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Gone for the Nonce

Busy day getting ready for a busy weekend so today – just a picture!

Proud Mommy of Almost 5

Prenatal Appointment

One more doctor’s appointment of course brings a minor almost complication and TWO extra appointments to be made! On the up side, my weight is up (125.4 lbs..), my blood-pressure the usual low, I measure fine for my weeks and the baby’s heart is a strong 148. BUT they have NO record of my blood type and can’t go on my word – which is the first unexpected appointment – on Monday some minor blood work. Now comes the bigger “almost complication”… apparently according to my previous ultra sound everything is fine with the baby BUT my placenta is low – something like 2 cm from my cervix. What this means is that if it slides further down and covers the cervix my chances of a natural (aka vaginal) birth are not there, but it NORMALLY moves up as the womb grows. He says the chances of it moving across are minor BUT he has to tell us so don’t worry… DON’T worry? Now asking a pregnant woman to not worry is like asking rain to fall up in my mind! This does mean we get our 3rd ultra sound… 9 weeks from now, towards the end of June. So another sneak peek at Baby #5 which is welcome but still the reason behind it… not so much. I did find an article that makes me feel a little better though! That is a high percentage of it changing!

So… yeah… after that we stopped by Value Village with no success… higher prices than I would like and nothing really that I could or would choose to wear. Then off with our birthday money for Trinity (thank you Ted) to make a sale and get Trinity a Graco playset! She is now the VERY proud owner of a single stroller, playpen, bouncy chair, floor toy and diaper bag. There is a bassinet, and a couple other pieces that match that she does not have but wow at 30% off… great deal AND something she is going to have a blast with.

The whole set (less the doll)

Binky Time (note the dress Nathan and Ada gave her!)

While there I registered with the Babies R Us baby registry. So if you want to check out my list (I plan on adding a few necessities using the internet over the week) feel free. Quite the range and variety as some are pretty much dream items and others are necessities or items that are worn out from over use with the rest of the children having used them first. My registry number is 51948853 and you can check it out by clicking this link. The name is mine not baby or Ken – Lisa Reinsch-Johnson if you are trying to hunt it down that way!

For doing the scanning to make up my wish list I got their “gift bag” and a 3rd trimester gift from Similac. That was a funny one – contained TWO containers of the fluid formula… definitely not one I am going to use but the travel container is nice. Of course free samples and coupons are ALWAYS a welcome gift.

The Toys'R'S bag contents

Similac freebie

So the countdown is on to my cousin’s wedding. Friday we head to my mom’s for the day and Saturday morning we head to the wedding. My dress is ready and waiting as is Trinity’s (the new one from Aunty Karyn), we have to go through the new dress clothes my mom found for the boys and choose them each a shirt and slacks AND probably tomorrow head to H&M to find Ken a new dress shirt. After all he has NOT had a new shirt since… well I can’t remember… dress shirt that is! Oh and don’t forget the frame for the stitch, we finished the card last night. Is it honestly May so soon???

The twins spent their school time with Ken finishing up their fire station lapbooks. Now we are on the countdown for the symphony field trip next week! And after that – 5 senses. I found a couple free resources and picked the brains of some of the homeschool parents on my egroups. I am also having the boys do a separate lapbook just of Apples. With our produce store’s variety I think it will be great fun!

Now if we could just get everything done by tomorrow night that we have on our list and we will be sitting pretty!!!

The Two Pregnant Ladies

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And the Decision Is…

Hands down the 8X10 on the wall is going to be image 10. It seemed to be EVERYONE’S favourite! But a bit too close to be a little wallet.

Image 10

The wallet choice is a little harder, so I am debating doing a couple and sending them out random. Number 8 had the most votes with 2 next and then 6 and 3 tied.

Image 8

Image 2

Image 6

Image 3

Today was a big event for the twins – their trip to the Fire Station! They came back full of facts and information. Even Ken learned something new!

The whole group! (Zander red)

While the boys were off enjoying their fire station experience Emanuel and I were hard at work on HIS fire station lapbook. I am quite happy with the finished product. We worked on our counting and colouring and talked about what firemen do. It is too bad he was too young to go on the fieldtrip but we had fun just the 3 of us. Trinity had her colouring at the other end of the table and we all worked rather nicely together. After Trinity got over he crying fit when the boys and Ken left!

Front Cover


Inside page lifted

Back Cover

Our day has been full of firemen talk. I am so glad we had this opportunity for the boys!

Mail today treated me well as well… TWO packages! The first from a sweet friend up north… scrapbooking supplies!! Paper, some embellishments and corner stickers for photos. What a sweet gift!

Thank You!!!

The other came in one of those horrid plastic “we’re so sorry we bashed around your package” bags. Thankfully the damage to the envelope was not too extensive and all of the contents were still there. This package had some stories from a pair of authors who were giving away some complimentary copies. One about the States (a paper copy) and then on a cd – China and Canada. What a great gift.

Learning Material!

Trinity had one more birthday present come today: from Chris and Chris – a shopping cart! She was thoroughly impressed.

Yay a shopping cart!

Now if we could just get sorted in time for this weekend’s wedding and visit to my mom’s… with a dr’s appointment tomorrow for me and endless IN city chores to be accomplished it feels like a race against time! BUT the pears are up for purchase on my pattern site so check them out… tonight (late) there should be the pharmacy freebie link up and running!

Zander (left) and Gavin's Daddy time!