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Learning in All Places

November 18-20

We started our week with the final excavation of our Egyptian treasure. Very Pharaoh oriented!101_5281

We learned about clipping coupons for our grocery unit. I am not sure they really understood what the deals were that they clipped BUT they did know that it was a good thing and could save you money to get more food or better things. Oh and that they expire.101_5283

Our Thanksgiving themed craft was thanks to Activity Village… A Thanksgiving Tree made using our hands! You can find the activity HERE. Anything that works to remind us how we need to appreciate what and who is in our lives is on the list for our Thanksgiving unit. Last year we worked on the actual history, this year we are working on the EMOTION behind the holiday.101_5286

That new computer set up sure is coming in handy with our new rule of no games until after 3pm. Lots of grouping together to work on games. We just need to find a way to get them some sound!101_5287

We had an amazing package show up on our doorstep from Sharon in Canada. She sent the kids all they need for a movie (Turbo) and cookie night and yours  truly some of her favourite chocolate bars – Coffee Crisp!!!!!101_5290

Our Tuesday had us separated into TWO groups – Echo and myself for our quiet morning at home with cartoons, cleaning and crochet…101_5291

And the rest with Nana and Daddy in tow went to their fieldtrip at Herb’s Service Station where Nana used to work.101_5292

They had a blast, everything from fixing tires to checking out the carwash to riding on the lift! What a treat! They ended it with hot chocolate and were home for school in the afternoon.101_5294

101_5296101_5298101_5299101_5300On the Wednesday the kids had another chance to learn with Nana and helped her make cookies from scratch. There are so many opportunities to learn from other people out there and when we have the chance we just have to grab it – not only did they read the recipe, help measure and mix but they also were able to spend special time with their Nana!101_5305

101_5306101_5307101_5312Of course we had school to do as well. Emanuel is now able to read to others some… it is amazing to see two of the kids sitting together and enjoying a good book!101_5313

I ended my day with a little festive drink. Ken and I got a mini date – a solo run to Sam’s Club for groceries and I was able to grab a small container (1L) of egg nog. I am the only adult in the house who likes it, but with a little milk added both Echo and Trinity enjoy a sip or two!101_5314

Definitely an excellent beginning half of a week! 101_5294

Summer Sunshine

Looking back a ways to warmer times… we have our winter chill creeping in now!

Mmm warm rain, sunshine and happy children…




Loving the rubberboots with the party dress

Loving the rubberboots with the party dress



Wearing shades in the shade...

Wearing shades in the shade…

Punk biker

Punk biker

And now a beach montage

And now a beach montage








Happy Birthday Robbie and Jessica!

November 16-17

Our Saturday was nothing exciting… Just an at home sort of day…

Watching old videos of visits with the twins and Emanuel when they were babies

Watching old videos of visits with the twins and Emanuel when they were babies

101_5264BUT Sunday… well we had Sunday school where the kids had their first practice for the concert in December. Ken took them and said the door was closed and the parents KEPT OUT! But I have copies of the script… just no idea what all the kids need to know quite yet.

The true excitement came after that when we changed the kids out of their church clothes, loaded up all 9 of us and headed out to a family birthday party celebrating the birthdays of two of Ken’s cousins – Robbie and Jessica at Aunty Judy and Uncle Jim’s. I wish I had gotten pictures but they have DUCKS now!101_5267

There is quite the menagerie, fish, dogs, a turtle, the ducks, lizards and now a kitten! The kids were in animal heaven.

Bella the Min Pin

Bella the Min Pin

Rascal and Bandit

Rascal and Bandit

101_5274The trampoline was still out and there for the boys to drag Robbie to and Echo had her own favourite dog to pet (Bandit).

With Uncle Greg

With Uncle Greg

We had 3 types of desert to choose from and a nice assortment of pizza. All in all they had great fun!101_5273

The first of my crochet critters got their new homes today too!! 101_5265

101_5277Ken did spend his weekend taking an old pc tower from the garage and upgrading it to working capabilities. Our laptop that the kids play on the most is dying slowly and this tower was laying around. One trip to the computer store for some parts on Saturday for me and Baba later and Sunday night Ken had it all together and set up. No speakers yet but quite the set up!!!!101_5280


Enjoy the photo extras!!! It was a great weekend!101_5279

Ken's cousin Angie and her boyfriend

Ken’s cousin Angie and her boyfriend

Jessica and friend with Greg and Jim

Jessica and friend with Greg and Jim

Present time (Judy in back)

Present time (Judy in back)