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Day 2

Today was a busy day by our own design. Trinity’s special princess cup that was a birthday gift from Yoyo cracked somehow last night (I was so NOT happy) and Trinity was heartbroken so we headed to the nearest Disney store to get a replacement. Sadly they were out of Snow White, but the ones they had were on sale (thankfully)… so we let her choose another – this one Sleeping Beauty. I plan on going back next month to try and find another Snow White. She REALLY loves that cup!

Replacement cup

Then there was a flying trip into Home Depot to get ourselves a lantern/flashlight for tonight’s camp out. LED light just like Ken wanted AND under 20.00.

Of course I had to sneak in my trip to the Local Needle Store (LNS)… beads for Baby #5’s Easter egg… everyone in the family has one – I stitch it from whatever pattern and my mom finishes them into little egg shaped pillows. I love the colour of the beads this pattern called for (Mill Hill 02024 Heather Mauve and 02031 Citron) and hope to design something AROUND these beads.

Stitched egg

Groceries at Safeway and then home… tonight’s meal – home-made LASAGNE! All part of the “bulk up Lisa” plan. I do love lasagne.


A slight hitch in our camping plans – no tent poles in the tent my mom found us! ACK but it seems that she has access to another so Ken got creative and made the boys a tent in the basement for them all to sleep in! That also bypasses the rainy evening projected as well… two nights in a row now – RAIN. Hot days and rain in the evening. Crazy. So I still get my boy free evening they just aren’t exactly OUTSIDE!

Camping in the basement! (Gavin)

Snug and dry (Gavin left)

I tried a sugar/fat free butterscotch pudding and was less than overjoyed. The flavour while eating was fine BUT the after taste not as good. I am hoping as my numbers play out – 4.0 this morning (late morning when I got up), 5.7 after lunch are a good sign that I am merely borderline! I got a call today from the clinic confirming my class and then a LATER call from my doctor’s office to tell me about a July 9th appointment? HUH! And of course this call occurs AFTER the diabetic clinic’s hours of operation… figures!

We did a bit of our camping lapbook in advance but this is one of those do after sort of unit. At least the boys are getting in some common sense learning AND some time with their daddy – VERY important!!

And last night’s scrapbooking success!


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Day 1 of Another Busy Week

Seems to be the theme of this summer… start off thinking a week will be semi relaxing and then… BOOK IT TO THE HILT! Monday looked nice and simple – the twins off to their yearly check up with Ken… BUT 3 hours later and they were FINALLY home, basically writing off our day school wise. Apparently our specialist had an intern who did the assessments first and THEN had a chat with our doctor who in turn ran the assessments herself. Thankfully the boys are healthy and happy and there are only a few things to work on with Zander to improve his concentration. The concern is based on the fact that he DID have an a-typical seizure back when he was just over 2 yrs old that may have set him back a bit behind Gavin. BUT both we and the doctor do not think he needs a label or anything, just work with him. I am VERY blessed, this doctor is on board with our homeschooling and willing to support our decisions. Definitely a gem!

So my day centred around the youngest two of our family. Both not in the best of moods but we managed. Lots of cartoons and car toys and snacks. I was not feeling my best so I got up the guts and tested my OWN blood sugar… by MYSELF!! 4.0 so it was not high, I am wondering if I just feel my best at the 5.0 area (normal is 4-6).

Miss Trinity

With the lack of school time our plan of the boys and Ken camping in the backyard TONIGHT has been changed to tomorrow. This is combined with the lapbook I found online so we will work on that beforehand. Thankfully this isn’t knocking anything else I need done out of the running. BUT it does mean my quiet boy free night is postponed a day.

I have been taking guesses on the date, gender and weight of Baby #5… it has been fun hearing what everyone ELSE thinks we are going to have and when. The closest to the correct answer will receive a prize (not sure what that will be yet but we are brainstorming!). So if I have not gotten your guess… well I should get it soon!! hint hint!

So life keeps on going and changing and causing scheduling headaches but I managed to check my blood sugar levels on my own so I feel accomplished!

Always making sure we have time to water our plants!

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5 Days Later…

And what a busy 4 days it has been!! Starting with my doctor’s appointment on Wednesday, Thursday’s being my Birthday, Friday’s last minute shopping, Saturday’s wedding and ending with Sunday’s double feature of Pets in the Park followed by Isabella’s birthday party we have been on the go pretty much constantly!

The doctor’s appointment was not the best of this pregnancy for sure… to start with my ultra sound results were NOT there so we couldn’t even discuss that. Then, the glucose retest… FAIL with 10 at the one hour and 11 at the second. Not hugely high numbers but coupled with my continued weight loss (another 2 lbs for a total of 4… which, for those keeping track has me at 125.4 lbs now… a mere 8lbs from my start weight) I am officially a medical anomaly. With my low weight etc etc I should NOT be diabetic but the test says I am. So the doctor has given me strict instructions NOT to follow the diabetic diet – NOT to cut carbs but to remove all those excess sugars and eat more than the portion control says and bulk back up. What this means is that instead of managing my condition with the normal diet I am to just do the metering (which luckily Mike has a spare meter, strips, etc) and watch for the need to use insulin. JOY. My bloodpressure was a little low but the baby’s heart rate was a steady 140. So at least BABY is doing well. My next appointment is in 2 weeks and my 3 hour diabetic class is on the 2nd (yay?).

So there was some necessary pouting of course… and a bit of crying… and now I deal.

With Thursday being my birthday we spent it with a bit of shopping and a lot of family time.

