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Ever Changing Life :)

Well, today we cut up one of Emanuel’s soothers – he used to go to bed with one in each hand – not sure why he liked them like that but he has not been sucking on them much at all just wants them in the bed with him so in preparation for our trip to Minnesota on the 20th instead of the 6th we cut up one and he threw it in the garbage. You would have sworn his little heart was breaking! I am hoping that maybe even before we go we can ditch the last one! He only has it for naps and bedtime and never outside the room anyway and whenever you check on him it has fallen out of his mouth…
We went to Ikea today to have meatballs as promised and to look at bedrails for Emanuel’s bed… he has yet to climb out and all but we are debating taking down the crib sides… we need to find rails that work right for the Ikea 3 in 1 crib we have though. Perhaps something we can do for when he gets back from Mn – a big boy thing? Emanuel has been such an easy transitioner with everything we just let him lead the way!
I had a 15.00 certificate for Old Navy so today I got Trinity a Canadian onesie (hehe) and a overall type piece that could be an outfit on its own… it was hard – I have the 100.00 she got from family and I could have spent it all right there. I made sure to be good and only spend 7.00 over the certificate. When we got home I did the survey online and now have 15% off next time.. addictive!
I am not too happy with the wait on going but it does give me time to clean up and organize. After all we get back for July and Canada day with Karyn and then August 10th (mark your calendars!!) is the baptism here in the city. So I want to spend July doing fun things with the family. Our goal is to do something each weekend that is fun for the boys. This weekend is a little rainy so we did our meatballs at Ikea and then with Ken having work to do today and tomorrow until 2pm after he meets his deadline out come the brand new bikes from Nana and Baba and some lessons on how to use them! Oh and Emanuel’s trike with the parent bar on it of course.
So much to do and so many kids to chase around.. and honestly I LOVE it! So the 20th is our leaving date – feel free to come for a visit before that! Trinity would love to meet everyone and I am always up for a chat!!!

Van Adventure

So we were driving over by the university on our way to "the meatball store" for the twins’ special treat (Ikea) before they get their trains for potty training when a truck passed us and we figure kicked up a rock and Ken’s window on the driver’s side EXPLODED!! ACK glass in on Ken all of us a little shaken. So we went to a friend’s nearby and called glass places – just over 200.00 to fix and all the places closed at 1pm so Ken has to go on MONDAY! AFTER the appointment for the boys’ assessment where he has to park in the underground parking lot and hope for the best… freaked me out! But luckily none of it got back to Emanuel and we all made it safe and sound, just means no church tomorrow as the church is in a VERY busy area and we cannot park the van with no window there. So tomorrow we will watch Veggie Tales and then spend our day outside. I am just thankful that this occurred when we were not on our way to Minnesota or in the middle of winter… It is a pretty amazing thing to see how the safety glass works though! Ken came out with a couple of minor scratches and a lap full of pebbly glass but that was it! THANK GOODNESS 🙂 … we did manage to get the boys their trains though since the parking spots were right in front of the store. And we promised them meatballs NEXT week and have postponed our shopping for now. Ken just shook his head and said "what did I do to deserve that" and smiled – I always feel a great deal better when Ken can make a little joke and smile…

Other than that, had a baby girl on the 26th – should have mentioned that sooner ! Kids are well – twins potty trained, Emanuel in love with his "baby" We are all well and planning on going to Minnesota if all goes well on the 6th of June – wish us luck!