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Pre-Canada Day Prep Work

Canada Day is tomorrow… we don’t have much in the way of decorations this year BUT I did find 3 little flags to put out. I went onto our very favourite UK site to hunt down some Canada themed print outs and lucked out. One of the ideas I found for decorations is the flag bunting. I am so happy to have my colour toner once again. We couldn’t find the box of strings BUT I did find a ziploc of decorative ribbon.

Working on their bunting

If you want to find a variety of Canadian printables etc. Be sure to check the UK site link HERE. I find that our boys especially enjoy the colouring pages this site has to offer, and don’t forget the puzzles.

Large flags and their colouring pages

Small flags by the door

DLTK had this neat 3D maple leaf craft… simple but fun. I figure anything where we get to make SOMETHING is a plus with this crowd.

Zander and his leaf


Next year I hope to cover the United States over the month of June and have the boys learn all about where their dad comes from. Then we can do a mini Independence Day celebration. I just hope I am going at a pace that is acceptable, I mean I KNOW that the facilitator, the kids, even KEN are happy with our progress but I am always a wee bit concerned. Zander and I are going to focus on his reading next week too (I think I mentioned that previously), I am hoping that some extra one on one will help him to be more settled here at home. Which he actually admitted to starting to like better than the old place last night! BREAKTHROUGH!

Today was THE day – we got our first piece of mail with our new address on it! And if this was not an omen for good … it was from my Grandma! A clear indication that the post is working again (of course this was directly addressed to us, we have not seen any forwarded mail yet). I love getting her handwritten letters, it is always a wonderful excuse to get out some paper and pen her one in return. Which is what I will do AFTER Canada Day.

After a mass amount of Canada Day themed printouts and the younger 3 napping the twins and I walked the block down to the local gas/convenience store. We took all of Ken’s change and went out to get a treat. After all they worked diligently to make their flag bunting and didn’t complain AT ALL about the word search! It was nice and sunny and just wonderful to get out with two of the kids instead of all 5.

First picture in front of the new "picture tree"

After naptime we packed the whole family up (in the rain at this point) and tried H&M for a Canada Day themed shirt for Miss Echo. No such luck BUT we got a cute little red long sleeved number that will go well with her headband and a nice pair of pants… and even better – on SALE – 2.00!!! BONUS! The others will be wearing red and white as well. I figure we will buy THEMED shirts next year.

Echo's shirt

We also continued on with our swan story. It was actually a rather long chapter about Louis’ night at the Ritz. Zander was super well behaved doing ALL of his assignments (including this one) WITHOUT whining so I let him have a whole HOUR on the computer with a timer so he could stop and start when he wanted. I was so glad he didn’t do his usual surly routine!

Completed swan page

I found some blue ribbons that all go together… actually ECHO found the pretty Snow Princess ribbon by digging through something I had on the floor in the tv room while I was moving speakers (gotta love the “walk in closet” in our room – it goes down under the stairs and the sub woofer fits!). Definitely not something I can make for the girls to wear now but it will work for the winter!

I did decide against the top ribbon but had already formed a bow out of it so now have to find matching ribbons for THAT one... I love how that happens!

I am trying ANOTHER anime on for size – this one D.Gray-Man. Not nearly as instant grab for me as Soul Eater but definitely interesting. Ken has been trying to hunt down a few others I am interested in that are not on Netflix. (and the rest of the XXXholic that wasn’t there as well)

Now to get back to ribbon making, anime watching and tidying!

Echo all in white

Clutzy Frustration

So today was one of those days when I REALLY wished I could have a do over… I had a horrible time waking up this morning, ending with having to snuggle up on the couch while the kids watched cartoons. That lasted for most of the morning, thankfully with Ken working from home in his little cubby he was able to take over the cartoon choosing. At least when I woke up the mess upstairs was not too bad and the kids had been under control.

