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We Learn as We Live and Vice Versa

April 28-30

After a wonderful birthday for our very own Trinity it was time to return to the regular school week… around the carnage that is new presents without a home in our livingroom/homeschool area of course! Sadly Echo’s prolonged nap the day before heralded her curling up to sleep in Baba’s chair for portions of the day… thankfully the cold seems to be relatively mild!101_7298

It was an exciting day for our officially 6 yr old… she started her GRADE ONE MATH BOOK! (seriously she said that in full capital letters I swear!).101_7299

She also wanted to share one of her two birthday shirts… this is her favourite she says!101_7300

The Goldie Bloxs are a great hit with the kids. This was a kickstarter I wanted to try ages ago. A whole series of engineering toys geared at girls!!!101_7301

We had more Treasure Island to read…101_7302

More stories to enjoy and interesting facts to find and share.101_7305

101_7306On Tuesday the twins worked on simple animal reports. I am hoping we will find time to do more of these over the summer. I am working on getting the boys to read through things on their own and try and pick out the points of interest themselves… we are still getting rather mixed results.101_7308

Miss  Trinity agreed to model the illustration we did for our Texas  themed book. Learning about where Gammie is and where Aunty Holly and Cousin Jimmie came from has been something the kids have been dying to do!101_7309

Another chapter filled with pirates…101_7310

Wednesday was swimming lessons… but first Emanuel and I had to work on his dinosaur dome growing kit. We took it VERY seriously and drew up our blueprint for planting first before getting our hands dirty in the soil. I am really hoping it grows nicely but just the experience of planning it all out was so much fun! Maybe we will design some imaginary parks together!!101_7311

101_7312Now back to swimming lessons… this time we took the whole family. The girls, Ken and myself were the boys’ cheering squad and wow did we have a lot to cheer about. The boys are all really progressing.101_7313

101_7314101_7316101_7315After swimming lessons we had a special visit over at Aunty Judy and Uncle Jim’s to visit with them and Robbie for a while. Any chance to see the critters and spend time with family right? Added bonus, they had left over scout car supplies since due to other kids not being able to make it Emanuel’s 4th place winner made it into the top 3 to go onto the next level of races!! Score!101_7319

101_7320And thus ends April! Wow! Onto May and hopefully (soon) catching the blog up in time for summer!! Maybe?101_7318

Happy 6th Birthday Baby Girl

April 26-27

Oh my goodness! Trinity is SIX!! Where did the time go?? And of course her birthday weekend is a busy one… from 11-2 ish Nana and I were at a bridal shower and then had to rush home so that Ken and Baba could join up with Christopher and Matt Schwartz and their dad Gary to go to the second half of the bachelor party. So Saturday was extra busy while the kids never left the yard!!101_7253

BUT Sunday! Well we started with Sunday School (the year is rolling down quickly with the ending session on the 11th of May – Mother’s Day) with Echo and I staying home to blow up balloons and prep for the party. Lots of bright colours!101_7254

101_7255Trinity was spoiled this year… Aunty Darcy was the artist behind her amazing cake and cupcakes. Isn’t it amazing how much Trinity and the princess off Tangled (before she cuts the hair) resemble each other??101_7257

101_7260We had quite the full house with Matt and Fran’s boys, the cousins and Novak 4 all there to celebrate. But the kids had an absolute blast and even Big Andy made it!!!101_7261

101_7262Ken made hamburgers from scratch. Spicy like we used to back home and non. Poor Echo didn’t even make it to dinner!101_7263

101_7265She was over the moon with all her presents.101_7279

101_7270101_7284They included a lovely pillow sent from God Mommy Karyn…photo

And a tea trolly to match the kitchen set and baby bed from Aunty Holly, Uncle James and Cousin Jimmie.

101_7292We really enjoyed our amazing Tangled cake! I think it was an AMAZING birthday party and am so appreciated to everyone who sent gifts or came in person! 101_7286

101_7287And now for the extras!101_7290


Goldi Bloks

Goldie Blox HERE


Home Sweet Home… A Love Inspired Romance

Another lucky library find. I am really starting to enjoy these Love Inspired Romances. They are a light and happy weekend read with a nice romance and a Christian theme. Home Sweet Home by Kim Watters is another in a wonderful series of contemporary Christian romances. Orphaned Abby Bancroft has inherited what she hopes will become her forever home Bed and Breakfast in Dynamite Creek, Arizona. Her dreams of supporting herself in a grand Victorian home are dashed when she arrives only to find out that the house is in horrible need of TLC.

What is interesting about this story is that there are multiple issues to iron out. Not only does the house need help, but the man to do so – Cole – is tied closely, not only to fixing it but to the reason behind the neglect. Abby is also dealing with the death of her mother, lack of a father and the fact that until this inheritance she was not even aware of the existence of her now deceased grandparents.

Faith, love and forgiveness are all common themes for Abby and Cole as they attempt to find their place in a small town that may be less than receptive and the heart of another still hurting from their past. Abby and Cole’s pasts are examined as are those of Abby’s family. I love that this all takes time, and work. Kim Watters does an amazing job of creating characters you can’t hope but with the best for while sharing some wonderful and important Christian values.

So if you are looking for a light read with a lovely romance this could be the book for you! Home Sweet Home is truly a “Heartwarming Inspirational Romance.”RTC-HSH-Front-189x300