Welcome to Our New School Year

September 8-12

Our Canadian guests have come and gone as has much of the summer. So our first company free Monday of September was officially our beginning to a whole new year of schooling. Quite the move up… this is actually the ONLY time we state our grade for the year. Otherwise it is a constant working towards progress. So here is how we start up: the twins are grade 4 and 10, Emanuel 2 and 8, Trinity 1 and 6 and Miss Echo… pre school rambunctious. All posters were decorated by those holding them.101_9583 101_9584 101_9585 101_9586 101_9587 101_9588

This is the beginning of our trays and binders system. We shall see how it pans out. It is hard to keep tabs on all the papers each child uses.101_9592

We had our special lunches in our lunch boxes. The other 4 already had one from last year but Miss Echo got her very own brand new HELLO KITTY lunch box for herself. She was so proud!101_9593

We did a special craft for the day – using Sharpie markers to create stained glass style pictures using photo printer paper. Very simple an a lot of fun. We got a bunch of the photo paper a year ago when purchasing toner refills that were saved and never used.101_9594 101_9595

We had a special visit on our week of the new year… Renee brought the boys over for an afternoon visit. Who doesn’t love a gaming and baby break?101_9596 101_9598

Echo and I had fun doing sticker craft… a little early on the winter season stickers but they were what we had on hand. We are trying out different ways to keep her occupied. Daily to do boxes have not worked… she buzzes through them too quickly. But stickers, if only we could keep enough on hand, seem to work a treat. She did these without any assistance whatsoever.101_9599

One thing we did keep from the previous year was the clipboard with our daily tally on what we did and completed. I got the print out from the Back to School section on Activity Village (link on right).101_9600

We played magnets…101_9602 101_9603

Dressed up for pretend fun…101_9608

Created art for our pen pals (of which we have a few new ones!!)… I think we are all looking forward to getting to know our new long distance friends.101_9604 101_9609

We made a new wreath of our handprints to hang up. Those twins are getting quite the reach!101_9611

We got some amazing scarves from Gammie in the mail for the girls to model.101_9612

Made a few garage finds…101_9614

101_9613And finally picked up stuff for the new year of Scouts! Where has the time gone? And that is a quick overview of our first week of the new 2014-2015 year!101_9615

Saying Good Bye and then Keeping Busy

August 5-7

With the ending of our epic Wisconsin (almost cow free) road trip our visit with Karyn was also drawing to a close. It is always hard to say good bye to visitors doubly hard when it is a dear aunty. So on the 5th we snuck out, just Karyn, myself and MISS TRINITY for some girly shopping time. Just the normal stuff… Joann’s, the mall, Caribou…

I have to say Trinity is a fun shopper. She and Karyn picked out a special book for her to bring home and read. It was our last chance of true visiting time before we had to see her off and it was so much fun!20140905_161024

The next day it was time to see off Aunty Karyn as Ken drove her to the airport.We were all a little downhearted at this point.101_9560 101_9562 101_9567

Though the kids snuck off with Ken to the Home Depot monthly craft first. We have missed ONE in the past couple years!101_9558 101_9559

We did have some fun mail to balance off our sad good bye. I had won a draw on Facebook for some nails. I need to find a moment to sit down and work out how to apply them! Thanks Heather!101_9568

We also had a lovely package of Canadian snacks for the shark slippers I had made and mailed off. I made sure to request a bag of ketchup chips for the kids. A once in a while special treat.101_9569

OH and another exchange… baby booties and socks for Canadian school supplies… favourite scribblers with the familiar map of Canada on the front and duotangs… folders with prongs. A family favourite. Thank you so much Tammie! I hope you enjoy the crochet bits.101_9570

On Sunday we had our first day of Sunday school for ALL of the kids! I was so proud of Echo. She went off willingly with her siblings to the music and then onto class. She is growing up so quickly! The twins have a good friend in their class and were very excited to see him for the first time since VBS.101_9572

In the afternoon we were off to Shandai and Ravyn’s for a special belated(VERY)Christmas celebration. They have such a nice home to visit at. Though we do have to keep a but of an eye on the kids. We had so much fun… playing in the backyard (which is gorgeous), watching a Disney flick in the basement and playing with the cats.101_9573 101_9574 101_9577

We had a delicious dinner and then opened presents. It was so gratifying to see how much Shandai liked her crocheted items. She is such an amazing artist that I love that I can make her something she would enjoy!101_9575 101_9579 101_9580

So we made up for our sad with a rather busy series of happy times. We miss you Karyn!!! Thank you so much for visiting.101_9565 101_9578

Art, Beauty and a Return to Normal

Day 2 РSeptember 4 

We had a few hiccups with our internet at the B&B but had an absolute blast sitting up late sewing and chatting. We both got our chance in the absolutely AMAZING bathtub jets and all. I love the attention to detail and comfort they took with this place.IMG_4215 IMG_4200 photo 4a (2) photo 2A photo 4a (1)

We had a continental breakfast to enjoy in the morning (full breakfasts are weekends) and a wonderful conversation with our host. The poppy seed muffins were yummy. We made our plans… first to find cheese curds (as fresh as possible), then to head out for shopping and an art gallery and of course one more stop off at 7-11 before heading home.

The cheese factory we found had a wonderful window into the factory where we could see them making their cheese. The cheese curds I purchased (and put in the cooler we brought for this very reason) were fresh that day. Karyn splurged and got some swiss cheese as well. With the new regulations if food is properly labelled and sealed you CAN take it across the border!!IMG_4219 IMG_4220 IMG_4221

The art gallery was a free one found on the state university campus. Definitely a novel experience, being among the college students again and so close to the beginning of the term. It was a lovely building.101_9547 101_9549

And an amazing art gallery that covered tons of different themes and eras. I must warn you… we took more than a few pictures! No flash and the phone loved it! So enjoy.IMG_4226 IMG_4228

20140904_112323 20140904_112706 20140904_11272520140904_11275920140904_112805After the art gallery it was shopping in the gift shop.20140904_120551

And then down the street where all the students shopped to look for some amazing deals and have a light lunch. With Italian soda.FB_IMG_1409853921297

And then realize that all good things must come to an end. Our drive home was uneventful and bittersweet but amazing! A roadtrip to remember… and now for the rest of the pictures!¬†20140904_112950 20140904_113125

20140904_113429 20140904_113505 20140904_113512 20140904_113609 20140904_185411