Friday Finally

The week is over and Ken is officially on holiday for a whole week! Tomorrow are our Walmart Christmas pictures – keep a happy thought for us during that time since it can be quite a struggle to get all 3 kids to smile when it is not Ken or myself in front of them prompting. Hopefully we will get a lovely family portrait out of it.
I keep thinking about the nameless friends who are seperating… what a thing to go through at any time of life but they are in their 20’s like us. I guess naievely I thought we would be the lucky ones whose friends would be the exception to the statistics we face… I just hope the two of them can come out of this relatively unscathed and be able to work through the inevitable baggage. It certainly reinforces for me the need to be sure to be open and honest with Ken and work through any and all issues we may have or had in our marriage. I honestly do not know the details but just the fact that it is occuring is certainly a wake-up for me that what Ken and I have is really precious, ok enough gagable sweetness…
Again so little news over here. Just the pictures tomorrow and then Tuesday’s Halloween plans. Friday is Emanuel’s 9 month check up and Saturday the twin’s follow up hearing test. We hope to have the apartment sorted for a now more active baby and room in the closet for Christmas decor by Wednesday – here’s hoping LOL.

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