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Life Run By Lists

Anyone who knows me knows about my almost excessive usage of lists. To date I have 4 running: #1 – the one for Miss Trinity’s very first birthday party… about the ONLY list that is finalized and all… but one that HAS to be completed in entirety by Sunday for the event (cutting it WAY too close for the Mommy in me’s comfort)..#2 is the frustratingly vague list of things that must be taken to my mom’s for her wedding – this list actually has two parts.. we are going down on the Friday before for things and so I will take as much as possible down THAT day, BUT we are going home Friday night so we are only spending one night away.. so I can’t take EVERYTHING… course what will we need… oh lord tons of things! #3 is rather abnoxious in its size… aka MASSIVE… and that is the one for the dreaded Minnesota trip! Oh lord who ever though a MONTH away from home with FOUR kids DRIVING down over 24hrs was a GOOD idea.. oh wait that would be the HUBBY! Well this will learn hime! No it is a list that has become almost scary in the minute details I need to make and the fore thought to ensure we have EVERYTHING needed… and that includes homeschooling materials.. joy! Now list #4 is the FUN list – the one of things we need to purchase before the 9th! This is about the only one that decreases at a lovely rate… though I doubt Ken and the pocket book would agree!

Now what is the point of all this? Well last night I felt the urge to tear up all the lists and hide under the bed… a few problems with that… one I would totally freak out 2 seconds after I did that and two I am pretty sure life here as we know it would cease… oh for the days when I could just pack a bag and head out! This is not counting the weekly grocery lists, lists for Ken, people to call and such…

I am pretty sure by June I am going to be crying for a break from the activity… and then there is the knowledge that come June 24th I will have finally reached 30 yrs of age! Where has the time gone? Is it odd of me to not be too worried about it and actually be looking a little forward to the event? Don’t get me wrong, the 20’s havve been fun, but the idea of being a "mature" adult sounds kind of interesting… though Ken likes to joke that turning 30 isn’t going to cause me to be more mature than I am now… that and I am pretty sure he thinks I am logic impaired… rather permanently! I feel logic is highly over rated and much more precious is an active imagination and some good intentions.. ok maybe a dash of logic on top but isn’t that one of the many reasons I love Ken? Logic, tall (so he can reach the stuff up on the shelves), oh and of course a nice butt… but really the high shelves are so high up as are many other things in life so he does become quite the useful individual. 

So here’s hoping Trinity’s birthday is great fun… mom’s wedding is off without a hitch… and we come back from Minnesota with all 4 kids and our sanity intact… wishful thinking maybe???