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And the Great Halloween Costume Creation Saga is Complete!

And the Halloween costume saga has come to its amazing completion. We have FIVE (count them FIVE!) complete costumes, 4 of which are in some way, shape or form handmade by myself or someone we deeply love and appreciate. Whew! Echo’s costume was most certainly a group effort. First is the lovely skirt/apron combo that came all the way from NOVA SCOTIA!! Then Ken was our hero and made our crook. He used much the same stuff as Gavin’s tail. And then under the skirt was a tutu of Trinity’s. Add to that the lovely Fat Sheepas her second half and I am pleased as punch. 

Little Bo Peep has found her sheep!

And apparently knocked said sheep over

Look! A sheep!

Happy Halloween!

Sunday means Sunday School and last night we had full intentions of ALL going… that is until Emanuel spent most of the evening sniffling and waking up periodically in his room while I did my usual diningroom table work. So instead we saw Ken off with the twins and Trinity and retired to the basement to watch The Cat in the Hat Knows All About That. Echo was SUPPOSED to go to nap but has a runny nose herself and is loathe to sleep right now so all 3 of us snuggled on the couch. 

Sunday morning snuggles

It has been an odd day, with the rush of costume making done, the cleaning of the basic household upstairs clutter also completed I am sort of… well… without pressing “to do’s”. So I snuck in a 15 min nap that turned into an hour… downloaded a game trial or two from Bigfish Games… 

We had some crafty kids today – Emanuel and Zander both sat down to do some Halloween themed painting. We have a lovely selection of colours so it is rather easy to convince the kids to do up something bright and fun. 

Painting with Halloween colours

Completed art

I found a Christian Halloween themed mini book for the kids to colour when they felt like it, of course once I put out the markers the younger two were quick to jump in and do theirs. You can find this mini book right here. I figured we should have something to do that is Sunday related but still falls in with their main interest of the weekend – HALLOWEEN! 

Pumpkin prayer

Trinity and I found a set of paper dolls for her to colour. I did these on regular printer paper as she is really not old enough to get the colouring neat and tidy or even more than like 3 colours, We chose the first dolls and then the clothes sheet with dresses. You can find the dolls we used here.

Just need to cut them out

The day may have started out chilly but by the afternoon it was absolutely GORGEOUS! So the kids went out and ran and ran in the backyard. The weather report is actually quite favourable for tomorrow as well! 


I took advantage of the fall leaves and nice weather to finally take some pictures of my felties. Though a baguette went missing so I had to make up a new one for my wolf.

Whole group - a little too much sun on the white ones though


Wolf and his basket

OH Trinity wore my penguin headband today. I am actually rather pleased with how it looks. I have two waiting for their alligator clips still, but I am still debating the angle of the birds on the clips. A dragon pattern is on the docket next… I am looking forward to that one!!

Penguin on a headband... This headband is a Goody brand one so it fits Trinity AND me... What does everyone think?

Gavin has made some nice progress on his new cross stitch. Another self design! Can you tell I am proud as can be? 

So far

That leaves the baking for tonight… the prep work for taking FIVE kids out to trick or treat at two malls and a couple neighbourhoods. I have already made up the two dozen cupcakes a certain amazing cousin requested. bread is in the breadmaker (first of TWO loaves as sandwiches and the like are the theme of the day tomorrow for simplicity sake) and dough for my bannock bread awaiting Ken’s touch with the grease cooking… now to convince Ken to get started on a chocolate to die for brownie, cake thing!! 

This is how lovely it was today - no socks, no sweater and warm and happy... well except when leaves touched her feet.

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Into the Weekend We Go

So we are getting  closer to Halloween and to the upset of all, crossed off the  day with the giant G on it. With the van no closer to the service station it was up to me AGAIN to explain why we weren’t going (after all who wants to potentially be stranded on the highway with small children in the middle of fall in Alberta? Not me!) and that we WOULD go later in November for an extended visit. I think they finally understand somewhat and the whole – we are having a bunch of people come on Monday to celebrate Halloween with us idea did help. 

Mail came relatively early Friday and with it TWO packages! The first one opened came from Nova Scotia and was the long awaited and highly anticipated skirt and apron portion of Echo’s little bo peep costume, all I had to do was put in the elastic (easy) and find a sweet little top to go along with it out of Echo’s massive stash of clothing. To add fluff to the costume we are using one of Trinity’s baby tutus and topping it all with her pretty white hat. 

With Trinity's old tutu under it... like a bell!

The other came from the UK, but as it is being set aside for Christmas is all hush hush… Parcel #2… And so sweet of her to send! I always fill the kids’ stockings with little bits and bobs and something no one else could get around here is always super special! 

We did do some workbook  time…. math for Zander and sight words for Gavin.

Sight Word work

And played tic-tac-toe bingo… Halloween style. The kids were much more excited about the pieces of candy we used instead of daubers. Although in the end they each got to eat just one. 

