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Sometimes it Sucks to be a Girl!

A busy weekend full of windy cloudy weather and then THAT TIME OF THE MONTH on top of it! Keep in mind this is a female’s blog and read at your own risk!
I am lucky/unlucky in that I am extremely irregular – I think the longest I have gone is 6 months without a period. It has been at least 2 months this time and my legs are aching accordingly. Yesterday afternoon was not too too bad but this afternoon is pretty well painful. The backs of my legs are SCREAMING. At least Ken, Emanuel and I made it to church early this morning when I was still feeling fine.
It is blowing my mind that tomorrow is the last day of April and the first day of Ken’s new job! So many changes in April leading to the climax in May. Now if we could just find a new rental closer to the city we would all feel a little more relaxed. Tonight I am making a big mess of our hamburger sauce that we mix with rice so I have extra for Ken’s lunch… tomorrow I am making a simple dinner since we do not know when Ken will be home. Tuesday is Zander’s EEG in the afternoon and in the morning we are going to pay the two bills we cannot pay online (rent and the unit) and then go to look for rentals. I am really trying to stay positive and have high hopes.
Saturday was very busy, we went to Walmart, Superstore, Staples, I even ran into Totem. I did not find new clips for more binky holders for Emanuel but I am thinking maybe Michaels on Tuesday. Ken got almost everything he needs to get done done – just vaccuuming and some tidying of stuff too heavy for me to deal with. After his raid he is off to Alan and Xinny’s so he will be sure to be ontime for his training shift. How exciting though there is some fear attatched to that work "Probation" a formality but none the less…
Tomorrow I plan on having the kids out for most of the morning having lunch at Subway. I have alerted mom to the fact that when she gets here I will want to have a quick bath and get ready to go. I am planning on having Emanuel fed by then and maybe even prepping the twins’ breakfast the night before. I need to go to the postal outlet and get some packages sent out. Probably have to use the credit card *sigh* since Ken may or may not have gotten that last larger pay cheque with his holiday pay in it Monday. I would like to do our usual stop at the dollar store too and look at stamps. They have stamp pads there for a fraction of the price I have seen like product at Michaels. I want to make cards to go with my baby gifts.
We are still planning on Wednesday being our grocery night. Ken is going to put the carseats in mom’s car Tuesday after we get back from the city and then after work she is going to pick them up. That also gives them the freedom to go where they want for the evening. I think I will have dinner ready for Ken when he gets home and then off we go to shopping. I also have to get all my stuff together for our Mother’s Day cards. I want to get each boy to do an art product and then I will go to Staples and have them shrunk down and copied so I can use them in the cards. I know it will not be a problem to get Gavin or Emanuel to colour me something but Zander can be a bit of a brat about doing anything other than tearing up construction paper!
Well tonight will be an early night and hopefully somewhat relaxing. I am waiting on Ken to get out of the shower from shaving so I can get in and soak these achy legs for a while and maybe read a nice light book. Wish us luck!

One More Day…

Tomorrow is Ken’s last day at GWAVA! How crazy is that? So tomorrow the boys and I are packing up and walking to meet him at then end of the day. I am thinking I will strap on the baby carrier so we can get there without having to dawdle at each and every intersection or interesting whatever. From now on we will have to walk the the library and back home or something. Hopefully by June we will be moved, and if that place has a yard we won’t have to go for walks, we can just hang out in the yard.
Today was my walk with Emanuel downtown. We went to the library and dropped off a book, Dairy Queen for onion rings and a burger (me – horribly unhealthy I know but I have not had it in ages) and babyfood for Emanuel, the dollar store, 7-11 for my Thursday slurpee and then home. It was warm enough for me to go downtown in short sleeves and then a little over an hour later on the way back need my light jacket.
So much for our happy day though – by 9:45 this morning Zander more than made up for that! He totally woke up on the wrong side of the bed! Every time I removed him from the situation the other two played fine! But today Gavin did a wonderful job colouring one of the Easter sheets I had Ken print off from a website my friend Cheryl had emailed me. Zander tore up construction paper.
My mom cut the boys’ hair yesterday¬†– it always amazes me how much more grown up they look with their hair short! And more identical! I had packed the razor up for her and Gavin saw the box so all day yesterday he pulled at his hair and made faces. They do like their hair nice and neat. They are so like Ken it is CRAZY!
I got to see pictures of Ken’s cousin’s baby Dixie Rose last night on Facebook – she has a ton of hair and is cute as a button! Add to that the baby announcement of Adelynne that Layne and Dee sent us and I am feeling the baby urge – more specifically the GIRL baby urge! Yikes! I asked Christine if she had some sort of pharmaceutical miracle that could push the scales to girl and she said sadly… no. Oh well in all honesty conceiving a healthy baby end of July/August would make me happy too.
So I am really starting to feel both nervous and excited about Ken’s new job… this will be the most I have been alone with the kids ever. There is a big sense of security knowing Ken is but 5 min away. Oh well time to step outside the comfort zone right?


After a year of rather intense frustration and confusion and worry it has happened – I honestly did not believe that it would but the past two days it has been like a switch was thrown in the twins! It is not perfect by any means but since yesterday afternoon the two of them have almost doubled their use of English!!! This week I have been talking about colours with them and the first time I pulled out the balls and started they said them right along and now are asking (not with words) what colour something is! There is still screaming and that stupid grunting but WORDS !!!! FINALLY!
I took them to Subway BY MYSELF hehe so proud but man frustrating feeding the baby and trying to keep 2 3yr olds in their seats who the first thing they did while I was ordering was take off their shoes!! And Zander stared at the poor man behind us! anyhoo they used WORDS and then in the grovcery store when we were looking for pop Zander walked around saying POP POP POP and they NEVER speak in public let alone loud enough for ppl to hear!!! I must say the whining is definately still occuring but I so feel like the exact opposite of a failure today!!!
It was actually a big afternoon yesterday – Ken came and got us since my back was still hurting 15 min before 5 and dropped us and the single stroller off at the libary. The twins had their harnesses… after getting my books we walked down the block to Subway, ate there and then next door to Extra Foods to see Christine who was covering there for the day! First time we have seen her since February!!!! Although at EF I heard someone talking behind me – the guy going look at those cute backpacks and some woman saying but they are LEASHES! Thank you HARNESSES and how else am I going to get THREE kids across the road safely??? You tell me?
Poor Ken was up til 3am with Emanuel, he is teething his two front teeth finally and has this hacky cold almost gone and just was refusing to sleep so this morning I nursed him and put him in his crib I could hear him smacking his binky on the wall (geeze thanks big brothers for teaching him THAT) and then silence passed out cold. Poor baby.
This is one of those days that revitalizes my wish to be a SAHM. The boys were so much nicer, Emanuel in a good mood… we played play doh, coloured a picture for Grandma, did a puzzle, had lunch, they all had some sort of nap and they even practiced folding laundry. For once I can count on one hand the spankings and they were ALL Zander!!
After we dropped the twins off we took Emanuel swimming. We were there a scant 30 min but I am exhausted! Emanuel did a little better splashing a bit and not crying but I am thinking for the birthday I am going to have to simply leave when he is done and maybe see if they have toys or crayons in the lobby.
Ugh I am TIRED and still not caught up in my blog. I will have to reread my previous entry and do so when I am back from my evening walk with Emanuel. NIGHT