Archive | July 2008

Back From the Abyss

Ok so I seemed to have dropped off the face of the planet on here… with the birth of our daughter life has gone from busy to hectic… we have been determined to keep the family super busy this summer and have managed to get out and about a lot. Ken and I took the whole family down to Minnesota – in the van of all things… we have been to the city hall fountain, and most recently went to the Ukrainian Cultural Village. August 10th is Trinity’s baptism for which ALL of our parents will be there and then mid week we take my sister to the city to meet up with my dad and stepmom and visit with my grandma and grandpa as well as a bunch of family who plan on collecting for a visit.
The twins are totally potty trained though in pull ups at bedtime to avoid accidents, Emanuel is talking up a storm but not willing to give up his crib just yet (silly boy) and Trinity – well she is a dolly and growing well. She is small like I was but healthy and a blessing. Ken is doing well at work as well as with a new side project… and me, well I am working on cleaning up for the baptism. We lost the use of our bonus room in the basement due to foundation issues so have had to move toys, tv and pc’s up here cramping things up but I am determined to have at least a semblance of order for our visitors.
Steven and I have set up playdates via the webcam for our two almost birthday buddies… it is nice to have that weekly visit with another adult even if it can’t be in person. I have also managed to keep our family site up to date as well as be on Facebook. With the boys basically living outside in the backyard I am able to do a bit of my own stuff in the afternoons… it is just too hot and sunny for Trinity to be out as well.
Hmm other than that life is pretty good… I am sure I will try HARDER to get onto my space here and just spend a little time dishing. It is nice to have an outlet to share some thoughts once in a while.