31 years old and proud of it! (Gavin left)

My 3 little boys (Zander left)

Miss Trinity

I even got a scrapbook page done for Trinity’s book!

Meeting Baby Anna

Friday we had to run to The Mall… I got myself a shirt for our family photos, and picked up my birthday gift for being a card holder at Sephora.

Sephora booty!

I also went out to one of my favourite speciality grocery stores and got myself some red pepper dip (mm). With whole wheat pitas… very healthy!

Friday night was Yoyo and Jon’s rehearsal… Since only Trinity was involved (flowergirl), she and Ken went to the hotel to do that and the boys and I stayed home. There wasn’t much of a rehearsal BUT Yoyo’s mom was happy to see Trinity… she gave her chocolates! And apparently Trinity made a bunch of friends with the bridesmaids, groomsmen and anyone else she met. Ken and Trinity stayed late to get used to the people AND to help decorate which meant Trinity ALSO got to play with balloons! Talk about a happy little girl.

Yoyo and Trinity

Saturday was the Wu/Mah wedding… Trinity was a BIT reluctant at first to put on the dress but once we got it on and her settled she refused to take it off, even towards the end of the evening when she was VERY warm and worn out the dress HAD TO stay on!

Coming to grips with the dress

These need to be edited due to a red mark on her face but they are cute!

Close up unedited

With her flowers

And again

I took a few pictures in my special “fancy dress” – the same one I wore for my cousin’s wedding back in May. I think it looks different with the larger belly but definitely still pretty!

32 Weeks

We got to the venue early (upon request) for a more formal run through… so around 4, Ted in tow. Trinity took full advantage of this time to run around and make more new friends.

Uncle Ted

The tables were beautiful… the centrepiece was actually little boxes shaped like slices of cake each with a selection of chocolates. There were also little individual favour boxes with little cell phone charms in them ( of different food items from China). Trinity ended up with basically everyone’s at the table and proceeded to play with them. (oh and don’t forget the packages of gum… what a sweet gesture)

Our table

The centrepiece

The wedding was relatively simple… a procession, a Chinese sand tradition, a saying of their vows (very sweet) and a duet song and played on the piano by the bride and groom. Trinity rode with daddy since they started late (close to 7).

Not part of the procession but before the wedding started they were sweet enough to stand still so I could take a picture!

In following tradition there were party games… including a session of musical chairs with the kids (I think it was supposed to be a more adult version but the kids heard MUSICAL CHAIRS and leapt for it,). The bride had a couple of dress changes – from her beautiful wedding gown to a lovely purple formal gown and then again into a beautiful fuchsia outfit. Yoyo was an absolutely GORGEOUS bride and Jon a handsome groom. Ken and I were so honoured and proud to have our daughter asked to be part of this occasion!

One of the amazing portraits they had done in China

Stopping by as they did their toasts at each table... You cna't see it but she is in the lovely purple creation. Taking a moment to say hi to the flowergirl!

The meal which went on before the party games was absolutely AMAZING. Starting with a squash soup (which I had to take a picture of)… then a spinach and watercress salad… the main course was AAA Alberta beef cooked to perfection. They were well prepared for Trinity with cheese and crackers and then chicken fingers and fries.

Amazing soup

Don’t forget the desert – cheesecake with a little chocolate cake for Miss Trinity (who was not at all interested having gone back to her new toys). A huge piece, I only ate HALF of mine – to be responsible of course!

The two deserts

They had another cake – a Chinese kind I think, that was their wedding cake – 5 tiers… I didn’t try any but we did get pictures!

Cutting the cake (that is the 3rd dress!)

Oh and don’t forget our favourite image from an underwater shoot they got asked to do by their photographer. AMAZING!

The amazing water shoot!

Trinity even made a new friend with another little girl… playing with balloons of course!

Playing with a new friend

We were there VERY late – after 11pm! Thankfully (He)Chris was able to stay so late and watch after the boys who were treated to a night of Wii games, hotdogs and other fun guy stuff. THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS!!!

We sat with Xinny and Alan, Xinny's parents, Sean and Ted

So after a looong but terrific evening we had an early morning with Grandma and Mike and Harley and Pets in the Park. Harley was basically well behaved and the kids listened well enough that the morning was actually quiet fun! Though HOT! We even got a change to pet a kitten – in the SPCA’s adoption centre.

Walking to the venue (Zander left)

Enjoying the sun

Grandma and Ice Cream


We came home from that for an hour to cool down and regroup and then head BACK OUT to the den Otter home and Isabella’s 5th birthday party. The perfect weather for splashing in the pool in the backyard for the kids and sitting in the shade on the deck for the adults!

Trinity in the tiny pool

Slip and Slide (Gavin)

It is hard to believe our god-daughter is really 5yrs old! Where has the time gone?


So tonight we are surrounded by exhausted and over stimulated children but the weekend was certainly a success. The plan for this upcoming week is no less daunting. Monday the twins have their yearly doctor’s appointment, Monday night the plan is to have all the boys and Ken camp out in the backyard… Tuesday we have to get our camping stuff done for the lapbooks, Wednesday is a library program and it looks like my dad visiting overnight! Thursday is Canada Day so we will spend most of the day with my dad and then head to my mom’s for dinner and maybe fireworks with Friday being my 3 hour diabetic class at 8:15 in the morning (and they want us to eat breakfast before we get there!!). Yikes!

OH and before I forget… now that we have given the bridal party their gift! The stitch!!

THE gift!

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