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Kids Kids Kids

Amazingly enough Emanuel seems to have made his own little language… he sits there and babbles at you and I swear he is saying something but I have NO IDEA what it is !!! He has facial expressions, hand gestures… it is adorable but not what I expected lol
So Gavin has decided the baby is a girl and that he does NOT want another brother but he is VERY vague on where the baby IS. Apparently she is "at home" – now where does he think she lives I wonder? And what if this is a boy? Wow that will take a bit of explaining!
Christmas is fast approaching and I so do not feel ready, we have basically all we need for the kids and all but I am still working out dinner, and then there is the visit at my mom’s on the 24th, Alan and Xinny over on the 28th, my ultra sound on the 27th and a potential visit with the Bleaus and Daveys on the 29th or 30th.
So life is busy as usual… we had two parties last weekend – baby Alexander’s party and then in the evening the Bleau Christmas party. Wore the kids out good and the twins came home with a drum each (ack!). I am so looking forward to Sunday when we are going to mom’s to get my dress tried on and do a little shopping and visit with the Daveys … and the boys are going to put up Grandma’s tree! Something they LOVE to do. Karyn is here tomorrow for a Christmas dinner and presents. So all in all a good weekend to look forward to!

Doctor Seen :)

Made it on time for appt 🙂 I gained 7 lbs in 6 weeks – not much for some but HUGE for me since usually I drop 🙂 the baby has a nice 147 beats per min heart beat and I measure perfect 🙂 the new dr is terrific and has 4 kids of his own!!! My Ultra Sound is on the 27th of December!!! We will get a picture OF COURSE and I go back to the dr on the 3rd of Jan… though he will be in the Caribbean so I will see one of his associates 🙂 I also got my blood work done and the evil – pee in the cup NO woman should have to do in my opinion 🙂

On a sad note – Emanuel had a globe ornament that burst 🙁 luckily I pack the boys’ ornaments in their own little packages in ziplock bags so only two other ornaments were damaged – just home made ones nothing fancy so I will go out and chose two nice ones for him to replace them… we figure in storage it froze and expanded…

OH -while they were playing with toys in the dr’s office a lid fell over the edge of the play area and Zander sat there looked up and when it was perfectly quiet (of course) said  VERY clearly – Oh Crap… sadly I was not embarrassed I just wanted to laugh!!!! I mean it was so…. well funny, not good for him to say but funny!

So hopefully I will find time later to add more but right now so much Christmas to do so little time!