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30 yrs old on the 24th

Well I am quickly creeping up on the big 3-0… which makes me think – what have I done with the thirty years God has given me?

A short list of some of my greatest accomplishments to date:
Together with Ken gave life to 4 wonderful children
Married my soulmate
Received a Bachelor of Arts with distinction
Been named God-Mother to an amazing young man and a lovely little girl
Created an amazing friendship/relationship with my very own sister who though she does not share my bloodline shares my love
Stood with my mom and my dad for each of their current marriages
Made lasting friendships with more than a couple of amazing individuals
who to this day amaze and astound me with their interests, careers and
Made it through high school without mishap
Held down a job while in college

I am sure there are more that I cannot think of right now… but what
amazes me is how much more I feel I could do in the future. Somehow I
expected to feel like life was over… like the best time of my life
was over with my 20’s… well that is so not how I feel… Here I am on
the cusp of my 30’s… and what I honestly feel is like life is just
going on. Granted due to circumstances beyond my control my birthday
celebration has had to be postponed until finances are in better
stead… and as per usual Ken has told me WHAT my gift will be (an
iTouch YAY) but I will not get it on time – when have I EVER gotten my
birthday gift from him on time – uh NEVER… but I am excited…
regardless of what goes on it is a new phase of life for me. Maybe now
I will be “all grown up” ?

NAH I don’t want to grow up quite yet but it does make our plan of one
last pregnancy in a year or so much more poignant… we are not only
done our 20’s but we are also coming to the end of our babies phase of
our life and relationship – THAT feels more unreal than anything

So though I am not yet grown up and I am saying good bye to my 20’s I
figure I will with open arms embrace my 30’s and see how many new
memories and accomplishments I can garner and how many of my friends
and family I can enduce to create them with me! Any takers?

Lisa & Ken Gavin, Zander, Emanuel, Trinity

Wedding Graduation