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Rainy Weather + No Van = Homebound

Well I think we are moving nicely into fall. The leaves are turning colour, the weather is cooling and we are seeing more rain – of course we are also in our 3rd week without a working vehicle and I am getting frustrated. Granted I do NOT drive but it sucks when we need groceries and they are halfway across town at a place that does NOT deliver. Ken has not exactly been the eternal optimist on this one either. After all we are not sitting here with a ton of collaterol. Well fingers crossed and prayers said of course.
Emanuel is sitting on his own for a minute at a time – I cannot remember if I mentioned that but I am so proud. The twins’ first speech appointment got rescheduled to next week since the therapist is sick, but Ken is taking Emanuel to be weighed tomorrow. I am hoping his growth has slowed a bit since he is already over 16lbs and we are in need of him to stay in the INFANT carseat until I get back from SC LOL.
My sister injured her knee recently – they think it is tendonitis I guess but are not completely sure… right at the beginning of the term too – so she has not been able to run recently. I am hoping and praying she gets better soon. she is on the track team for her College… on scholarship no less!
Well as much as feel grumpy and out of sorts life is really not that bad – the sun is peeping out, the twins are asleep and Emanuel even shared a smile with me! Just 5 weeks until Emanuel and I leave for our vacation – please keep us in mind over this time of preparation – hopefully things will improve at t he airlines too.

Did You Know?

I called Health Links this past weekend in regards to Emanuel – he had not pooped for over 2 days and I was worried about it. It turns out that a SOLELY breastfed baby can go as long as TEN days without pooping and it is NOT constipation! In fact after 4-5 months it is quite normal to for a baby to only poop once every 2 days! How amazing is breastmilk????
The In-Laws leave this afternoon after a long weekend visit so hopefully I will be able to find some time to fill you all in on our visit.

Women Insensitive??? Never!!!

My friend in the UK sent me this and I HAD TO share. Happy Friday everyone!

Barry returned from a doctor’s visit one day and told his wife Doreen that the doctor said he only had 24 hours to live.