Healing the Soldier’s Heart… a Book Review

Another in the Love Inspired line, Healing the Soldier’s Heart is a faith filled Historical by Lily George. This time an orphan turned governess who lives in Bath is given the chance to help a returned and injured soldier. Lucy Williams is dedicated to the two young girls in her charge, one soon to leave the nest as she has her coming out party and attempts to find a suitor, the other young and impressionable and both without a mother. 

James is an injured veteran who has mostly lost the ability to speak due to trauma on the continent during war. His family is no longer as auspicious as they were so he attempts to support his mother and sister who also has a speech impediment. 

This lovely tale is set in the Regency era and has some more mature components. There is some discussion about becoming and the ramifications of accepting the position of mistress. Though nothing overtly occurs. Our main characters are torn by their pasts and in need of faith love and hope. 

I have always loved stories set in Bath and am especially fond of the Regency era. I think the author does a lovely job of keeping us in mind of the constraints placed on all sort of people in the time period while slowly and carefully creating a love you can’t help but cheer for. 

The side characters are equally charming and bring a lovely addition to the story. If anything, hot cocoa and a nice fire on a snowy day is the perfect time to pick up this Christian Historical Romance. Another lucky library find! 8156qgCAZxL._SL1500_

Small-Town Midwife… a Book Review

Another library find… the Love Inspired “Heartwarming Inspirational Romance” books have been a win win for me lately. Small-Town Midwife by Jean C. Gordon was a joy to read. A contemporary romance about a midwife who has lost her confidence and a doctor who has way too much. There is a Christian mission to contemplate, family and friends to enjoy and a good solid romance with some history between the two.

I especially enjoyed the people around these two main characters. Autumn the Midwife and Dr. Jonathon Hanlon who is trying to find his way himself. Like others I have read in this series of more sedate Harlequin books there is a good Christian message, a finding of faith and love. The romance is not graphic and the pace smooth.

If you are interested in small community stories with a bit of passion, a lot of love and a touch of faith this could be the book for you! Everyone has their secrets and sometimes all it takes is a little sharing to find peace.51yGL-TvXLL._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_

And So Ends September… Finally!

September 26-30

I absolutely admit to being a garage sale lover. We found a game AND a recorder book… which only makes sense when you realize I bought recorders this summer and intent to start music next year!101_9675

We also found an early deal on snowpants at Sam’s Club! 15.00 for 60.00 children’s snowpants. THANK YOU! At the time only Emanuel was with us so we snapped them up for him. I should say, was the only kid with us that needs them. Once I find the winter coat bucket the girls are only down boots. Of course with all the sorting of things I am unclear WHERE that bucket is (fingers crossed the weather holds until I find it!).101_9676

We are still totally missing the sidewalk we always had wherever we lived in Alberta… road safety has become paramount as has Mommy’s obsession with watching how fast people drive down our street and at what times. We don’t do too badly but it seems some evenings the speeders come out to play.101_9677

On Saturday we had our numbers swelled to 9 kids! Jeffrey and Evan with big brother Nathan joined us for half the day or so while mommy was away at quilting class and daddy out hunting. The kids love having them over. Echo and Evan are best friends and the twins and Nathan are always off playing leaving the rest of us to enjoy wee Jeffrey.101_9684 101_9686

Sunday was Sunday school and probably one of our last chances for shorts and pretty jackets. Where has the season gone??101_9687 101_9688

We set the kids to work prepping our garden fresh carrots as well. I love how our canning and freezing have become a family activity.101_9694

Our big excitement for Monday was a visit over at Aunty Judy’s and Uncle Jim’s… or as the kids call it – Robbie’s house! Any excuse is a good one for a visit and this time our visit was based on Emanuel selling his wreaths for Scouts. He has done quite well doing so. So many lovely friends and family willing to help us out with our first real experience with fund raising.101_9696 101_9697

Add in school and such to our week and that is the end of September! Our October is shaping up to be a month of Halloween learning. Lapbooks, stories and crafting I plan. So be sure to check up while I recount that… hopefully in a more TIMELY manner!!! I simply MUST get the blog up to date!101_9680 101_9690