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A Brief Hello

I love all 5 of our kids dearly but right now Zander is a mystery to me. For some reason today he got all upset about using the dry erase books and drew on the table with the pen instead of ASKING ME if he could do them. Instead he acted out, which was slightly confusing… why didn’t he just ask. So I sat him down and talked to him and gave him a time out. I am hoping if we keep TALKING with him we can figure out a way to get through to him that we would rather he talk to us instead of acting out.

With a sick baby and sniffly kids I think I will write more tomorrow… Echo is not willing to share mommy’s time enough for me to type out more! Take care all!

Checking out Word World

The Start to the Week

Appointment has been made and after sitting in the waiting room for over 45 min I now wait a week… no phone call = all good. But the doctor is pleased with how I have healed up, cleared me to go back to life as “normal” and wished Ken luck with his future vasectomy. That was (as far as we have planned) our last appointment EVER at that office… the end of an era! Poor Trinity who was along for the ride (after all Nathan is not to lift anything over 10 lbs and she is creeping up to 30) had a sniffly nose so was not allowed to play with the toys. She lucked out though – Uncle Nathan came bearing a gift for our biggest little girl – Cupid the reindeer! Cupid made it all the way to the office and was a great distraction.

Cupid on his way to bed with Trinity

They even weighed me… deep breath… at 3 1/2 months AFTER giving birth to Miss Echo I officially weigh… 112.4 lbs… Right close to my pre-baby weight (though I have ZERO interest in getting back down to the 107 I was though, that is not my healthy weight, I tend to get anaemic at that weight. So now I need to tone up).

She added the hairband AFTER we got home from the appointment

After our doctor appointment we stopped at the hospital Echo was born at so I could run in and FINALLY purchase the baby shirt from the gift store we meant to get the day she was born. I have one for Emanuel and Trinity from the same hospital!! I plan on taking some time this week (or the next depending) and doing pictures of Echo in her shirt. I did that with both of the other two.

So cute!

So cross that off the list and start up a whole NEW list. Ken did get a hold of our mechanic after my appointment while he and the girls were waiting in the car for me to get back from the gift shop. Now the news is not what we were hoping for but it is not the worst case scenario either. Apparently as of this afternoon the mechanic had the transmission he just put IN the van 3/4 of the way back APART so that he could look at the alignment. There is no computer messages or anything else indicating an issue so that leaves the alignment of the gears etc… he is not only working on our van and actually has a massive amount of work to do on multiple vehicles right now. So the plan is that if we do not hear from him by THURSDAY morning Ken is to call and see what is what. So the back up plan I came up with last night is standing (though that does not help us too much until JANUARY) and we are remaining guardedly optimistic. Our mechanic is a pro and has been good to us after all. So please continue the positive thoughts for us. The new plan is to take one night this week before returning mom’s car and running EVERYWHERE, get Ted (such a dear sweet man) to stay here with the boys and take the girls and shop til we drop… or the stores we need to go to close! Thank goodness we have people like Nathan and Sean and the Chris’s who are so lovely (and everyone else who has helped that I have not mentioned).

We are finishing the prep work for the kids’ Twas the Night Before Christmas lapbook. The plan is to start it on the first and see how long it takes us. I am going to do most of the work for Emanuel so his will be more playing with the finished product than assembly. I even found a copy of the story! Forgot all about it. The UK site I love also does an advent calendar, with each day having a page to colour. We did do most of the days last year but never found the time for assembly. My goal is to have all Christmas projects completed in a timely manner!

So we will definitely be making up for the missed out day today – though the kids spent a nice chunk of time doing puzzles and playing with their Colour Wonder paper. We are also working on a Christmas carol to video and share with you all! I am hoping to make good strides on that this week, maybe even record on the weekend? So keep an eye peeled!

Best gift under the tree...

Advent Service

It is funny how once you get tired and are feeling ill things get HUGE quickly. Here we are with the somewhat good news that the new transmission is in the van and turning over and all I could focus on last night was that there was a gear issue. So a torrential downpour of tears later and some late night snuggles and a chat with Ken and I am back to being optimistic. Our mechanic is very honest and would have told us if it was hopeless… our vehicle is a 2006 so still VERY new in the grand scheme… I think it is just a bit wearing that today I once again had to send half of my family off to something I really wanted to go to as well. But, as Ken says – he always works things out for our family. I am just VERY put out that a van he has worked so hard for is being an issue (remember our previous van/bank issue?). Ken just really deserves a break in my mind, especially in regards to our van. In fact, he is STILL trying to work all this out with the Bank, we are not giving up but have seen no forward motion with that either.

All dressed up! (Zander left)

With the boys all gone to church Trinity and I spent our morning watching tv… I think we are both somewhat sick still. Echo decided to stay in bed for the morning – after all I was up later than we usually are, so it was still her bedtime. I am so glad that we do have a reliable camera so that Ken CAN record the events I am missing out on. And it gives the added bonus of allowing me to share these events with everyone else. After all a large portion of our friends and family do not live within easy visiting distance.

And then there was the post Advent song doughnut/cookie that Ken and the boys brought home for EVERYONE! This more than made up for Trinity staying home in her mind! After all her doughnut had SPRINKLES!!!!

Yum! (Gavin red)

So life is rather humdrum here with our at home status… I had a long nap this afternoon and spent a lovely morning with Miss Trinity. Tomorrow is my follow up for having Echo (finally) with the wonderful assistance of Nathan as our adult body in the home to sit with the boys. Please keep a positive thought for us as we await news of the van, have to make a trip to the south end and plan out the rest of our Christmas shopping… nothing ever seems to be simple!

Poor little Trinity with her cold