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Mid Way Through January

Hard to believe we are reaching the end of January already. Ken’s folks will be here sometime next week to celebrate the twins’ 4th and Emanuel’s 2nd birthday… Sharon and Darryl Bleau had their baby – a healthy little boy named Logan… our Baby #4 is active and growing and I am slowing down at the same time.
Ken is doing rather well lately, work is going well… he is flying up to Fort Mac for the day on the 5th of February, all 3 kids have their yearly check up back at their old pediatrician on the 7th of February… Ken writes a certification exam on the 12th of February and I have to schedule our pregnancy pictures for March. Life certainly does not slow down!
Mom and Mike installed a toilet for us in the basement! What a luxury! Now we just need to sort through our boxes in the 4th bedroom and get the upstairs tidy before we have our guests. I even ordered the boys’ birthday cake this past Saturday. We are pretty close to being ready for that – just need the party favours for the kids and a few odds and ends. Then there is the baby shower to think about, but at least I don’t have to do the majority of the planning for that.
So not much news wise since we really aren’t hugely busy… Ken did take the twins to the Sunday School at the new church this Sunday… well tried to… add in an accident they got stopped for for 15 min, then getting there and finding out along with a little old lady that the doors were accidentally locked and they could not get it, causing the boys to cry and leading Ken to take them to his "School" (work) for colouring and potatoe chips and you have his Sunday Morning. Ken needs to call the church today and try and get ahold of the teachers for the boys’ class and let the church know he could not get in…
Then I tried to get my vit prescription filled only to find out I have not been put properly onto Ken’s healthcare… so he has to call THEM today… thank goodness we found out now and not when there was an emergency. But still pain in the bum.
Isn’t life grand??

Getting Over the Holidays

Well it has been a while since I have updated… we made it safely through Christmas and all the dinners and then a nice and quiet New Years. The boys got lots of wonderful toys from friends and family as well as the train table and stocking stuffers from us, now it is time to plan their birthday party! We decided to just have one party for all 3. I have managed to get almost all of the party supplies, I just need to order what little I need from the Birthday site. I decided to just got with mainly blue and then get a Thomas mylar balloon and table centerpiece. Ken’s parents are going to be there and eveything!
The baby is definitely moving around lately… we had an ultra sound on the 27th and did NOT find out the sex, but everything looks good. My dr’s appointment on the 3rd went well though their scale was broken so no weight and, speaking of scales, I managed to hunt one down on for weighing the baby, we got a Christmas cheque for almost the whole amount so it is a present for the baby and a way to ensure that we do not need Ken to go into work late once a week in order to make the weigh in. It was near impossible to even hunt a scale down in Canadian stores so I did have to go to the US, but at least with Ken’s folks coming to visit they can bring it up instead of ship it a second time.
I know there is a lot more to write but I thought I would just post something tonight saying HELLO I AM STILL ALIVE! Take care everyone.