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Ok so it is not quite June yet but WOW May is basically over… change in month, change in site background and text colour. I am 24 days from turning 27… Our 5th Anniversary is on the 16th and the 11th is Emanuel’s baptism! Add to that Father’s Day and my step-mom’s birthday and the month is looking full. I don’t think we will really celebrate the twins’ baptism birthday which is also this month this year. Next year though.
Oh – I did agree to be on the music committee at church. It will meet once a month or less in the fall on… by then Emanuel should be fine to stay with Ken, or if we meet at the church he can take all the kids to the nursery and they can play. Something for ME though – no kids and still related to my faith. Less of a responcibility than the worship committee but still something I love – music. Ken is going to be on the communication committee also – not sure what that is all about but it does not meet too too often either. All very reasonable for us.
May into June … YIKES
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May…June… When Does Time Slow Down?

May has slipped through my fingers like sand in an hour glass (how trite is that? LOL)… I feel like I cannot seem to slow the weeks. Individual days often drag by but it is the weeks – the very month that seems to be gone before I could enjoy it. Mother’s Day, Emanuel’s 3 month, visits with friends, SPRING all gone and I have the distinct impression I was busier than I felt and accomplished more than I think I did.
The past week and a half have marked a fussy time in life with Emanuel. I think his nights and days are mixed up and that has added to the sleep deprivation and headache quota for me this month. Hopefully over the weekend we can work on getting him to sleep when WE want to. Last night I was up rocking him watching A & E at 1-2 am. Man do I LOVE my rocking chair… it is from Sears.
Today it is sunny and warm and I am bemoaning my lack of a yard for two very energetic 2 year olds. Of course the baby is napping and there are misquitoes EVERYWHERE so going out for Emanuel is not such a great idea… but the energy the twins could burn if we had a yard *sigh* – next year – right?
What I wouldn’t give for my own washer and dryer – or at the very least two washers and two dryers in the building’s laundry room. Some days you can do laundry all day and no one else does a load – today I am waiting on the dryer. The washer takes 30 min and the dryer closer to an hour so even one washer and two dryers would help… granted there are only 6 apartments in the building but I have to do laundry EVERY day!
Zander has decided he likes to stand right in front of the big fan and enjoy the breeze. Thankfully we have the playyard around that AND the bassinet AND dadd’s computer. This apartment would feel HUGE without the kids. And so very QUIET LOL

Hair Today Gone…. Saturday??? Let me know which cut is best :0

As May draws to a close I am still wrestling with the dilemma of what to do with my hair… I bought a style and cut magazine and have made some choices and asked some opinions and have found that basically not one of the main three stands out as a favorite. What I have determined is I need to cut ALOT of it off. I have been getting headaches quite regularily when I wear it up which I have to do to keep it out of Emanuel’s hands and if I am going to go and get a haircut it is going to be a nice big change . So we shall see…
I cannot believe it is almost June, almost the baptism, my birthday, Father’s Day… etc etc. So much to do and so little time. This week we have to get the cleaning done as well as plans for the rest of the month. Time has just gotten away. We are still not sure of when we are going to get a bigger place, just that we need to WITHOUT breaking the bank. Responsibility and money BLECH.
The weather is still windy and chilly but we are expecting some nicer weather by the weekend. It is Jaywalkers this coming weekend and if my mom is still free (she may be getting a new job where she would work Tues – Sat and not be free) she and the twins are going to walk around mainstreet while I get my hair done. If she is NOT free I guess the whole family is going to the hairdressers before we traverse the booths on the street. I am hoping to stumble upon a deal for a new shirt for me to wear to the Baptism. The twins are going to wear the amazing asian outfits Xinny’s parents brought back from China for them!! They and the baby are going to look wonderful. I am the one with the problems – what DOES fit is not breastfeeding friendly and what almost fits just that ALMOST fits! May just have to wear the pink shirt I got months ago *sigh*
Saturday also marks 4 months to Emanuel – where has the time gone ???
Be sure to let me know if you see a favorite out of the 4 below!!!
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