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A Halloween Preview

Not much to share today BUT I do have our little ones all dressed to impress in their costumes! We took our pictures this afternoon as Sunday is going to be busy!

Little Red Ridinghood

Horse (Emanuel), Polar bear (Zander) and Turtle (Gavin)

Add in our baby peapod

Sweet Pea!

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Baptism Gowns, Indoor Playgrounds and a Quiet Evening

We had a “sit down” schoolwork free day today in exchange for Ken and all 3 of our boys spending a whole afternoon out and about. They went to the bank (necessary but rarely fun), the grocery store and spent a lovely period of time at the indoor playground at McDonalds playing with other children and spending quality boy time.

Zander up in the slide! (Note Ken took THREE pictures only the whole afternoon!!)

Gavin at the table

Emanuel in a cage??

Trinity, Echo and I had a quiet home for nap time and then some tv watching. Trinity really does well in a quiet home, though she does miss her brothers and daddy.

Look Mommy a NOSE!

Tonight was a photo evening for Miss Echo. We dressed her back up in the Baptism gown her Grandma Anna made her and set her out on the usual blue sheet background. The pictures will have to be cropped but I am rather happy with what we got. I am going to post two or 3 pictures on deviantArt… one of her in it and then the dress and hat laid out, and finally a close up of the flowers, ribbons and beading detail on the front of the gown. Each of our children have a version of this gown to go into their keepsake boxes and be used (if they wish) for their own children someday.

So much dress so little baby!

In sepia!

So not a huge amount to report but I am working on checking out Enchanted Learning to find some more Human Body print outs tonight, making more Korker ribbons for a hairclip present and hopefully gathering threads for a new project so TOMORROW I will have more to share – PROMISE!

Sleepy baby

One Day Closer to the Weekend

So the past two days have not been overly spectacular, at least for me personally. With new fallen snow yesterday was a total success with 4 of our little ones though! Not enough for too extended a play session but enough to make the struggle of getting four kids geared up (minus snow pants for 3 this time) and out the door well worth it!

Trinity in her new snowsuit

All 4 in the snow (Zander right)

Gavin had a major completion – his first personal workbook. Phonics for grade 1 done and gone through. He is still working his way through NOT guessing words or adding odd letters to make it into what he THINKS it should be but talk about a proud moment!!! He has started in on another workbook, this one dealing more with reading itself and MUCH more difficult and less of a work on his own sort of thing. We finished one page today and hopefully will get in another tomorrow but WOW is he going to have to WANT to do it.

Gavin and his completion

We put up some limited Halloween decorations this year since we only have a week before Halloween. A couple of the boys’ black and orange paper chains, the Halloween tree resplendent with Perler bead ornaments.

Our Halloween Tree

A foam pumpkin the boys all decorated a couple years ago at Michaels AND last year’s foam activity – a Haunted Pirate Ship!

Pirate Ship

Usually I do a lot more, have a little mini Halloween party with themed snacks, get a new dvd or something but with a combination of no van (ugh), limited funds (but working on that) and the Baptism the weekend before… well we have really pushed the excitement in regards to going to GRANDMA and MIKE’S on Sunday! Saturday we are debating Ken taking the 3 boys to another free Michaels event AND maybe a trip to the local science centre. If we can bum a few seats in a friend’s car that is… /frustration.

Last night I spent a bit of time with the camera, Echo, her new purple headband and her purple cloth diaper… added in her purple Nana blanket for a few pictures and did my best.

Sprinkles diaper and her special headband - I can get people in touch with the girl that sells them so please contact me for details if interested!

Snuggled under the Nana blanket

All round and soft edges

The kids and Ken did their traditional yearly Halloween foam craft project… this year haunted treehouse. They were all very enthusiastic about helping. Even Trinity was helping punch out shapes and peeling off the plastic on the stickers.

Working on the treehouse (Gavin front)

All done!!

There is so much still to do around here but I think I have found the source of my restlessness… the lack of SEWING being done. Ken (silly man) finished my pattern, printed it out, only to realize that we are not able to print in colour (how he forgot that with all my complaining about being out of cyan I will never understand.). I am hoping to get my pattern first thing tomorrow morning and then work my fingers to the bone to get it done! Two stocking patterns are my goal before mid November, stitched and to my mom to be finished. Then maybe posted for purchase??

Well two more days and then the weekend and  then next week we juggle our appointments vs a severe lack of a big enough vehicle for us to go out as a family, hopefully for the very last week! Poor Ken has NO luck!

Miss Trinity and Miss Echo