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May, Looking Back at Spring Time Fun

May tends to be absolutely lovely here so we try to take full advantage with LOTS of time outside. dscn15491

dscn15511dscn15581And in the sprinkler. dscn15611

We got started on our planter boxes as well. Tomatoes and cucumbers this year. dscn15701

Plus Ken and I snuck out for a wedding.

Congrats you two!

Congrats you two!



I even had my very own Mother’s Day (not professional of course) photo shoot! dscn15821








img_20160508_120648We had a field trip to a local museum with homeschool buddies.dscn15951



dscn16021img_20160518_143433We broke out the freezies.dscn16111

And worked on our meager landscaping skills.dscn16091


Climbed trees.dscn16181

Went on long walks. And learned our route to the YMCA.dscn16211

Had lunch outdoors.dscn16241

And started our Canada unit. dscn16261

We even managed a visit with the Schwartz family.imag3086

And S’mores on the bbq… improvising!imag3134


One of the things I love about May in Minnesota is that it does warm up. And this year we took full advantage!img_20160518_143350





A Substantial Milestone

Sometimes we are surprised when one of these pops up, October 23rd, 2016 marks a couple rather important and amazing milestones… first of all – Ken is now 39! Where has the time gone? I am so grateful to his parents for creating such an amazing individual way back in ’77. One year from 40 and creeping up on 20 years since I became friends with him. Life has taken us all over the place in reality and in growth and I am so in love with him.20161023_103933

The second milestone was the one that sort of crept up on us. This is the very first year, the very first birthday for Ken that we have celebrated together and had the firm knowledge that he is truly on the road to healthy. The first birthday completely unshadowed by active thoughts and concerns of depression looming over us. And that is a HUGE milestone.

We are able to look at today as a total celebration, as a reaffirmation that not only is it another year along our journey but it is another year of Ken embracing joy, potential and affirmation. We have moved beyond the circled wagons and the fear of regression and were able to sit back today and really enjoy a Ken focus day.

Which of course meant lots of sitting around and, well, gaming… or in my case, sitting around and crocheting while reading manga. To see a real smile on Ken’s face, true emotions shining out, well… my heart was full.

The 23rd marked, for us, proof of progress. A day full of moments where we are able to feel the positive effect of all the work, all the sweat and tears and careful planning and discussion that our path has brought us through. It is the fact that we can celebrate a milestone together that reminds me of how close I could have come to losing him. How precious it is that his wish to be healthy coincides with our love and wish for him to always be here with us.

Depression will never be out of our life completely. A part of me is always going to watch for signs in Ken, worry that this is something that my kids could in turn develop and need support through. This is the reality for us, for myself. And I am ok with that. With a bit of diligence and open hearted honesty here, maybe in watching out for my family I can help watch out for others? I would love to hear that there were other people out there who are also reaching unexpected milestones. 

So October 23rd, 2016 is proof positive that we are on our way. Up and down, whatever is thrown at us, that day, those moments, the laughter and the quiet peaceful together time is in my heart to remind me of our success.

I hope that everyone reading this is able to find some milestones to celebrate. As always, I like to think we are in this together. Feel free to comment or share below. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEN!20161023_191635

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Approving of April

Annnnnd on we go. April… Well of course April is Trinity’s birthday – 8 this year! You can read all about her special celebrations HERE. She is growing up so quickly… they all are!dscn15211

dscn15241imag2905We made if over to the Novaks in April as well. I swear I take more pictures of pets than kids when we are there though. Snoopy the cat is way too much fun to photograph.dscn15421

dscn15471img_20160430_204737I think we would live at the YMCA. I know we BASICALLY did over the summer. (oooh spoilers) I figure if we are to be gifted a membership by Nana and Baba we better make it worth their money! So lots and lots of pool fun over our spring this year.dscn15041

We are also getting in a lot of together time, often on my bed. Which is just fine. Planning school, crocheting, hanging out together. It is so special. dscn15401

Of course we made it to the Home Depot free Saturday. img_20160402_112251

And spent some lovely time with Nana and Baba during their time up from Florida.img_20160404_215029

The big kids even had a field trip to a radio station!imag2812

And best of all – fun trip to the zoo with our new homeschool buds!!! You can read all about it HEREimag2949

imag2939April was a mix of warm and cool weather but with so much fun going on I don’t think anyone minded. imag2840