless contractions have relaxed to tightening whenever I am moving around… getting up to walk around or stand can be VERY uncomfortable. I am still not getting a ton of sleep and seem to have caught the cough that the rest of the family has. Emanuel especially is having a rough time of it. Lots of coughing and runny noses.
My next dr’s appointment is Tuesday with a different dr. I am not too happy about going back before a week is up but it was when they could fit me in. Dr. Brown is gone for the week. Like Ken says maybe we will luck out and not have to go?? lol in other words – baby come NOW ! I am more than ready to meet the newest little one on in our family…
On extended family news my uncle and aunt adopted twin boys this month! They were born on the 11th of April at 34 weeks. So should not be in the hospital too long – hopefully! My first thought – now we aren’t the only ones with twins! How wonderful for Zander and Gavin to have someone else in the family who is just like them!
Our friends in Minnesota are looking at next Thursday having their first – she is to go in on Monday for some medication to start the ball rolling! I have to say – LUCKY!!! End in sight and everything! I am so beyond tired of waiting and feeling like my body is not my own – espeically being the not so proud recipient of my first 2 stretchmarks ever on my belly! Yikes! But at least baby is moving well and healthy right??

Catch up time

Well it has been quite the week so far. Starting early Monday morning we went into the hospital as I had some not too painful contractions, thinking it was either labour or a muscle strain from a busy afternoon at the mall with Ken and Emanuel. They checked and I was not dilating and in active labour so was sent home. We went back AGAIN after noon that day with 5 min contractions which turned out not to be strong enough to be labour yet again… long story short, doctor’s appointment this afternoon leads us to the conclusion that my body is prepping for labour but that these non painful tightenings could go on for WEEKS! So Ken is looking into our options… basically I am getting like NO sleep and the tightening is frustrating and uncomfortable so Ken would rather I was not home alone with the kids… we are basically taking it one day at a time. Ken is going to see if he can work from home and if anyone is bored and wants to come hang with me and the kids… please let us know! Other than that the baby is fine as am I … the twins have been at my mom’s for a while and are coming home tomorrow… thank goodness mom and Sharon were able to cope with them between them. I just hate this not knowing – but apparently with a 3rd pregnancy this is not unusual.. my body is getting ready for a short delivery – another worry on our minds lol. Never simple with this family huh???


Ok so it has been WAY too long! 36 weeks now and not much more to go but more importantly had a bit of a scare with Zander:
Had Zander have one of his eyes jerk to "look" at his nose – like a lazy eye – bounce back like that twice and go normal… so I called Ken, then health links (a 24hr nursing line) then called their old pediatrician (on holiday) and finally the new one and talked to her nurse… thank goodness the nurse was so helpful.. she said not to worry about bringing him in – it did NOT sound like a seizure as he was able to keep balance and be normal (actually he was MAD at me for bugging him) and that since he was tired and all it could just have been a nerve twitch – thank goodness – pregnancy hormones make Lisa a cry baby when things go wild… so I keep bugging him to look at me and check him out over and over – this is 2 yrs almost to the day (April 1) of his original febrile seizure – eerie huh? so I was automatically in panic mode.. but at least the new specialist pediatrician has it on her chart and I have been given the go ahead that if we see it again or are concerned to take him to the children’s hospital emerg – the best in the province :)…

I love it when nurses do NOT make me feel like a crazy pregnant mommy 🙂 and are willing to listen to me.

Figured I would just paste in the email I sent out to friends… luckily it has been a couple of hours and he is still fine…
Kids are otherwise doing well.. Ken had a promotion and a raise… my mom bought a new house with her boyfriend… our family website is in the process of changing its location… I went to a fun craft event and learned how to make little boxes so now am full of new ideas for gifts for people! … snow is melting… etc etc… will update in time I promise!!!!