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Monday Madness

Parenting is to marriage what hazing is to fraternities. It’s brutal, but it makes you more loyal.
—humorist Susan Kawa
I had to share that one…
Ken and I took today to do a major clean of some of the apartment.. we hope to finish up Wednesday. Tomorrow we are off to Edmonton and a little Halloween party. The weather is VERY chilly so the twins will have to go and see Grandma Anna at work in sweats over their basketball/soccer uniform shorts. Emanuel – well I will change him out of his costume before we head off to the city. I have the cutest "I love my Mummy" shirt to wear while he is out of costume plus an orange sleeper for the ride home. I have a white shirt with a pumpkin on it and I bought Halloween socks today hehe… Ken, well he is going to go as a father.
It is so hard to believe Emanuel will be 9 months old on the 3rd. Where has the time gone??? So far we have gotten to the point where we have agreed that it will not be until August 2007 that we try for the 3rd and final time to get pregnant. We would be having 5 kids in total if we had not had twins right away. 4 suits us just fine, one more chance for a girl LOL… anyone know any tricks to determine the sex ???
So with Halloween tomorrow that leaves Christmas (no Thanksgiving in November for us Canadians) to get ready for. Hopefully I can pin Ken down on the gifts we want to get for everyone. Shipping is always a pain in the arse and with us waiting until this past weekend to do our Christmas card photos we are going to have to be on top of things to get everything out in time.
Speaking of pictures… the twins did NOT do well this time round. As soon as they got in the little room with the camera they FREAKED! So we worked on them and got them to at least not cry in the pictures and left it up to Emanuel to give a little smile. After we got our card pictures they went to play with some of the props – THEN they smile of course… Emanuel took the rest of the pictures. I did not get copies of them all – just my free 8X10 that I get with the smile care I had to purchase a new one off… 110 cards (I got 10 free) and then I got the disc with the proofs on it. So I will have to post them up here when Ken sends them to my laptop – I do not have a disc drive. Almost 100.00 in total but well worth it – not that Ken would agree LOL BUT we do not get them until the middle of August… we are hoping to get the labels printed off this year for envelopes… Ken is going to set up the template and I will enter the addresses – so if any of you have changed your addresses recently LET ME KNOW! And then I need to make out the Christmas letter – I think I will do one this year since it has been rather eventful what with Emanuel being born and all.
Well so much to do so little time… Happy Halloween tomorrow – keep an eye out and I will post a pic of the kids and finally let you all know who Emanuel dressed up as!

Friday Finally

The week is over and Ken is officially on holiday for a whole week! Tomorrow are our Walmart Christmas pictures – keep a happy thought for us during that time since it can be quite a struggle to get all 3 kids to smile when it is not Ken or myself in front of them prompting. Hopefully we will get a lovely family portrait out of it.
I keep thinking about the nameless friends who are seperating… what a thing to go through at any time of life but they are in their 20’s like us. I guess naievely I thought we would be the lucky ones whose friends would be the exception to the statistics we face… I just hope the two of them can come out of this relatively unscathed and be able to work through the inevitable baggage. It certainly reinforces for me the need to be sure to be open and honest with Ken and work through any and all issues we may have or had in our marriage. I honestly do not know the details but just the fact that it is occuring is certainly a wake-up for me that what Ken and I have is really precious, ok enough gagable sweetness…
Again so little news over here. Just the pictures tomorrow and then Tuesday’s Halloween plans. Friday is Emanuel’s 9 month check up and Saturday the twin’s follow up hearing test. We hope to have the apartment sorted for a now more active baby and room in the closet for Christmas decor by Wednesday – here’s hoping LOL.

Working Our Way to Halloween

Halloween is only a week away. Where did summer go? When we go to the city I have to get the pages I need for scrapbooking my trip for Emanuel as well as we hope to stop by Ikea to look at a toybox for Emanuel and maybe some under the crib storage.
Last weekend went very well. Ken had a great time and on Monday I had a red rose delivered to his office from me and the boy. It was funny I told him the week before I could not get the address so was unable to do it, but when I called the florist I was able to explain where he works and get it done. He loved it.
We were going to order scooters for the twins for Christmas but missed the half off sale at Toys’R’Us so we are looking at giant building blocks instead. Emanuel is getting his big gift early as he really needs a walking toy sooner than December. Still we will get him a bunch of little things.
Wow I really do not have much to say today… head cold is improving if I could just ditch the stuffed nose and persistant cough.