Tic-Tac-Toe Halloween Bingo

The afternoon found the boys outside enjoying themselves with whatever they could find in the backyard and shed (and not putting it all back as Ken realized past sunset). It is chilly out now but they are persistent and choose to keep running and moving as much as possible rather than returning inside. I figure winter will come soon enough and with it much more time indoors so this outside time is time well spent. Zander calls it his time to burn energy. 

We were very excited to have a BIG completion – Gavin’s Ring-Tailed Lemur costume is officially DONE. He is quite happy with it, and can you believe it took a belt AND suspenders to get that tail to stay where we want it. 

Tail frame

Completed with duct tape

Completed costume

Since we stayed home so Ken could work he took all 5 kids on a walk to the convenience store to pick up some treats and sauce for the spaghetti I started while they were gone. It is definitely getting chilly in the late afternoons. 

As the kids run ahead

I am trying something different with my penguin felties… these are NOT stuffed but put on a headband or clip. So far I have put one on a purple headband for Trinity to try out. Still 2 1/2 inches long so I am debating the angle for the clip. I do love creating things, so don’t be surprised if you are on my Christmas list and get either an owlor a penguin! 

Ready for Trinity to wear

I am debating my best route to selling these little creations… Facebook has not yielded a lot of interest (I don’t have the networking to really get that) and Etsy likes to verify you with a credit card (seriously? Paypal believes I exist!)… so for now I plan on mentioning them here from time to time (I also do cross stitching commissions and sell patterns on my pattern page!), on my deviantArt accountwith the pictures I add there AND of course on Facebook. Suggestions are always welcome! 

I am definitely feeling the need to organized, to get set up in a way where I am NOT digging through the house to find what I need… to feel in place. We are close. There is one closet that is holding out on me due to the fact that I can’t get INTO it and ONE (rather large) box of toys in the other closet in the basement I need to dig out and go through… that is a next week plan since I have to go into the BACK of the closet at the BOTTOM (of course) to get to it and have NO idea what is in said box. 

With her Halloween themed barrette!

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Plans Change and Pumpkins Are Carved

I am starting to think this entire week is just  too close to Halloween for concentration levels. So today was a bit of a fun day instead of trying to do even the Halloween themed worksheets… Not that I am complaining! There was less fighting today and the kids chose activities that were fun and somewhat educational at the very least. 

The little ones went back to their Pumpkin graphing game with their own rules, which went well until Zander got involved and said someone HAD TO win… oops! So next time we go back to the “everyone wins” rules. 

Dice game

We brought out one of the foam kits my mom found for us and the kids all made foam animal puppets. Lots of fun! 


We finally got out in the front yard with Fat Sheep and our Halloween photo props from You can find the actual pages here and here. In fact you can find my entire Halloween collection here. I have tried all the ones in the list and will be going through and rating and commenting this weekend. 

So much sun!

The twins spent a nice amount of time outside creating their own little clubhouse out of the cardboard in the shed that was later put away (with much complaining after they spread it all over the back lawn). 

Temporary clubhouse

We baked cupcakes to celebrate Halloween and pumpkin carving. We used a box mix but our favourite Fluffy Seven-Minute frostingwent on top. Ken coloured it orange. They were topped with our little hand coloured decorations. 


Pumpkin carving was great fun… well mainly for the adults. Gavin was willing to get his hands dirty and Zander did some cutting but it really was all grown up action on these ones. The results were rather amazing though!

Kristen and Fydo working on theirs

Sorta kinda helping Daddy

Ours is the far right - don't you love how Kristen and Fydo's match theme?

I took some time this afternoon and took pictures of Zander in the one costume that is NOT handmade – he chose a knight this year when the ones at Superstore were on for 40% off… it fits really well for a bought costume and he is VERY happy. Echo and I spent a little time in the sun with him while he posed and showed off his “almost like a real sword” sword. I am so glad that each of the kids so far is happy. That just leaves Gavin and his lemur tail (tomorrow morning) and Echo and her dress… in the mail ONE city away!!! 

Our mighty knight

Add to that the creation of some adorable penguins out of felt and a design Ken and I came up with and we have still managed to have a pretty productive day. I am planning on putting two of them up on Etsy for 5.00 plus shipping each and see if any interest occurs!! Who knows, and they are quick and easy to make so I can make a bunch and then wait and see. 

Penguin Felties!

Our plans for the weekend going into Halloween have changed. Canadian Tire has not yet gotten our vehicle in for the needed repair. So it is not worth risking stranding to get out to my mom’s and back again. This is a great disappointment to us all as I was to go to a fashion show with mom on Friday and then trick or treating with the family as well. Luckily some local friends and a dear cousin swooped in and helped me make a back up plan last weekend so we are now in the middle of ensuring it is still a memorable weekend. I really do appreciate how much people are willing to work around and with me with the limping van and the house full of kids! Makes me feel much less like a lump on a log or a burden and more like a social being!! 

But now it is time to get back to the penguins, start the tidying for our weekend AND enjoy the fact that this evening we had some time with a lovely couple, carved pumpkins AND had the whole family involved! 

Fat Sheep and Echo

Cuddling with Kristen

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