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Confection Connection… a Book Review

Sometimes you just log in on at the right time and get a limited time freebie worth reading. Confection Connection by Lizz Lund (with free recipes) is one of these. I snapped this one up for my Kindle in February. This is the third in her Mina Kitchen (yes that is the main character’s last name) Mysteries. I have not read the first or the second but found I was able to get to know the main character and the crazy and unusual friends and family members she surrounds herself with. 

I have to straight out that this book was more of a quirky light romance with a mild mystery attached. I figured out rather quickly WHO did the crime, though the why was interesting and a wee bit unexpected and the HOW not hard to figure out but entertaining all the same. 

Mina Kitchen WANTS to be a caterer but is in the middle of transitioning to that position and through out the book takes on a variety of hilarious and unusual jobs. In the mean time she is also doing little catering events for friends and family (and alwayss making too much of everything). She has unfinished business with a chef she helps out from time to time and a family who is there to support her. 

I don’t want to give away too much as it is a relatively simple mystery, but I did get some giggles out of this one. I found a lot of the characters around Mina Kitchen to be absolutely hilarious. Her ex Jewish mob neighbour, her friend who is wealthy and completely disconnected from the reality of having to DO anything… honestly I would say read it just for the characters, the story is an additional entertaining bonus! 

So if you want a light read do try Confection Connection. If I come across the early ones in my travels I will definitely read and review!! 23716886

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Our Christmas Resources for 2014 in Brief

We covered Christmas in a new way… we found some lapbooks and some mini units and worked our way through some interesting topics. I feel like I should include some of the links and a brief overview of what we used:

  • The history of Wassailing…. this was a booklet topic in our lapbook series and something that we had never discussed. You can find a good link HERE. Most of these are from the site
  • The history of the Christmas Cracker. We had these one year at my mom’s and they were a hit. You can find this one HERE.
  • Holly (and Ivy). Greens and their part in Christmas is actually rather interesting. Read some more HERE.
  • Christmas presents. Why do we give presents? HERE
  • Just what DO kids leave for Santa around the world? This was an especially fun one for the boys who laughed at some of the ideas. We may just have to leave something different out next Christmas ourselves! This article is from the site Mother Nature Network HERE.
  • Christmas in Sweden. This was a suggestion from our lapbook… the diversity of other Christmases is amazing and one I think we need to focus on more. Our own traditions are fun but to implement some others… could be an adventure! Back to the site HERE.
  • The history of the Nativity plays. Why are they so popular and universal? HERE
  • Saint Nicholas Day in Europe. Another unique tradition. Link thanks to HERE.
  • Mince Pies, a British tradition. Link thanks to Project Britain HERE.
  • The history of Christmas Cards… I don’t know why but I enjoy these histories of ideas. And Christmas Cards was interesting. Link thanks to HERE.
  • The history of Christmas Stockings thanks to HERE.
  • We had to go to Wiki for a couple topics… Christmas Trees (HERE) and the Star of Bethelehem (HERE).

Useful materials:

  • Christmas Symbols… a lapbook you can purchase from Currclick HERE.
  • I could not find out Candy Cane unity that we originally purchased from Currclick up for download but this lapbook from Homeschool Share looks like a fun one that we will have to try out for ourselves another year. HERE

I know this is super brief compared to other entries but I especially wanted to share the webpages we found with all the somewhat obscure knowledge the kids found entertaining! For books… well sky is the limit! We do have our family favourites of course but there is so much out there that is informational at the libraries! IMAG0641

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Flash Back to December Fun In Images

Behind behind behind… the blog is so far BEHIND! BUT looking back at our accomplishments and fun of months past is actually rather fun. AND a great way to boost the creative planning gears for continuing our learning fun! So please enjoy the overflow of December memories.

Trinity and her very special Christmas ornament from her penpal Ella!

Trinity and her very special Christmas ornament from her penpal Ella!

Dancing away during our Christmas song practice

Dancing away during our Christmas song practice

Emanuel has some lovely creative journal entries!

Emanuel has some lovely creative journal entries!

The art of Echo

The art of Echo

102_0227102_0119OH and of course a dose of Mystro or our kittlyess household….102_0129



102_0134IMAG0865Just so much fun kid stuff.102_0230


We had some marvelous fun with friends too!

Decorating cookies with the Novaks

Decorating cookies with the Novaks

Celebrating with the Schwartz Family

Celebrating with the Schwartz Family

IMAG0882Receiving some sweet gifts from James, Holly and Jimmie too that I HAVE TO share! IMAG0959


IMAG0961And dressing fancy!IMAG0572



Just a December in Minnesota! IMAG0969