So Much Visiting Packed in a Few Days

July 11-13

Looking back at July it seems like we didn’t do anything but fun in the sun! Well we DID take advantage of the lovely weather and a freezer full of freezies and got our time in the sun.101_8457

We are doing well with reading, worksheets mailed by Gammie and of course the new season of Wild Kratts. (HERE)

Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger

Dodo and Tasmanian Tiger

Saturday we headed back to the Schwartz’s for a nice visit So there are MORE pictures of the ever adorable Jeffrey…101_8466

Renee was out with her mom and sister but the kids, Ken and I came over to help Chris and his folks build a shed. I mean, KEN helped with the shed, I helped Grandma (Anne) with the babies and the kids played and hung out.

Best little buddies!

Best little buddies!

Watching a movie together

Watching a movie together

101_8468 101_8469Mystro is absolutely one of my favourite subjects to photograph.101_8459

101_8470Chris treated us all to Chinese as a thank you. It was so much fun to just sit, sew and read with Anne and Jeffrey. Talk about a relaxing Saturday (not so much for Ken and Chris and Gary!).

Ken and Mystro

Ken and Mystro

101_8477 101_8476On Sunday we decided to go back to the Blaine beach and enjoy the wonderful sand, water and splash pad. I have to say, with such a nice location a short drive away we are really not motivated to go further and find a less manicured or bigger beach.101_8480 101_8482 101_8483

I love the confidence all 5 kids have at this beach.101_8494 101_8495 101_8499 101_8501

101_8503After the beach it was back to cheering on one of our favourite soccer players. Anthony was playing his final game of his regular year.10502173_10152582610461151_4158553654237434734_n

101_8508 101_8507 101_8511Even big Andy made it out! Which was GREAT. Ken does love spending time with him, but he is so often on the road driving truck this summer it has been a trick to plan out.101_8516

The kids wandered off and played together so that worked well.101_8533 101_8541

And Anthony and his team played a great game! I do believe they were undefeated in regular season. Our plan is to go to a couple of his USA Cup games as well. I know they play a couple foreign teams along with some more local (or at the very least American).

It is these great opportunities to spend time with our friends and family (I mean, come on Novaks are basically cousins at this point!) that has slowed our hunt for the elusive homeschooling family to meet and hang out with.101_8531 101_8534 101_8538 101_8530 101_8524

Supporting a Smaller Soccer Star

July 10

So we DID do some schoolwork. But the real focus was on our evening schedule.101_8367

We were set to support another of our budding soccer stars, and this one is NOT a Novak! Rather we joined Renee, Jeffrey and Evan to cheer on Nathan who was being coached by his dad Chris.



The kids were restless but I managed to get some lovely action shots of Nathan on the field…101_8423 101_8394

Pictures of Chris coaching…101_8376

And we snuck in a few adorable baby shots as well!101_8377 101_8383 101_8397 101_8407 101_8430

And our baby as well

And our baby as well

After the game there was medals given out!101_8429

And then pizza back at the Schwartz’s.101_8436 101_8437 101_8438

The boys enjoyed some time in the mini forest behind the Schwartz house.101_8447 101_8448 101_8449

This was also our formal introduction to the newest member of their family – Mystro! He is a baby Maine Coon and beyond adorable!101_8432 101_8435 101_8431

101_8452 101_8456I am so glad we could get out to support Nathan! Please enjoy the overflow pictures of the action!!!101_8374 101_8387 101_8388 101_8390 101_8401 101_8414 101_8425

Reunited is a Good Way to Be

July 8-9

Well this summer has been a scheduling jumble and it turned out that with the boys getting home we only had the week following for school before our own church had VBS planned! I think our choice to do TWO VBSes was a good one. We had a CD given to us at the end of Sunday School with the songs for VBS. So of course, the rest of the week it was music in the background with many spontaneous dance parties!101_8329

The reunited siblings had some great together moments. Trinity and Emanuel did a wonderful job on their Canada Day picture. (print out thanks to Activity Village… click link on right and search Canada Day)101_8330

And while the tent trailer was being emptied and aired out the kids played and enjoyed the sunshine (and the new place to hang out) together.101_8336

The yard is so beautiful in the summer.101_8333

Which all led to spontaneous lawn work!!! The kids did an amazing job.101_8337 101_8338 101_8341 101_8342

Eventually back into the pool.101_8343

Or in Echo’s case, begging Baba to NOT spray her… which in Echo world means SPRAY ME NOW PLEASE!!!!!101_8348 101_8346

We spent much of Wednesday (9th) out in the sun. Stitching cat toys while the kids played in the pool.101_8350

101_8351Throw in a little fanfiction…101_8352

And an open tent trailer and we really didn’t see the necessity to come in and do practical learning. Sometimes learning to share and cooperate and enjoy the world around us is even better!101_8353 101_8355 101_8357 101_8360