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Congrats Alan and Xinny Den Otter!

So early yesterday morning Alan and Xinny welcomed their second child – a boy – Alexander Scott… 9lbs. 6oz. 21 inches! How exciting!
I have come to a decision – I am going to make a September resolution – kinda like a New Years resolution only… in September hehe… and that is to cut back to 2 slurpees a week… I am getting hooked on them horribly again – like one a day and that huge cup full – pepsi of course! Naughty!
So this morning was cold and windy and we ended up housebound. Luckily mom had the day off so she was able to go pay rent and storage unit for me as well as pick up milk, course that makes it harder for the twins to settle for their nap but with runny noses and coughs and us having to go out tonight to get groceries I thought it best we stay home, watch tv and play. At least Emanuel slept better last night!
I have been spoiling the boys with tv.. this afternoon I let Emanuel watch Treehouse… the Motrin and Dimetapp makes him drowsy but not enough to nap so this is a nice way for him to sit and rest.
Hmm a boring day I guess… not much to say just a bit of a headache and the need for sleep..


I think today could be classified as a "good" day though admittedly with a rocky start… Zander has come to the realization that if he says WAKE UP over and over and quite loudly that is exactly what Gavin will do – ready or not! So guess what the little bugger did this morning! Which of course lead to a VERY cranky Gavin… add to that an Emanuel who though I laid him back down at 6, really did not sleep until he demanded to be released tat 6:30 and a tired mommy… let the fun ensue…
For once I had to FORCE them out the door to go on our walk – they decided they wanted to sit in their corner and "read" the moment I said OK time to go out (no mommy I read the book). Which lead to yet another wrestling match to get our outdoor clothes on BUT once out the door back to our "good" day mood. We went to the dollar store downtown and picked up some animals, then on to a slurpee for mommy (of course) and finally a nice long walk around the lake to see the ducks, play in the grass and eat pretzels. It was about 11 cel this morning (already creeped to 19 this afternoon) and we need to take advantage of those last few nice days. Although I am really looking forward to winter and snow banks and the ease of just dressing the kids in their winter clothes and heading downstairs (or outside if we finally move) and let them run in the lawn for a shorter period of time until they are tuckered out!
I know Zander has a cold (runny nose) but I think Emanuel has a bit of a bug too – nasty diapers. Luckily no fevers or anything so we will just ride it out – lots of diapers and tissues. Fun fun fun.
So it is a long weekend coming up – the Daveys are having a birthday party for their youngest on Saturday and I want to get all of us to church on Sunday since next weekend is the little pre-Sunday School festival. Hard to believe our twins are ready for that! A part of me is concerned that we decided NOT to put them in preschool this year but we know our boys best right? 
So life is basically same old today though this morning the boys were rather wild. Emanuel had a relatively decent nap and the twins are still asleep, with Emanuel a little off he is watching his Baby Einstein and I, well I am getting some sewing done. Only a little over 3 hours before mom comes to get the twins!

Rainy Monday Mornings

What a rainy but positive day… I made beef and gravy in the slowcooker and forgot to put it on low… so this happy mistake meant I could have it for lunch and then put it on warm for dinner! The boys and I had another first – a walk downtown in the RAIN! In fact we did not get more than half a block when we ran into Chris and Drew Baxter – friends from high school! I had seen Chris recently but I figure it has been years since I had seen Drew. So we had a lovely chat in the rain. This afternoon Emanuel even had a lovely long nap… the boys have been relatively positive though we did have an incident this morning – during my bath the twins decided to get into some of my paper and scrunched up a bunch of my graph paper and a little paper with some of the stamps I borrowed from Karyn. Luckily I can borrow those again and I still have graph paper left over but they each got a spanking and had to say SORRY. I really think Zander at the very least meant it!
I finally added all out labels from Pampers – we have almost 400 points again – that was how much Emanuel’s trike was. Ken and I have also decided what we want to get the twins for Christmas – a table for the wooden train set James got them – Ken thinks he may even be able to make one if he can borrow mom’s garage! Emanuel I am still debating but I think more Pocoyo merchandise – there is this little tub toy that is the Vamoosh from the show I know he would love! That and more train pieces if I can hunt down the same brand!
I am on a roll I swear – dinner made except rice to go in the steamer at 5, another stitch done… one more well in the works… caught up in my emails, working on Facebook and up to the zoo trip to add on the family site… tonight I need to make the necklace for my cousin’s gift (now I really need to get moving on that) and Ken needs to clean and iron for me. Then the card and back downtown to mail it! I doubt the nursing necklace will be used but it is a nice keepsake!
I really need to make my way to the cross stitch material store in the city, I am a part of two different exchanges – an advent one (24 small and one large gift) and then the birthday cards one where I put two skeins in the card on the person’s birthday… at Michaels I am limited…
Well the kids are up from nap and only one is happy colouring which means Zander and Emanuel need supervision so Emanuel does not get shoved aside… the joys of boys I guess!