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Sleep – A Most Precious Commodity

Last night was an improvement but the night before the twins were up until 3 am!!! I have no idea how their sleep schedule got so messed up, and Emanuel was up late at night in a fit. The twins slept in until 11:30 yesterday and we had a rather nasty afternoon nap free. We seem back on track today. Emanuel – well we didn’t give him cereal at night and kept him up from 6-9pm and he seems to be ok again. Man was that a rough night!!!
The twins go to my mom’s for their weekly visit tonight so this is my basically last chance to get all of my stuff bought that I need for my trip. A week to go! Where has the time gone???
We were alerted to a 3 bedroom 4plex opening up, but when Ken contacted the guy he said he meant to put an add in the local paper so he could CHOOSE who he wants in there. We felt that was as much as saying he would rather NOT have someone with 3 small children in the there. We were told he had had someone lined up before who bailed – whose hubby was in JAIL no less??? Ken says maybe he is being careful but in today’s market even if he took us and we moved – there are TONS of people looking for rentals. Ken did call yet another condo group we saw driving around and right now they are building an adult (45+) living area only BUT they are going to the city in October to look into starting a family living area! So Ken is going to go to the bank and see what we would need to do to get a decent mortgage… maybe this is the route for us ??? Must not get hopes up!!!
Thank goodness I can take this trip and not think about things for a week or so. Right in the middle of prime leaf season I guess!

Money, Always Money

Money makes the world go by right? Well this world always seems a little off kilter. I have to say – Ken is doing an amazing job of keeping this family going. He works hard and is very careful to keep us as financially fit as possible. We are seeing the end of the government mess… though the two months without our Child Allowance have put us in a tight spot. We are truly at the end of that… we just need to deal with one last EI bill that we really should not be owing. The problem is it is connected to Ken’s history and they cannot check that with just me – they need him to be there to give permission… and to get through you have to wait quite a while… what a 3 ring circus.
On a happier note – my holiday is in the near future. I am really looking forward to seeing my sister again. We are going to spend half of the time out at her college. I am trying to figure out how I am going to pack everything I want to take especially with the tighter regulations on what you can fly with in your carry on. They are starting to loosen up though – some creams and lotions in controlled size and packaging are allowed! More foods! Thank goodness. But still it is a different world from a few years ago. Here is an example of what we can take on flight now.
So I guess I will have to get my travel sized creams and invest in some zip loc bags this week.

Beginning the Count Down!

I leave for South Carolina on the 4th… so only a week and a half ! Give or take.
So much to remember since I am taking the baby too… but I am getting rather excited.
Other than that… well the weather is still crummy, the twins are naughty as usual.. same old same old!