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Good Weekend Bad Weekend?

IMG_0103So Friday Gavin fell and smacked his tooth on the bed railing and CHIPPED IT! Ack so I had to call Ken home and have him look, and call Health Links and then eventually the University hospital… long story short he is going in tomorrow evening to have the emergency dental in the hospital take a look and see if they need to file it down any… it is a half moon at the bottom of his front right tooth and he is eating normally but still… scared the dickens out of me!!
We went to Alan and Xinny’s church today – they have a great nursery though the service was a bit long for Ken. It was nice to try something new 🙂
Ken had his birthday party Friday night – alcohol, magic cards and computer gaming, the guys had fun and Karyn came too. Then Saturday afternoon she and I did some shopping. It was nice to get away but we had to stand in line for 30 min ! To pay for diapers at Superstore since they were 10.00 cheaper a package!!!! UGH
I am sure there is lots more to say but I am worn out as usual… still a lot of nausea so am not able to eat much so not much energy.
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Busy Month!

Ok so not just a busy month but a lazy Lisa!
We did have an amazing visit with my sister Kathleen (or as she goes by now Kat) who flew all the way up from Carolina 12-17th… not nearly long enough! The boys were VERY put out when she left as they had grown to love waking her up in the morning and playing and reading stories! It was a rather laid back visit, we played in the backyard, went to the local park, visited THE Mall and even stayed home a day in our pj’s. The night before she left we went to Red Robins and had a terrific dinner – unlimited fries along with the drinks. We are so going back there! They have this freckled lemonade with actual strawberries in it – mmmmm. I have to say it was our first time with a "long" term houseguest in the new place and I loved it… of course having your 20 yr old sister over can only be a blast after all… it is so funny, I showed some people pictures and they honestly did not believe me when I said we don’t share a drop of blood. Funny how people think we look alike. She brought school shirts for the twins – nothing was in for Emanuel’s size in time for her visit and a track suit and light coat for me. I have more school clothes for HER school than mine!
We are still working on the unpacking – the garage is full of stuff to come in and the storage unit has at least another trips worth of stuff to take out before the end of the month when the rent increases. I think we are planning on visiting Alan and Xinny’s church next Sunday and then having them over so I would like to have all the books finally put away – not a small task.
Thankfully we are almost at the end of the month, the first few months in a new and more expensive place are always tight and confusing. Thankfully I got most of our Christmas presents made and am just in need of time to wash, iron and frame/finish the ones that are not to be mailed.
Speaking of mailing I still need Ken to find out where the nearest postal outlet is… big city living is so confusing to me! How silly is that? I stil have to get the last part of my advent exchange present too… but I can do that in the first week of November. So much to do so much to think about and such a scattered mind lately!