THEN I went upstairs to set up for lunch… and while sorting out the kitchen counter and shifting the laptop that is up there knocked my iTouch onto the floor… the laminate and HARD floor. Can you guess? CRACK all over the screen… ugh. This means it still works but for the major cracks there are now on the view portion. At least THAT can be fixed by purchasing another screen… for 70.00 (boo)…

So the iTouch is fixable… IF I get my Kijiji ads sold! BUT the camera on the other hand… with its spot of dirt is looking less fixable. This is something VERY devastating to yours truly as I absolutely ADORE my camera. It does work pretty well as long as I don’t zoom in but still… Ken has tried flushing it out with our air compressor with no luck. He is looking around online but with it almost a year old and it not being covered (this issue) under warranty… well it looks like I use the cameras we have in the house and save our pennies. Not Lisa’s finest technological day AT ALL. So fingers crossed the ads sell… I want to replace the camera AND the screen AND get the pool… and am realizing once again the world runs way too much on money!!!

So I spent my day in need of hugs (which I got), condolences (I swear it feels like a family member is sick, how sad is that?) and re-familiarizing myself with my previous camera renamed “grindy” for the noise it makes when you focus (the reason behind its replacement). I almost feel like having a wake… ok maybe not but I do absolutely love my camera.

Ok ok on to things of actual importance! First off Gavin worked with Zander to catch him up to date on his Canada lapbook. All that is left to do is for us to use brads to finish a piece and then a pocket for the images of Canadian animals. Not bad!

Working together... bug off Mom!

Then there was fun outside in the sunshine after quiet time (see the camera DOES still work, if I don’t zoom in and the other one zooms but makes ominous noises so don’t worry pictures will continue! Ken has promised to try and get me my Christmas gift early this year – a SLR camera! which means who knows when my LAST year’s present will come – Cricut… I do love Ken, he is so eccentric with certain things!). I refilled the pool in a new location in the morning so the water was nice, refilled the bubble machine and put on the sprinkler. Of course freezies were involved as well!

With her bubbles

Fun in the sun

Echo got up close and personal with our Canada Day watermelon. I am hoping I have a bucket big enough to toss it in cold water to chill it nicely on Friday. I am looking forward to Canada Day…

Watermelon baby

Top off the GOOD stuff with a visit from Kristen who is quickly becoming a new favourite with the kids. She has so much patience with our large group of kids. We chatted while they ate and bathed and then she joined in on our new game that I picked up at Michaels (1.29!) – rhyming dominoes. The boys spent at least 10 min working on their reading and rhyming skills. And I got some company. A great reminder that life actually is REALLY good. I think we need those from time to time, especially on a day like today. This also let Fydo and Ken go out to a boardgame night! So we both won on that one.

Dominoes with Kristen also has a special right now – if you sign up you get 50 4X6’s for FREE and since you can pick up at Futureshop or Best Buy – no shipping costs! Definitely a bit of a pick me up at the end of a difficult day. And an added incentive to get my crafting area done. So good and bad today … and tomorrow I am DETERMINED will be a GREAT day!

The shorts say it all

We Really Are Home

One’s life is a compilation of decisions, action, opinions and emotions… it is amazing how you create your own path (whether you are aware or not) with each movement and breath. The path Ken and I are on now is definitely focused on our little (or not so little) family. I know I want out path to be the best path FOR US and we work hard each day to accomplish this. I am VERY proud of how hard Ken works for us and feel very blessed.

Today was a bit of a slow day as Zander was misbehaving and got sent to his room for a 30 min break which led to him falling asleep! (a definite sign that he NEEDED to sleep, falling asleep so easily) Gavin and I took the time to finish up his Canadian lapbook. A very simple Currclick file. Tomorrow the plan is for me to sit down with Zander and do his.

Gavin at work

Gavin also took the time and coloured a map of Canada (and the US) that I found online. He coloured his to match the puzzle I bought them at Dollarama a month or two ago. We are getting pretty sorted out on the country/province/city concept. Next is our phone number and address. Next month I also need to get us back to days/months etc… oh and TIME!

Gavin's is the lower map

We read our next chapter in our chapter book but have misplaced our previous chapter’s pictures. A mildly frustrating thing, but I am sure we will sort it out. Right now when the boys set something down where it is NOT supposed to be it is a bit of a confusion to find it afterwards.

Completed pictures

I did up a couple more bows last night waiting for Ken to get home (he was VERY late). I still haven’t gotten to the ones for the August wedding, but I will!

Two more bows

We picked up our watermelon for Canada Day today… I am thinking we will stay mostly at home on the 1st but get out to something early in the day. Now if I could just get my camera to behave! Nothing devastating, just a bit of dirt causing issue. But I DO love my camera!

Miss T