Day 2

Today was a busy day by our own design. Trinity’s special princess cup that was a birthday gift from Yoyo cracked somehow last night (I was so NOT happy) and Trinity was heartbroken so we headed to the nearest Disney store to get a replacement. Sadly they were out of Snow White, but the ones they had were on sale (thankfully)… so we let her choose another – this one Sleeping Beauty. I plan on going back next month to try and find another Snow White. She REALLY loves that cup!

Replacement cup

Then there was a flying trip into Home Depot to get ourselves a lantern/flashlight for tonight’s camp out. LED light just like Ken wanted AND under 20.00.

Of course I had to sneak in my trip to the Local Needle Store (LNS)… beads for Baby #5’s Easter egg… everyone in the family has one – I stitch it from whatever pattern and my mom finishes them into little egg shaped pillows. I love the colour of the beads this pattern called for (Mill Hill 02024 Heather Mauve and 02031 Citron) and hope to design something AROUND these beads.

Stitched egg

Groceries at Safeway and then home… tonight’s meal – home-made LASAGNE! All part of the “bulk up Lisa” plan. I do love lasagne.


A slight hitch in our camping plans – no tent poles in the tent my mom found us! ACK but it seems that she has access to another so Ken got creative and made the boys a tent in the basement for them all to sleep in! That also bypasses the rainy evening projected as well… two nights in a row now – RAIN. Hot days and rain in the evening. Crazy. So I still get my boy free evening they just aren’t exactly OUTSIDE!

Camping in the basement! (Gavin)

Snug and dry (Gavin left)

I tried a sugar/fat free butterscotch pudding and was less than overjoyed. The flavour while eating was fine BUT the after taste not as good. I am hoping as my numbers play out – 4.0 this morning (late morning when I got up), 5.7 after lunch are a good sign that I am merely borderline! I got a call today from the clinic confirming my class and then a LATER call from my doctor’s office to tell me about a July 9th appointment? HUH! And of course this call occurs AFTER the diabetic clinic’s hours of operation… figures!

We did a bit of our camping lapbook in advance but this is one of those do after sort of unit. At least the boys are getting in some common sense learning AND some time with their daddy – VERY important!!

And last night’s scrapbooking success!


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  1. Thank you 🙂 I can’t wait to see it once my mom gets done with it. The other 6 are all different so it will be neat to add a new egg to the family 🙂

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