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An ostrich like dinosaur, the Struthiomimus was a fleet footed beaked Cretaceous period omnivore. Found in western North America, it is a flightless bird like creature and quite the curiosity. Considered one of the fastest of the dinosaurs this ostrich-mimic has been found as a completed fossil in entirety.

Now for the videos!!! First we have a recounting of finding a complete Struthiomimus skeleton.

The second video is a 3D dinosaur video of our dinosaur entitled 3D Dinosaur Adventure – Struthoimimus.

Now for the link list!

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Hither and Thither and Yon

September 19-22

Half a week in and my family showed their love by coercing me to sleep in until NOON! Ken took a partial day off and we were able to go out and have a lovely Family Day. Just us 7 out and about running errands… getting free cookies at Cub… enjoying time together.101_4580

It was coupon week at JoAnn’s so I was able to buy quite a few skeins of yarn and save almost as much as I spent!! Way to make Christmas affordable! Though I do have some colours yet to pick up. It is fun to go and just look ¬†through yarn and feel it, see the colours… so many possibilities!

And still Miss Echo loves her hat… in fact, the girls BOTH uses their Grandma change to get special gifts for themselves at Walmart.101_4581

101_4582We are still holding in on the braids but their time has come to an end. I really need to learn how to do more than the simple stuff I am able to do.101_4583

and removed

and removed

101_4585We worked on some lovely poems using the letters of the twins’ names on Friday.101_4587

While Miss Echo went back to rocking her curls.101_4588

Trinity likes to re tell her stories using our books, her memory and a nice dose of imagination!101_4589

We had a crafty duo make paper tissue baskets (Zander).101_4590

And on Saturday the kids worked on getting dirty… enjoying the sunshine…101_4591

And attacking Daddy…101_4593

Equal opportunity…101_4594

On Sunday we had our second session of Sunday School! happy kids!101_4595

And then… thanks to a sale on apples at Cub… we made PIE!!!101_4598

101_4600101_4602101_4603How better to end the weekend (and the week for that matter!) than to have a run outside. With Daddy’s remote control car as well! Yay!101_4609


Not so much a dinosaur as a marine reptile, Elasmosaurus is all that and more. Found in the late Cretaceous period, this “thin plated” lizard had 4 fins instead of legs and had a long, thin neck and short tail. Feeding on fish in the ocean this monster was found in what is now Wyoming, USA. There is some that think this animal may have given birth to live young. With good eyesight it would have been quite the predator.

Our video came from the series Dinosaur Train. Nana has an Amazon Prime account so we were able to watch for free. But you can purchase it and the whole series on Amazon HERE.

Watching together

And then of course, our link list… it is getting harder and harder to find common dinosaurs that have a selection of videos. Time to delve into the increasingly obscure.

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